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duff beer 07-30-05 09:03 PM

80's Post-Apocalypse
These movies had their golden age in the 80's ushered in by Ultimate Warrior, the Road Warrior trilogy, Escape from New York, and The Terminator. Would usually take place in a dark ruined city or barren wasteland with a group of good guys against an evil organization.

Ultimate Warrior (1975)
Damnation Alley (1977)
Ravagers (1979)
Mad Max (1979)
Road Warrior (Mad Max II) (1981)
Beyond Thunderdome (Mad Max III) (1985)
Escape from New York (1981)
The Aftermath (1982)
1990: The Bronx Warriors (1982)
2020 Texas Gladiators (1982)
Warlords of the 21st Century (1982)
Warriors of the Wasteland (1982)
Escape 2000 (1983)
Exterminators of the Year 3000 (1983)
The Final Combat (1983)
2019: After the Fall of New York (1983)
Rush (1983)
Stryker (1983)
Survival Zone (1983)
Warrior of the Lost World (1983)
A Man Called Rage (1984)
Desert Warrior (1984)
Final Executioner (1984)
The Killing Edge (1984)
The Terminator (1984)
Wheels of Fire (1984)
City Limits (1985)
Def-Con 4 (1985)
She (1985)
Warriors of the Apocalypse (1985)
America 3000 (1986)
Equalizer 2000 (1986)
Land of Doom (1986)
Robot Holocaust (1986)
Cherry 2000 (1987)
Crime Zone (1988)
Interzone (1987)
Phoenix the Warrior (1987)
Steel Dawn (1987)
Dead Man Walking (1988)
Empire of Ash II (1988)
Empire of Ash III (1989)
Lawless Land (1988)
The Sisterhood (1988)
World Gone Wild (1988)
Cyborg (1989)
Deadly Reactor (1989)
Escape from Safehaven (1989)
Dune Warriors (1990)
Hardware (1990)
Mindwarp (1990)
Rebel Storm (1990)
Neon City (1992)
Prison Planet (1992)

Cellar Door 07-30-05 09:16 PM

you are correct


Joe Molotov 07-30-05 09:24 PM

Don't forget about Radioactive Dreams. That's probably my favorite once you get past the Mad Max series and Escape from New York. You also didn't mention the 1992 trashterpiece Warlords 3000 (aka Dark Vengeance) which is not only the worst Post-Apoc movie I've ever seen, but possibly just the worst movie period. Just painful to watch. Although those Empire of Ash movies (aka "Maniac Warriors" and "The Last of the Warriors") are quite awful as well.

Rockmjd23 07-30-05 09:27 PM

The Last Desire AKA People Who Own The Dark (1976)

Mondo Kane 07-30-05 10:08 PM

Forgot this piece a crap, Survivor (1987).

ShagMan 07-30-05 10:09 PM

wow good list. One of my favorite genres.

duff beer 07-30-05 10:39 PM

The Road Warrior trilogy you'd think the last movies would be weaker, but each movie is 4 stars in my movie guide, that's extremely surprising.

Yeah like everything else the best movies are from the first half of the 80's. Although while i was compiling that list there was some gold in the latter half i recall.

BuddyRevell 07-30-05 11:16 PM

Add "Nemesis" to the list. Another Albert Pyun guilty pleasure. (1993)

Tuan Jim 07-30-05 11:23 PM

Perhaps not a surprising omission since it is animated, but I finally found and rented "Rock and Rule" after reading the DVDtalk review a couple of months ago. That was a lot of fun. Some of the voice acting/story seemed pretty weak, but there were definitely some incredible visuals and songs.

Joe Molotov 07-31-05 12:10 AM

Originally Posted by duff beer
The Road Warrior trilogy you'd think the last movies would be weaker, but each movie is 4 stars in my movie guide, that's extremely surprising.

I have a movie guide that gives all the Star Wars movies perfect scores, including Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones, so you can't always go by that. ;)

IMO, The Road Warrior is the best of the series, Mad Max is a step lower but still a good solid movie, and then Beyond Thunderdome is several steps lower but still a decent movie. Although, according to the back of the Beyond Thunderdome box, Gene Siskel said that Mad Max "was a series of movies that just kept getting better", so I guess not everyone agrees with that.

Talkin2Phil 07-31-05 12:10 AM

add A Boy and His Dog (1975) to your list. Road Warrior borrowed heavily from this cult classic.


duff beer 08-02-05 06:55 PM

C'mon no interest in this? When it's done good it's awesome!

I'm the noight roider!!!!!!

Fincher Fan 08-02-05 08:53 PM


Playitagainsam 08-03-05 10:39 AM

Count me in as someone who enjoys this type of movies, although some of them are trashy as hell...

So I'd add to your list "Hands of Steel" (1986), which apparently ran in the U.S. under the unfortunate name "Atomic Cyborg"...

DVDHO 08-03-05 09:22 PM

Miracle Mile and Night of the Comet are pretty good also,they have a slasher feel to them but are apocalyptic.

NavinJohnson 08-03-05 11:12 PM

Originally Posted by duff beer
I'm the noight roider!!!!!!

Born with a steerin' wheel in his hand!

duff beer 08-04-05 02:29 AM

I'm a fuel injected suicide machine. I am the rocker, I am the roller, I am the out-of-controller!

Original Desmond 08-04-05 02:39 AM

Have u got Endgame with Laura Gemser on your list ?

RoboDad 08-04-05 03:19 AM

"A fella, a quick fella, might have a weapon under there. I'd have to pin his head to the panel."

SterlingBen 07-13-15 03:40 PM

Re: 80's Post-Apocalypse
I would think that Hell Comes To Frogtown would qualify for this list.

Solid Snake 07-13-15 03:48 PM

Re: 80's Post-Apocalypse
Couldn't wait for the full 10 years?

Ash Ketchum 07-13-15 04:09 PM

Re: 80's Post-Apocalypse

Originally Posted by Solid Snake (Post 12534859)
Couldn't wait for the full 10 years?

17 days is a long time to Roddy Piper fans.

SterlingBen 07-13-15 04:43 PM

Re: 80's Post-Apocalypse
Had to post now or everyone would have been up in arms over a decade bump.

dugan 07-13-15 07:39 PM

Re: 80's Post-Apocalypse
Surely Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind deserves a place on this list.

Ash Ketchum 07-13-15 08:48 PM

Re: 80's Post-Apocalypse

Originally Posted by dugan (Post 12535107)
Surely Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind deserves a place on this list.

And its spiritual twin, FIST OF THE NORTH STAR.

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