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runnersdialzero 06-24-05 02:52 PM

Would current movies be better if you saw them as a kid?
There are so many 80's movies that I absolutely love that if I saw them for the first time now, I would probably think they were total garbage.

Movies like Labyrinth, Just One of the Guys, Howard the Duck, Can't Buy Me Love, Tron, The Karate Kid, Legend, The Dark Crystal, Return To Oz, Flight of the Navigator, Commando.......

If you didn't have a childhood love with these, would you like them now for the first time as a adult?

What are some current movies you might have liked if you saw them as a kid?


neiname 06-24-05 03:01 PM

Am I the only one who thinks the movies you listed are as good if not better now than when I saw them as a kid?

Cygnet74 06-24-05 03:11 PM

i was much easier to please as a child.

DRG 06-24-05 05:15 PM

I think I would've enjoyed Van Helsing a lot more as a kid. Ditto for Alien vs Predator.

ArchibaldTuttle 06-24-05 05:32 PM

Everything is better in retrospect, especially when your a kid and everything is so new.

Linko 06-24-05 06:54 PM

I don't know. I never saw movies like Tango and Cash, Commando, Cobra, Escape from New York, Bloodsport, Trading Place, 48 Hrs., and Big Trouble in Little China until a couple years ago and I loved them. But there are other cases like the Karate Kid movies, Last Starfighter, Krull, The Last Dragon, Masters of the Universe, NeverEnding Story, Short Circuit that I probably wouldn't like now if I hadn't grown up with them.

PopcornTreeCt 06-24-05 07:50 PM

I wish I was a bit younger so I could say "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" is the coolest movie eva!!

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