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duff beer 06-11-05 01:03 AM

ESB only one with 3 acts?
I: Hoth
II: Escaping/Dagobah
III: Cloud City

I heard it somewhere it's the only SW movie with 3 Acts. Star Wars had 3 acts it seems to me

I: Tatooine
II: Star Wars Fortress
III: Battle of Yavin

mifuneral 06-11-05 02:08 PM

Episode I
1- Naboo
2. Tatooine
3. Battle for Naboo

Episode II
1. Corruscant
2. tatooine/Clone planet
3. Geonosis

Episode III
1. Corruscant
2. planet with Grievous
3. final battles (various different places)

Episode IV
1. Tatooine
2. Death Star
3. Death Star part 2

Episode V
1. Hoth
2. Escaping/Dagobah
3. Cloud City

Episode VI
1. Tatooine
2. Dagobah
3. final battle over Endor

Filmmaker 06-11-05 03:25 PM

I would argue that Act 2 of RETURN OF THE JEDI should read "Dagobah/Battle Preparations/Meeting the Ewoks/Luke's Revelation" (once Luke leaves to confront Vader, we pass into Act 3), but otherwise, mifuneral is dead-on...oh, and what the hell is a "Star Wars Fortress"???

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