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BDB 06-04-05 01:07 PM

Saving Face - w/ Joan Chen
I just got back from opening night in San Francisco of this film, and it's the 2nd best film I have seen after Layer Cake.

It's at heart a romatic comedy, however its set within the chinese community in Flushing and deals with of course saving face. Joan Chen plays a single mom who's husband has died and she gets pregnant.

Her father kicks her out of the house as she brought shame on him.

Her daughter is gay and can't tell her mom for fear of bringing shame on her.

at the earlier show Joan Chen spoke after the film, and after my show Alice Wu the director spoke. I had just seen the trailer 2 weeks ago and went based on that. however knowing the story now is cool.

Alice was a CS Major and worked as a developer in Seattle, she in her spare time wrote a screenplay. then took a 5 year plan to get her film made.

I am sure you can find an interview with her somewhere, but basically she wrote and directed it. and I think it was excellent.

the Q&A was cool, and the 1st time I have been at one.

I'd highly recommend you all go see this. when it gets out. So far it's SF LA NY And SD.
Next week is supposed to be Seattle and Boston, but I think that depends on how it does this weekend, both shows were sold out in SF so I think it'll do well.

whynotsmile 06-04-05 04:28 PM

lesbian asians...lesbian asians...hot lesbian asians...

Mano 06-04-05 08:19 PM

Originally Posted by whynotsmile
lesbian asians...lesbian asians...hot lesbian asians...

Yes, tell us more of this part.

And seriously, the trailer does make the movie look rather interesting. I assume it is having a limited run in theatres, so it will have to be a rental for me.

Luther Heggs 06-04-05 09:07 PM

Originally Posted by whynotsmile
lesbian asians...lesbian asians...hot lesbian asians...

Dude, Butterfly (a/k/a Wu Die).
Seriously, Butterfly.
Anyway, Giant Robot had an article about Saving Face a while back, it looked interesting. So is the trailer online?

EDIT: If I spelled it right in my search, I could find it:
Saving Face trailer

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