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View Poll Results: What records will it break?
Weekend (Spiderman $114M)
Opening Day (Spiderman 2 $40.4M)
Single Day (Shrek 2 $44.7M)
All three
At least two
Maybe one
Depends upon how many times twikoff goes to see it.
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Will EIII:ROTS break Box Office records?

Old 04-26-05, 03:34 PM
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Will EIII:ROTS break Box Office records?

Will "Revenge of the Sith" break the Box Office record for "Opening Day" and "Opening Weekend"?

I think so.

Spiderman has the record weekend with $114M, Spiderman 2 has the opening day wrapped as $40.4M, and Shrek 2 has the daily with $44.7M.

AOTC's best single day was $31.2M and TPM was $28.5M.

AOTC's opening day was $30.1M and TPM was $28.5M.

AOTC's opening weekend was $80M and TPM was $64.8M.

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Old 04-26-05, 03:38 PM
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I think this has a good shot at besting TPM and AOTC in terms of box office. I know quite a few people who are planning on going to ROTS that didn't see TPM or AOTC in the theater.
Also, if the footage we've seen is any indication of how good the movie will be, I'd expect alot of repeat business.
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Old 04-26-05, 03:42 PM
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Delete my post, will ya?!?

As I said the first time, I think it will come close, but I don't think it will set any new records. But, I say that with my 8 opening day tickets in hand, so I'm hedging my bets, and I voted for "Maybe one"
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Old 04-26-05, 03:42 PM
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I don't think so but I hope it does. I don't think the ratings thing will make any difference, but the debate will still be there. A lot of kids love SW, but I don't think enough are interested in it - too many seem more interested in Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings stuff - I dunno what's wrong with them.
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Old 04-26-05, 03:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Obey The D
Also, if the footage we've seen is any indication of how good the movie will be, I'd expect alot of repeat business.
This will be key. I'm hearing more and more rumblings that this may not only be the best of the prequels, but possibly the best of any of the films. Of course, some will complain because of the wooden acting (not that will actually be any better or worse than any of the original trilogy, but people love to complain), and some will complain about the abundance of digital effects (much the same way they complained about some of the digital effects in TPM that turned out not to be digital). But laying aside those factors, what we've seen so far looks... intense.

Hmmm... I feel a poll coming on...
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Old 04-26-05, 04:05 PM
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No, I doubt it! I've always predicted around 350-375 million dollars for this films. Better than AOTC, but not TPM. If it's going to break one of the records, it will be either opening day or single day records.

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Old 04-26-05, 04:17 PM
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I agree with Terrell.
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Old 04-26-05, 04:29 PM
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I think it will have a huge opening weekend and might break the record for opening day and weekend. I think the total gross will be between TPM and AOTC. The main thing AOTC had against it was that Spiderman was released just before and still made money after Episode 2 was released. This year ROTS has no major competition going into the release date, and the only major competition is Batman Begins which I think will do good, but not earth shattering business.
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Old 04-26-05, 04:37 PM
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I think cactusoly is pretty much spot on. I will say this though. If this film is as entertaining as the C3 footage looks, then it will have a good chance to beat TPM box office numbers.
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Old 04-26-05, 04:52 PM
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I'll go with all three.
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Old 04-26-05, 04:56 PM
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I think it has a chance at the opening day/weekend numbers but overall will be dependent on very very good word-of-mouth.
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Old 04-26-05, 05:00 PM
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I think it'll do very well. Topping Phatom Menace will be tough. But, with this being the last Star Wars film, as George Lucas said earlier, that could drive business. I mean, the LAST Star Wars film on the big screen.
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Old 04-26-05, 07:35 PM
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350-375 with an outside shot at 400 mill (if reviews, word of mouth is good)

TPM adjusted-for-inflation = $530,138,300
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Old 04-26-05, 07:57 PM
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I say none. I don't see it doing much better than the first two. Probably a little more than AOTC, little less than TPM overall IMO.

Don't think it will break the opening or weekend records either.
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Old 04-26-05, 08:31 PM
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All it needs is good word of mouth. The first 2 did well and word of mouth was not that great. Time will tell.
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Old 04-26-05, 11:30 PM
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Seems like they keep selling-out and adding midnight shows. Two of the biggest malls here in San Diego are fairly close to each other and, between the two AMC's, we're up to 7 midnight screens...and counting. Was it this crazy for AOTC?
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Old 04-27-05, 12:55 AM
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Was it this crazy for AOTC?
No it wasn't! But this is the last Star Wars film ever. It is the film where Vader makes his return. It's the film where Anakin falls and becomes Vader. I think the combination of those things is responsible for all of the sellouts. But I don't think it breaks TPM totals.
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Old 04-27-05, 03:53 AM
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I think it can break all three of those records, and ya know why?

It doesn't have fuckin Spider-Man to compete with, in fact, it doesn't have anything in the vacinity to compete with! It will rule the box office!

$400mil is a sure thing.
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Old 04-27-05, 04:53 PM
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with no major competition, i think it will get close to the opening day and weekend record. favorable reviews will probably generate enough buzz to push it over. overall gross will be (as has been said above) due to word of mouth.

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Old 04-27-05, 05:05 PM
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OKay, which 9 of you voted all 3?
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Old 04-27-05, 05:18 PM
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All three, its been nearly 30 years in the making.
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Old 04-27-05, 06:43 PM
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All three.

There is no major competition.

It's the last Star Wars flick.

IF word of mouth is strong, some of the haters will come out of their holes to see it and repeat business will kick ass.
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Old 04-28-05, 12:14 AM
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Ok here's the two weeks before ROTS comes out and the two weeks following ROTS comes out:

May 6:
Kingdom of Heaven
House of Wax

May 13:
Kicking and Screaming (which supposedly will have the new Harry potter trailer)
Monster in Law

May 27:
Longest Yard

June 3rd:
Cinderella Man
Lords of Dogtown

Basically ROTS has no competition on its weekend, and the biggest threat against it is Kingdom of Heaven which will be in its 3rd weekend. So i figure HUGE opening weekend. The following week is a bit sketchy. Longest Yard will draw simply because its a Sandler movie and Madagascar will draw the kiddies. So unless one or both of these movies gets bad reviews i'm thinking there's gonna be a decent sized drop. IS it enough to drop ROTS from the top? But the 3rd weekend nothing huge will be coming out so i figure ROTS won't drop much that week.

I'm thinking 1st weekend including Thursday will be around 80 mill.
Overall i'm thinking 350-400 Mill domestically. But if Meet the Fockers can gross $280 mill, then this could hit $500 mill.
Worldwide i'm thinking the total 850-900 Mill, which places it around the Top 10 highest grossing films ever. (non inflated).
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Old 04-28-05, 12:35 AM
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All three, I bet the box office will surprise alot of people. PM and AOTC did huge and a lot of people were let down. Based on the trailers, tv spots, spoilers, and now an early review, this movie can't miss.
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Old 04-28-05, 01:19 AM
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Considering this is a forum just for Star Wars, the results in the poll don't surprise me. I doubt it will break any records.
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