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Star Wars Saga 1977-2005: Thanks for the Memories

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Star Wars Saga 1977-2005: Thanks for the Memories

Old 04-25-05, 08:52 PM
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Star Wars Saga 1977-2005: Thanks for the Memories

I can't quite recall the first time I saw Star Wars. I know I was very young (the film was released the year of my birth) and that it was on the small screen and not on the only silver screen my small town had at the time. No, no memories remain but I am sure my young eyes grew wide with wonder as they followed the adventures of characters that would come to consume his playtime activites throughout his entire childhood. From toys, to lunchboxes, to bedsheets to breakfast, Star Wars was everpresent in my life. My brother and I, after sloshing down our C3P0s would have huge toy wars in our basement pitting our dozens of Star Wars toys against our Transformers. We'd build Lego cities to destroy in epic weekend wars before the call of the schoolbell brought us back to reality. Thankfully we still had our trusty Star Wars lunchbox and pencil cases. Him and I would paint sticks we found in the woods by our place and have lightsaber duels, of course making the sounds with our mouths. On Halloween when I was six I dressed in a Jawa costume. I had a Yoda cake when I was 8. I recall my mother taping the Ewok Adventure on our first VCR and we ruined the tape. My mother would burst into great spurts of laughter when one of the Ewoks did this little dance. My brother and I used to scare the hell out of my baby sister with the lights out by doing Vader's voice. We once built an R2D2 snowman in our backyard. When we got our SNES we spent hours trying to beat the Super Star Wars games. Ditto Rogue Squardrom on the 64. Away from home for the first time, my first year of college the Special Editions were released and my dorm mates and I all saw the films for the first time on the big screen. There were no arguments on Greedo shooting first or what was added. We just watched it all unfold again bigger and better then ever. When Phantom Menace was announced I spent 8 hours in line with a huge group of fans waiting for tickets and another 6 hours in line to get 5th row seats for the midnight screening. Three newspapers intervied me, Kraft was handing out free KD to the lineup and a lazerlight show from the megaplex in downtown Toronto flooded over the huge group lined up for the event, most costumed. And now, as the final film is in the nearing distance, I've followed the thread in movie talk since pretty much day one enjoying all the new photos and info posted there, the spoilers enhancing my want to see the last film.

This thread is about the memories from our youths and on, the joy the films brought to us as kids, the fun we had and all points in between. I've shared a few of mine. I'd like to hear yours.

So, Star Wars, thanks for the memories!
Old 04-25-05, 10:29 PM
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Admit it, you nerds, you all dressed up as Ewoks when you were 8!
Old 04-25-05, 10:38 PM
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Admit it, you nerds, you all dressed up as Ewoks when you were 8!
Even though I'm actually fond of the Ewoks, I dressed up as Luke and Jawas when I went trick or treating.
Old 04-25-05, 11:10 PM
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Thanks for the memories.
Old 04-25-05, 11:17 PM
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I was newly 8 when it came out. We went the the theater and it was packed. They told us the showing was sold out so we'd have to wait. Two plus hours was interminable for an 8 year old. We then went back up to get tickets and then that showing was sold out. We went home and I didn't get to see it for another couple weeks. I'm still furious that they didn't sell us the next showing in advance nign on 28 years later. Anyway, even at 8, I had the novel, the comic, magazines and the toys before I even saw the film. Almost 30 years later, I still can't resist the spoilers for it.
Old 04-26-05, 12:06 AM
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I remember staying with my aunt and uncle one summer when i was i guess about 10 or so and literally watching A New Hope every single day.

Thanks for all the memories and here's hoping there are more to come.
Old 04-26-05, 12:48 AM
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I usually don't get this personal on the 'net, but...

I remember finding $10 on the theatre floor when I went to see Star Wars for the very first time while we were camping.

I remember seeing it once a day for one whole month when it came to a dollar theatre.

I remember watching the "Holiday Special" on TV.

I remember collecting the Marvel comic books.

I remember my grandmother buying me each and every Star Wars toy that was released [except the Falcon].

I remember sitting on my school bus, having my fragile little mind blown when I started to think about what would happen next.

I remember wearing out my the Adventures Of Luke Skywalker cassette.

I remember acting out Luke's wampa encounter on my front porch with my friends.

I remember seeing the Empire Strikes Back again when it was released and declaring "Raiders Of the Lost Ark sucks!" as I entered the theatre [it was a "twin" theatre and my mother and my friends went to see "Raiders". I was faithful, but wrong].

I remember taking my "Bespin" Han Solo, putting him in a Burger King Empire Strikes Back glass and sticking it in the freezer in an attempt to recreate the carbonite chamber.

I remember the glass cracking.

I remember bonding in a shitty new school thanks to a storybook of Return Of the Jedi that a fellow student who befriended me allowed me read before the movie came out.

I remember seeing Return Of the Jedi in a tremendously humongous theatre, that is sadly no longer around .

I remember being excited because I was friends with a manager at Waldenbooks and she could get me a discount on Return Of the Jedi when it was released on VHS in FULL FRAME .

I remember watching it, Beverly Hills Cop and Beyond Thunderdome on the snow day that the Challenger exploded.

I remember thoroughly enjoying all the comic books Marvel released.

I remember growing up..
Old 04-26-05, 01:10 AM
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earliest memory i have is my aunt giving me the soundtrack record, and it had c3po and r2 on the cover, and some great pics on the records sleeve inside.
Old 04-26-05, 01:55 AM
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Originally Posted by ViewAskewbian
Admit it, you nerds, you all dressed up as Ewoks when you were 8!
Considering the fact that I was 20 when Star Wars was first released, I'm fairly confident that I never dressed up as an Ewok on... ummm... oops...

But seriously folks, thanks for all of the memories, too many to list.
Old 04-26-05, 03:48 AM
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Thanks George!
Old 04-26-05, 09:28 AM
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To me it is so much more than just a movie. Thanks George for everything.
Old 04-26-05, 10:18 AM
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I remember watching Return of the Jedi when I was young (might even be a first memory) and thinking the Rancor was a Jedi. When it got killed I was disappointed. I have no idea why I thought that.

Since then I've been a huge fan.
Old 04-26-05, 10:30 AM
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Star Wars - Nine years old, with my dad, at Walnut Mall Cinema, wondering what the movie was going to be about. The poster was really neat looking. Spilling my pop down my legs during the Cantina scene and watching the rest of the movie with cold, sticky feet. Walking out of the movie in a complete overloaded daze. I receive a cheap unlicensed toy lightsaber for christmas (a red flashlight with a long plastic tube) and am ecstatic. Almost a year later I get Luke and Obi Wan figures as presents.

Empire - 12 years old, getting dropped off at the theater with my best friend John and his sister Mary. I secretly had my Luke figure in my pocket. Tracked down and bought a 12" Boba Fett with paper route money.

Jedi - 15 and working as a bagger, I proudly pay for my own ticket and popcorn.

The Special Editions - I and my two best friends, also SW geeks, see them all numerous times. Sometimes we even notice our wives and girlfriends are there with us.

Episode I - Took two days off of work, and as the central point of contact, I purchased 26 tickets that week. My buddy has Stormtrooper armor now.

Episode II - I attend Celebration 2 a coupla weeks earlier, and meet the woman who would become my current wife. The first time we meet she is in Biker Scout armor. I assist with my buddies at the premier (helping them with armor and handling the crowds) getting free passes in return.

My two best friends Mike and Jeff, and I, get inked simultaneously. Imperial cog on the right shoulder.

I obtain armor, assemble it, and join the 501st Legion.

My fiancee and I attend DragonCon '02 and troop all day every day. We ring the bell for Salvation Army and collect for Toys for Tots. I make new friends all over the world in the 501st.

My fiancee and I get married on April Fools day, 2003. Who'd a thunk it?

Episode III - My wife and I attend Celebration 3 and have a blast. Old friendships are renewed and new ones started. We reenact the night we officially became a couple at Spatcon 2. More to come.

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Old 04-26-05, 10:46 AM
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I have no Star Wars childhood memories, I was too busy with Pac-Man Fever. But I still love the movies!
Old 04-26-05, 11:00 AM
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I think I recall seeing Jedi in the theater when we lived in Ft. Walton Beach.

Other than that - I watched the movies a millions times as a kid when we lived in Germany - practically wore out the VHS tapes they were on.
Old 04-26-05, 11:18 AM
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Originally Posted by Drop
I remember watching Return of the Jedi when I was young (might even be a first memory) and thinking the Rancor was a Jedi. When it got killed I was disappointed. I have no idea why I thought that.

Since then I've been a huge fan.
I have a similar silly memory. I used to think as a kid that Han wasn't really frozen in the "big block of ice" (as I called it then) and that was just a statue that Jabba had made. Han had actually escaped and came back to pretend he was blind to save Chewie.

Upon closer inspection of the film, however...

Old 04-26-05, 02:04 PM
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I would re-enact lukes stumble oh Hoth every time it snowed until i was 10 or so.

I also remember seeing Jedi in the theater vividly, even though i was only 4. I lost my Nein Nunb figure in the theater

All i wanted as a kid was a working lightsaber. Now all i want is an accurate prop replica

My SW figures were my most tresured posessions back in the day, but my mom made me sell them all at a yardsale for about 0.10 each when i was 11. Now i spend my time buying them back off ebay at a considerable loss (mom knows best... yea right).

Now everyone knows how much of a nerd i am.

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Old 04-26-05, 04:59 PM
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I only wish Lucas wouls have made them all in the same time span (every 3 years) so I could have gone on with my life much sooner
Old 04-26-05, 05:42 PM
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My fondest Star Wars memories:

1.) Seeing "Empire Strikes Back" at an old theater that has long since been shut down. The projector bulb actually burned through the film when Luke was riding up on the Tauntaun for the first time. We had an unexpected 115 minute intermission while they fixed the film.

2.) I remember going home and freezing my Bespin Han figure in a glass of water so I'd have a frozen Han to play with. (Yes, the glass cracked.)

3.) I remember seeing Jedi 8 times in the theater and searching frantically for the black outfit Luke Skywalker figure. I thought I'd never get one until, one Saturday night at Target, I came upon a huge display of figures that were just placed out for the Sunday sale. I got my black outfit Luke AND a Gammorean Guard to boot.

4.) I remember getting my Millenium Falcon on Christmas morning 1980.

5.) I remember hitting the clearance aisle at Children's Palace with my fellow Star Wars nerd friend in high school back in 1990 and scoring a Tie Interceptor and Rancor for $5 each and Speeder Bikes for $2 each.
Old 04-27-05, 03:21 AM
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Oh where do I begin? Well my earliest memories of SW begin in a theater my brother worked at where he snuck my older sister and I in to see Empire. After that a lot of it remains a blur, but I do remember spending many hours in front of my living room TV watching the trilogy on VHS. I remember my brother and I collecting the action figures, and he always getting mad at me for pulling off the heads of my figures Those who know me personally know that I dont get along with my brother very well, but if I can say anything about my relationship with him is that Star Wars was a common bond we shared. It broke my heart when he left home, but he left behind his figures (which I did not break but left alone) and the trilogy so that I could keep watching. After some time he and I grew further apart and I bagan to get other people interested, but at the time my would be friends had no interest in my SW fandom so I kept it all to myself. Out of the blue when the Special Editions hit theaters my brother called me and told me he had just bought tickets to the premiere of ANH at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood. I thought for sure he was kidding but he suprised me, and much fun was had that day. Sadly though he dropped the ball when it came to seeing Empire and Jedi. For Empire I had to drag a friend with me to, who really didnt share my interest but being a good friend he stuck it out with me and had fun just the same..but somehow I think he was lying.

When Jedi arrived in theaters my parents were in the middle of one of their many wars that lasted entire weekends so I took a walk to my local theater and caught a semi late screening of Jedi. For those two hours I forgot all about my problems and just enjoyed myself. By the time I got to college my network of friends had shrunk I really only had two friends and the other kinda dropped off the face of the earth. Thats when I met a really cool guy who shared my love of these films, and turned out to be one of the greatest friends I'd ever make. I think you guys might know him. We spent the months leading up to Episode I toy hunting and becoming very good friends. With my brother off doing random shyte (read: being a total waste of space) my sister and I started to bond over these movies as well, and while we dont talk much today, we both grew closer because of these movies and because of what we went through with our parents fighting. It was easier when we were just across the hall from each other, though now we were both a city apart from each other we made the effort to see Attack of the Clones together and promised that no matter how far apart we were still a family and though we dont have a home to call ours anymore we still had these movies. If I could I'd thank George for everything he has done, and making it possible for me to better bond with my siblings, and my friends. I hope each of you have fun and walk away with great memories as well. I'll see ya in line.

Your friendly neighborhood
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I was 6 when ANH (then simply called Star Wars) was first released. I have two clear memories of my first time seeing it:

1. It was at a single-screen (or maybe a twin) neighborhood theater, and the line was around the block. Star Wars was the only thing playing and they had the official logo on the marquee, rather than it just being spelled out in plastic letters.

2. When the Death Star exploded, I exclaimed, "Yay! They blew up Darth Vader's ship!" -- at which my mom (I think) corrected me, "no, that's the Death Star".
Old 04-27-05, 09:22 PM
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I was only two when Star Wars came out so my first experience was when I saw it on HBO in New York City circa 1980 I was five. I wore out a videocassete myt uncle made for me (he made three for me.) I remember playing with my friend Javier and my sister with tin foil lightsabers. ( I was always Darth or Solo). I remember my cousin had the record that had the disco version of the Star Wars theme. I used to have Darth's Tie Fighter and the Cantina Playset. I was proud of my Boba Fett action figure. We'd get together every Saturday to have a galactic War which included Star Wars figures, GI Joes, Lego blocks (to build fortresses), and Transformers in an all out battle royale. I remember waiting in line in New Rochelle New York for like an hour and a half with my uncle for Return of the Jedi. I remember collecting the Star Wars comic books. When The Special Editions came out I made sure to see them and I introduced an exgirlfriend's son to them. I remember taking my little brother to see Phantom Menace and then playing the podracer videogame for hours on my nintendo 64. I remember seeing the new movies and just being happy because "Its fucking Star Wars". And now looking back as a thirty year old man I realize Star Wars gave me alot of fond memories and it reminds me how much joy was in my life as I was growing up.
Old 04-27-05, 10:36 PM
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I was born in 74, so I'm not certain if I first saw it in 77 or one of the re-releases, honestly it feels like it's always been a part of my life. I had toys, records, cereal, the list goes on. One year my mom made me a stormtrooper costumer for Halloween. She bought one of those silly costumes from Walmart or whatever that had the mask and coveralls, that had a picture of the character on the chest, which struck me as silly even then, but we used the stormtrooper mask, and we found a white shirt and some white pants, and my mother used black electrical tape to simulate the joints, going off of an action figure for the locations.

I had taped Empire and Jedi (and Wrath of Kahn) off of tv, and played them to pieces over and over. I could recite the dialogue along with the movies nearly word for word.

There was a dark time, when there was nothing new, even all the repackaged action figures being clearanced out were gone from the shelves. Then, there was Timothy Zahn. I remember trying to tell my parents about the new Star Wars books coming, but they were more interested in my grades, even asking, "when you're an adult, where will Star Wars be?" I'll tell you where it's at, it's right here [pointing at heart] It's something beautiful, scary, exciting, thrilling, sad, exhilirating, touching, and heartbreaking. (if you loved your mother so much, Ani, why didn't you listen to her? Don't look back, Ani, don't look back)

When the new figures came out, I bought tons of them, spending money I didn't really have, to try and recapture something. But it didn't do it. So I sold a ton of them on ebay, at a loss I'm sure, I didn't figure it up. I didn't watch the trilogy for a while, and when the DVDs were announced last year, I was upset that it wasn't the originals, it didn't have more special features, the covers were (and still are) pretty atrocious. But when I watched the movies, even with the *additional!* changes, it was still something that had been there for me for a long time.

I didn't grow up in a church (full time), and I don't like to share this, but I think I got more morals and teachings from my Star friends, Wars and Trek, than I ever would have gotten from Sunday school. I am loved by family and friends and even coworkers (above and below me). I like to think it was something from all of those characters that created me. I'm a little eccentric, but I'm a good person, I don't like to see people hurt, or animals even. I eat meat, but I realize it's because we are all a part of life. I am faithful to my wife, not because someone told me I should be, but because I want to be.

I'm rambling now, but it's all a part of me. And Star Wars has been there with me since nearly the beginning, so I guess it's on topic.

Anyways, I'm really pumped for ROTS, I've enjoyed TPM and AOTC, but felt they could have been just a >little< bit more, and from what I've read, this one seems to be the one. I hope everyone remembers this is the destination the journey has been for. It's been bumpy, but the end is in sight.
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i never had a chance to watch the original SW trilogy in the cinema but i did watch the trilogy for the first time when it got re-released as the SE versions back in the late 90s. i had just broken up with my 1st gf & after a long time i went to the movies alone.

i saw the trilogy back to back over a few days i think & i was amazed that, always, at the back row of the cinema, was where all the hardcore fans sat. the moment the lucas logo came on screen and the moment the first note of the eternal score sounded, that entire back row of fans raised their fists in the air and went 'YEAH!!!'

that was my induction to Star Wars

VCDs were all the rage where i live and when the SEs got released in a special VCD box set, my then gf bought it for me.

and when episode 1 & 2 got released, i managed to get tickets to the first screening & the atmosphere in the cinema was just amazing. my gf just couldn't understand the hysteria - and she still doesn't - so i went alone. this time around, i was at the back rows, among the hard core fans going 'YEAH!!!' the moment the music came on.

i'm gonna be there on opening night for Ep 3
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My SW memories:

For years I was convinced I saw Ep. IV when it was first released but I also remember the opening crawl had "Episode IV" so it must have been the re-release in 1980. Makes sense. I was only 4 in 1977.

The big shocking revelation in ESB was spoiled for me by a neighbourhood kid who saw it on premiere night. BASTARD!!

I remember studying hard to get good grades so I could get my father to buy me the AT-AT toy which was 100 bucks in Malaysian money at the time (must've been after ESB came out). The big day came, my parents drove me to the toy store, I showed them the item I wanted....and my mother said, "NO". Something about SW being a waste of money, "a hundred for this?" yada yada yada yada. They bought me a Subbuteo set instead (it's a table soccer game). Imagine my dissapointment. Today, I spent waaaayy too much of my own money collecting SW toys, props, books & dvds. Gee, you think there's a connection, maybe??

Round about the same time, my aunt & uncle who used to live in Singapore would drive up every few weeks for a visit and every time they did, my aunt would bring me SW action figures! This was a time when all the cool SW toys in the region can only be found in S'pore. I have no idea where these figs are now. My mother probably threw them away years ago.

I remember feeling embarassed looking at Leia in that slave outfit in ROTJ. I soooo had a crush on her in Ep. IV. Mildly dissapointed that Boba Fett died early in the movie.

I still have the Original Trilogy (pre-97 edition) movies which I taped from TV...complete with Malay subtitles: "Obi-Wan tidak pernah memberitahu apa sebenarnya yang telah terjadi pada bapa kamu" (Obi-Wan never told you what happened to your father)

Episodes I & II were okay, I think, but could have been better. Maybe I expected too much. Or maybe because I already know what's gonna happen to the Jedis. Jar Jar Binks? Humongous mistake.

But I think I'll be in the queue when Ep. III premieres in 22 days. If only to see more of Palpy and the destruction of the Jedi

Thanks GL for the memories. Looking forward to the TV series.

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