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dolphinboy 03-06-05 01:00 AM

Can someone please help me figure out what movie this is from?
This is the first time that I've felt sorry that I've created a thread. This is so completely stupid, but my brain is totally locked on this moment in a movie, that I just need to know it actually happened and that this doesn't have anything to do with my abductions.

It was triggered while I was watching the Heat SE; at the end when the planes were flying over Deniro and Pacino.

My brain just clicked to a moment in a film when 2 buddies (or was it a guy and a girl? I don't think so) who are lying on the hood of their car on a road or maybe the end of a runway and talking. I "think" it was a comedy and something funny or important to the scene is being said between the two buddies and a plane comes in for a landing right as the dialog is being said. I can't remember if the audience is supposed to miss the dialog or if it's the just the person who's listening on the car.

I asked my wife and she told me it was a Beavis and Butthead episode, but she can't be right. I would do a search, but this is just to vague to look for. I do know that someone who posts here will probably know this within seconds and I'll feel stupid for not being able to remember myself. Sorry.

But I am going nuts right now, so I'm going to put in Hoosiers, take a shower and hope one of you super brains will have my answer for me before I go to bed.


FinkPish 03-06-05 01:18 AM

Wayne's World.

Snowmaker 03-06-05 01:22 AM

"Did you used to find Bugs Bunny attractive when he'd put on a dress and play a girl bunny? " :lol:

dolphinboy 03-06-05 02:38 AM

Originally Posted by FinkPish
Wayne's World.

Thank you SO much!

You can see why I might have forgotten the movie, I think I saw it three times when it came out but not one time since. It's got to be like 12 or 13 years old now. Man, I'm so old.

I might just have to rent it now to see that scene. I wonder if I'll still find the movie to be funny after so long.


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