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IIG 02-24-05 05:44 AM

"You're welcome... You're all welcome!"
I have tossed and turned long enough trying to figure out who said this semi-famous quote, and in which movie. Try as I might, I just can't place it... I thought it was silly that I didn't go ahead and bring this troubling question to the people who I know have answers: DVD Talkers. Don't worry, every time I have a perplexing question I won't post about it. Besides, the first person to get it right gets a cookie. :thumbsup:

Forum Troll 02-24-05 07:31 AM

Christopher Walken.



IIG 02-24-05 03:04 PM

King Of New York... I put in about every DVD I own, EXCEPT for that. Thanks for helping...

DonnachaOne 02-24-05 03:54 PM

Well, now that the quote's established, I believe you owe Forum Troll a cookie.

Now, I don't want to see you trying to pull off a trick like "look in Temporary Internet Files, there's a whole folder full of them!". 'Cause those kind of cookies suck. And aren't chewy.

Forum Troll 02-25-05 04:52 AM

I'll take a dozen pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, please.

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