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Mutley Hyde 10-08-04 12:40 PM

Ramones documentary End of the Century; theater listings included, 1 Dallas show only
There is a new Ramones documentary showing at select theaters, which I must say, kicks ass (the fact that the documentary exists kicks ass... I'm not commenting on the actual movie itself as I haven't seen it yet). I did a search and didn't see this discussed in the movies forum yet, so here it is. There may be a thread on it in Music, but seeing as how this is a current theatrical release, I figured we should cover it here.

Listings are through October. EotC, so far, has only had one Dallas date added; Oct. 17 at 7:30 at the Dallas Angelika Theater, as part of the Deep Ellum Film Festival. (I mention this here in particular because the information on the Dallas date is not included in the official website's show date listing. I only found out about it while attending a preview screening for Primer at the Angelika last weekend, where the host mentioned the film festival and EotC.)


Theaters and dates for "End Of The Century" have been announced - more details available at www.endofthecentury.com!

Currently Showing
Angelika Film Center, Manhattan, NY
Laemmle's One Colorado Cinema, Pasadena, CA
Landmark E-Street Cinema, Washington, DC
Balboa Theater, San Francisco, CA
Landmark Century Centre Cinemas, Chicago, IL
Pittsburgh Regent Square Theater, Edgewood, PA
Esquire Art, Cincinnati, OH
Cinema City 4, Hartford, CT
Landmark Tivoli Theatre, St. Louis, MO
Crown Block E 15, Minneapolis, MN
Loews Beverly Center Cineplex, Los Angeles, CA

Upcoming dates
Starz Film Center, Denver, CO
Regal Green Hills Commons 16, Nashville, TN
Regal Downtown West 8, Knoxville, TN
Avon Theatre Film Center, Stamford, CT
Count Basie Theater, Red Bank, NJ
York Square Cinema, New Haven, CT

Campus Theatre, Lewisburg, PA

Landmark Midtown Art Cinema 8, Atlanta, GA
Ritz 5, Philadelphia, PA

Landmark Dobie Theatre, Austin, TX
Noble Theatre, Oklahoma City, OK

Landmark Varsity Theater, Seattle, WA
The Bijou at Crossroads, San Antonio, TX
Landmark Main Art Theatre, Royal Oak, MI

Bijou (University of Iowa), Iowa City, IA

Cinestudio, Hartford, CT
Landmark Inwood 3 Theatres, Dallas, TX

The Music Hall, Portsmouth, NH

Angelika Film Center Houston, Houston, TX
Landmark Greenway 3, Houston, TX
Tower Theatre, Salt Lake City, UT
Nickelodeon Theatre, Columbia, SC
Times Cinema, Milwaukee, WI

Cinema 21, Portland, OR

Jacob Burns Film Center, Pleasantville, NY

Previous dates
August 27th, 2004
BERKELEY, CA at Landmark's Act 1 & 2 Cinemas
SAN FRANCISCO, CA at Landmark's Lumiere 3

September 3rd, 2004
CAMBRIDGE, MA at Landmark's Kendall Square

September 10th, 2004
LOS ANGELES, CA at Landmark's Nuart Theatre

September 17th, 2004
PASADENA, CA at the Playhouse 7
SAN DIEGO, CA at the Landmark Ken Cinema
WASHINGTON, DC Landmark's E-Street Cinema

September 19th, 2004
NEW HAVEN, CT at the Film Fest New Haven

September 24th, 2004
CHICAGO, IL at the Landmark's Century Centre Cinema's
SAN DIEGO, CA at the Landmark's Ken Cinema

October, 1st 2004
ST. LOUIS, MO at the Landmark's Tivoli Theatre
Other than that, I haven't got a whole hell of a lot of info on this. Check out the website for what little there is there.


Gabba gabba HEY!

Mutley Hyde 10-15-04 12:47 PM

Come on now, where are the Ramones fans on this one??

Just got my tickets online, oh yeah. :D

atlantamoi 10-15-04 06:56 PM

I've got Ramones: Raw coming from Netflix this weekend. I'll wait and rent the normal documentary when when it comes out on disc. I've read a couple of reviews and each time the reviewer states they never had any hit albums it just sort of shocks me. I realize that, but to me they are like the Beatles or some other HUGE band.

Oh well.

Cornholio 10-15-04 07:41 PM

i love ramones too bad i dont live very close to anywhere its playing.

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