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necros 09-06-04 04:45 PM

(what's) The Deal? - Trailer
Well I'm part of a little indie company and we just finished the trailer for our upcoming long short film, (what's) The Deal? .. if anyone wants to check it out feel free to visit our website at www.cowbellfilms.com

I'm the editor and I put the trailer together so I'd love some "critiques" on if it's any good or not :)

ArchibaldTuttle 09-06-04 06:16 PM

IMO there isn't enough dialogue in the trailer to get a feel for the tone of the film. What kind of a movie is it, it appears to be some kind of dark comedy, but it's hard to tell.

Joem 09-06-04 07:43 PM

While I was interested in the trailer, the first half moved WAY too slow, and the music for it was putting me into a daze.

Other than that, seemed good to me. I'd watch it.

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