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King of the Ants (minor spoilers)

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King of the Ants (minor spoilers)

Old 07-18-04, 12:10 AM
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King of the Ants (minor spoilers)

The one person I wish studios would just let run wild is Stuart Gordon.

King of the Ants was quite a surprise for me. It took the time to explore the characters in the film instead of diving head first into the blood & guts (but don't worry, there is plenty of the red stuff later in the film).

This is also the first film I was able to tolerate William Baldwin in, in fact, he was pretty damn good.

The film definitely made me cringe because of a very simple yet very brutal golf club (the main star of the show) ............put it this way, you know how when you watch a movie and say "damn, I'm glad that's over, I don't think I could take that again" well here, it happens again, then again, and then another time..............oh, and when you see somebody crying in mercy because of it, you get a little disturbed yourself.

But the downside to the film is....well, it's low budget. Before you thrash me and say "there are a ton of great low budget films out there" well you're right but the problem here is that it contains the mother of all low budget killers: the "rushed" feeling, especially when we get to our main guy moving in with the lady friend - it's sloppy and been seen a million times before and it makes you say "that sucks". Also, some of the acting is unbearable, I wanted to jump into the movie a few times, bitch slap some of the actors, and then jump back onto the couch to finish my frosty beverage to try and forget the mannerisms and dialouge.

But the good news is that none of the above destracted me from a very fresh viewing experience - this movie is twisted, funny, & disturbing and if you love horror movies, you'll more than likely end up digging this flick.

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Old 07-18-04, 01:11 AM
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I just finished watching this movie (a $1 rental).


One of two things that bugged me was that nobody checked out what was in the folder he was carrying around for 4+ weeks, not to mention that the lady let him move in with her and her ~ 8 year old daughter, still without checking to see what was in the folder that he carried around. The second was why they were bothering with what they were doing to him, a shot to the head would have solved everything pretty quickly.

And yes, it was very low budget. Once I saw that house in the desert I kept thinking "that's so cheap of a house, it's going to be destroyed".

The actress was hot, though, with some decent nude scenes.
Old 07-26-04, 09:59 AM
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I saw this over the weekend and though I wanted to like it (I'm still trying to talk myself into it), I just can't. Along with the above points, it seemed very contrived. One of the major things that bothered me was
the fact that Kari Wuhrer's wife character was killed and it was left at that, no repercussions. I guess the fact that he called Baldwin's character to offer bait to kill him was his act of revenge for "making him kill his girl".

The movie spent so much time going into the protagonist's (if you can even call him that) mind then seems to deviate from that into a typical revenge flick. In the end, though, there just wasn't anybody to like. I kinda hoped
Sean would have died in the end, too.

One last thing, Kari Wuhrer's "transformations" during Sean's hallucinations/dreams during the night were thrown in just for shock value (especially the
bulbous shit-eating version

P.S. Has Kari Wuhrer gotten a breast reduction? She is still gorgeous but didn't seem as breast-ly as she has in past movies.
Old 07-27-04, 12:07 PM
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Re: King of the Ants (minor spoilers)

Originally posted by Rival11

This is also the first film I was able to tolerate William Baldwin in, in fact, he was pretty damn good.

I can stand William in this flick to, mainly because he isn't in it.
I think its the same baldwin boy who was in Carpentar's Vampires, Danial i believe.
But i'm a big Gordon fan. I think Space Truckers is one of the few films that i really didn't love. I don't think he has done better than Re-Animator(though Dagon came close) as of yet but i think thats my fault just because every film he does i compare it to that, which isn't really fair.
I liked KofA after a few viewings. It took me awhile to really get used to it.

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