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caiman 05-15-04 08:56 PM

Need opinions on a horror movie - My Little Eye
This film was recommended to me, and I was wanting to get some opinions from you guys before watching it. The concept sounds pretty cool.

Plot description:

"Five young people apply to live in an isolated house together for six months whilst their every move is filmed by numerous cameras. Each has their reason for wanting to be there - fame, money, adventure. The prize - $1 million. The rules - if one person leaves, everyone loses. It becomes the ultimate morality test. When Danny's beloved grandfather dies, does his greed overcome his love? When the skittish Emma finds blood on her pillow why does she still stay behind? And what dark secret does the house harbour that leaves them feeling as though they're being watched by more than just a million pairs of eyes?"

Here's the IMDB page

TomOpus 05-15-04 11:59 PM

I'm curious also. I was out DVD hunting and saw this. Looked interesting but never heard about it.

harosa 05-16-04 01:45 AM

I thoroughly enjoyed this when I got the DVD awile back, it gets very creepy as it goes on and the performers are very naturalistic, just keep the audio up because you get more out of it when the terror starts.

caiman 05-16-04 03:07 AM

Well I just finished watching this. I wasn't expecting a whole lot, but it was surprisingly very good. The story was interesting and it kept me guessing the whole way through, which in itself is something to commend. The acting was good too. All of the actors are unknowns, yet they did a great job. The dialogue was very naturalistic, which is rare for horror movies of this type. It was also pretty creepy, and there were tons of very effective startling moments. I highly recommend it.

TomOpus 05-16-04 03:16 AM

Thanks for the review. I might have to pick this up. :up:

harosa 05-16-04 08:53 AM

I guess this is getting a US release then, the UK 2 disc set is very impressive with commentaries and tons of alternate footage and some cool alternate angle/footage features available while watching the movie, like you were on the website yourself. Out of the cast I do remember the one guy form Alias and the jackass kid is on Joan of Arcadia I believe since Ive seen him in some commercials for it.

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