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Gunshy 05-13-04 10:20 PM

Help me recall the name of this sci-fi film
When I was a kid I watched a very cool sci-fi movie, I think it might have been black and white so maybe from the 50's? Anyway, the plot was that extraterrestrials made their way to Earth but in the form of giant black crystals that grow so fast you can hear them groan and squeak out of the soil. They are bigger than sky-scrapers and threaten to cover the globe - I am guessing that was the main threat. In the end they find that salt-water stops them dead in thier tracks so they divert water from a dam(?) towards this open-air salt mine which then floods the advancing front of the crystal menace and the Earth is saved.

Anyone ever see this one? Have any idea what this film was called? I had no luck using google. Thanks a bunch.


Kaffe_02 05-13-04 10:51 PM

well thanks for ruining it for me ;)

dom56 05-13-04 11:56 PM

The Monolith Monsters (1957)


Gunshy 05-14-04 12:25 AM

Woohoo! dom56 you are my hero! Man, how did you know this? Anyway, just picked it up on DVD from an ebayer. Don't know how good the quality will be but ahh, who cares? this film rocks :)

Now if they would just release "The Mole People" on DVD...(sigh)


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