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mrhan 05-13-04 06:49 PM

Sleeping Dictionary W/ Jessica Alba
I never heard of this movie but I just saw it yesterday on DVD and it was quite good. The only reason I saw it was because Jessica Alba was in it. Anyone else seen it?


FinkPish 05-13-04 06:55 PM

Damn, I missed reading the word "Dictionary" and got really excited for some pictures.

Adam Tyner 05-13-04 07:11 PM

There are <a href="http://dvdtalk.com/reviews/list.php?orderBy=Date&reviewType=DVD+Video&searchText=Sleeping+Dictionary&NReviews=50">two reviews</a> here at DVD Talk.

flashburn 05-13-04 07:22 PM

Pretty good movie, too bad Jessica Alba used a body double in it.

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