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Giles 03-05-04 08:36 AM

Yasujiro Ozu Film Retrospect - Washington DC
In celebration of the 2004 National Cherry Blossom Festival and the 150th anniversary of the first treaty between the United States and Japan, The Freer Gallery of Art, the National Gallery of Art, and the American Film Institute’s Silver Theatre present a retrospective of one of Japan’s greatest directors.

Films presented at the Freer and National Gallery are free:

- Good Morning
- An Inn in Tokyo
- What Did the Lady Forget?
- A Straightforward Boy
- The Lady and the Beard
- The Munekata Sisters
- A Story of Floating Weeds
- Dragnet Girl
- Walk Carefully
- I Graduated, but…
- I Flunked, but…
- A Hen in the Wind
- The Flavor of Green Tea over Rice
- Equinox Flower
- The End of Summer
- Floating Weeds

National Gallery of Art
- Days of Youth
- A Mother Should Be Loved
- The Only Son
- Where Now Are the Dreams of Youth?
- Tokyo Chorus
- Early Spring
- Passing Fancy
- Early Summer
- There Was A Father
- The Record of a Tenement Gentleman
- Brothers and Sisters of the Toda Family
- Tokyo Twilight
- Late Autumn

AFI Silver Theatre
- Late Spring
- Tokyo Story
- I was Born, but…
- An Autumn Afternoon
- That Night’s Wife
- Woman of Tokyo

For dates and times:
Freer: www.asia.si.edu
National Gallery of Art: www.nga.gov
AFI: www.afi.com/silver

sundog 03-05-04 08:54 AM


Phyre 03-05-04 10:11 AM

I caught a whole load of these when the retro was in NYC and the Bay Area. It is great.

dave955 03-05-04 12:23 PM

Which of these would be the best to see? I want to take the opportunity to see the best ones I can, in addition to whichever ones will play the best on film as opposed to video.

I've never seen any Ozu films before.

theneobez 03-05-04 02:49 PM

I hear Tokyo Story is supposed to be the best.

sundog 03-05-04 03:15 PM

I Was Born, But . . . was Ebert's critic selection for last year's Chicago International Film Festival. Many consider it Ozu's masterpiece (it's an earlier silent film). He remade it into Good Morning.

wendersfan 03-05-04 04:26 PM

Originally posted by theneobez
I hear Tokyo Story is supposed to be the best.
YMMV. It's probably his most highly regarded, but it's not my personal favorite - Late Autumn is.

PopcornTreeCt 03-06-04 12:00 PM

Wow, I wished I lived near there. I just ordered Floating Weeds and Tokyo Story but it would be great to see it on a big screen.

MrN 03-07-04 09:24 PM

I caught a handful late last year at Berkely.

I would highly recommend Late Autumn and Late Spring (though I didn't see the latter).
Early Summer and Equinox Flower are also quite good.

Definitely avoid Hen in the Wind unless you're a completist/auteurist.

DVD Smurf 03-07-04 09:33 PM

Originally posted by sundog

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