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El-Kabong 02-14-04 09:55 PM

Freddy vs Jason? Bah! How about Python vs Boa!
Please god, let this movie happen. . . .

From Creature Corner:

Direct-to-video giant killer snake movies have been cluttering video store shelves and Sci-Fi Channel timeslots for quite some time now. There was a period of time there when it seemed like every time you walked into a video store there was another killer snake movie on the shelf. All has been quiet as of late. That’s about to change. UFO Films, makers of many of your favorite Sci-Fi Channel premiere movies, are set to produce what could very well prove to be the apex of this entire genre.

In the tradition of Freddy Vs. Jason…

In the tradition of Alien Vs. Predator…

In the tradition of Dollman Vs. Demonic Toys…

UFO Films proudly presents… PYTHON VS. BOA!!!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the giant python from the Python movies and the giant Boa from Boa will engage in a winner takes all death match with the survivor being crowned the true king of direct-to-video giant killer snake movies. Okay, so outside of the obvious two giant snakes eating people and waging war part you’re probably wondering what possible plot could UFO Films concoct to get these two serpentine titans together into one motion picture? Well, I have no freakin’ clue! UFO Films has the movie listed on their website but provides no other information outside of a title. I guess when you’re pumping out one film after another at the rate UFO does then you don’t have time to update your website like you probably should.

Undeterred, this intrepid reporter went web surfing until he found something, anything, no matter how tiny a detail about this cinematic event. Finally, after minutes of searching, I stumbled across a blog belonging to a fellow that works on many of the UFO productions shot in Bulgaria, where virtually every UFO and Nu Image film is made. Even he’s rather vague but I did decipher this much.

Ex-Playboy Playmate and current Mrs. David Boreanaz Jaime Bergman stars in the movie along with ex-Playboy Playmate and current UFO Films starlet Angel Boris. Also starring in the movie is Hristo Shopov, another character actor from the UFO stable who was previously devoured by a giant snake in Python 2 and will soon be seen playing Pontius Pilate in The Passion of the Christ. Wow, to go from giant snake movie to artistic religious epic and then back to giant snake movie. That’s a career move that would even make Donald Pleasence smile.

Most importantly, the plot of Python Vs. Boa somehow involves “masked wrestling, smarmy reporters, giant snakes, pool parties with scantily-clad women” so clearly UFO has made the wise decision to camp the film up and not attempt to make it another run-of-the-mill nature gone amok thriller.

Filming on the film took place late last year in Sofia, Bulgaria with a future video release or Sci-Fi Channel premiere to take place later this year. Believe me, we’ll keep you updated on this one as more details become available.

jaeufraser 02-14-04 11:08 PM

So will there be a sequel? Anaconda vs. Boa vs. Python vs. JOhn Voight winking? I'd prolly watch that...

TCG 02-15-04 06:15 AM

Originally posted by jaeufraser
So will there be a sequel? Anaconda vs. Boa vs. Python vs. JOhn Voight winking? I'd prolly watch that...

Inverse 02-15-04 12:05 PM

Why did I assume this thread was about Monty Python in drag?

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