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shaun3000 02-14-04 02:49 AM

Oldest movie for rent at your local video store?
By oldest, I mean oldest physical video, not the movie contained on it. In other words, a copy of Gone With the Wind from 1995 wouldn't beat out a copy of the Graduate from 1980.

I was at my local Blockbuster (I live in the ghetto, it's my only option) and noticed a VHS copy of Greased Lightning that has to be atleast 20 years old. The movie is copyrighted 1977, so I wouldn't be surprised if it's the original home video release. The question is, why does Blockbuster have such an old video? They haven't been around that long, have they?

Crocker Jarmen 02-14-04 06:28 AM

I bought a copy of The Conversation at a video store years back. I figure it must have been an old old copy based on how heavy it was. When I got home I picked up other VHS cassetes in once hand and this movie in another, and noticed it weighed at least twice as much compaired to recent video cassetes.

garolo 02-14-04 09:56 AM

You mean video stores still have, gasp, video tapes? :)

I haven't been to a video store in years but my local library has hundreds of circa 1981 videos donated from a certain someone's collection.

DRG 02-14-04 02:02 PM

I know a lot of the big chains like Blockbuster, Hollywood Video, etc. used to buy out the inventories of small mom and pop video stores when they shut down. They'd use the inventory to build up back catalogs in new stores, especially for movies that were out of print.

LasVegasMichael 02-14-04 02:10 PM

Remember when the Wherehouse was mainly a VHS rental joint?

About 8 years ago they were closing down a bunch of smaller rental locations and I bought several ancient history VHS tapes there, all with replacement values declared at $85+++.

I still have most, as they were obscure titels that have yet to hit DVD.

Tarnower 02-14-04 03:41 PM

How on earth would I know this? More importantly, who has that much time on their hands to flip around all those box covers to check out copyright dates? I mean, c'mon....

shaun3000 02-14-04 04:17 PM

OK, let me rephrase: Oldest tape you've seen. I was looking for a movie and noticed this one with a HUGE box and a very old Warner Bros. logo.

mikewendt 02-14-04 04:19 PM

Elvis: On Tour with the original large, cardboard, book style cover.

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