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What is the best gangster movie on DVD right now?

Old 01-04-04, 01:22 PM
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What is the best gangster movie on DVD right now?

With all the new releases and old alike: Scarface, Once Upon..America..what is a great gangster DVD with movie and extras taken into consideration? I love them and want to make sure I have the best. Any help and/or opinions would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Moving to Movie Talk Forum.

- David Stein
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Best film? Goodfellas.
Best DVD's? Probably The Godfather Collection.
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Old 01-04-04, 02:15 PM
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Godfather I and II all around. End topic.
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Godfather Trilogy
Donnie Brasco

I'm not including Goodfellas cause of the piss-poor DVD...
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Old 01-04-04, 03:00 PM
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Fugettabouit, it's gotta be DONNIE BRASCO!
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Miller's Crossing is up there.

As far as the movie is concerned. The DVD is light on extras.
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So glad to see other "Donnie Brasco" fans around here. Truly a great film. It's right up there with "The Godfather" trilogy (yes, I include #3) and "Goodfellas".
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1 Godfather 1&2
2 Goodfella
3 Once Upon A Time in America
4 Scarface
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scarface is the best dvd
goodfellas is the best movie

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Old 01-04-04, 11:05 PM
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best gangster movie ---> Miller's Crossing
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When the hell is Martin coiming out with his box set dammit? we've waited long enough!
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FYI: Goodfellas is a "flipper" DVD & barely has any extras. If you are looking for a great gangster DVD in terms of the movie and extras I'd stay far away from Goodfellas and wait for a possible re-release this year.
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Add another vote for Miller's Crossing. Godfather's I and II are better films but I'm obsessed with Miller's Crossing.
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The Godfather I and II are two of the best movies ever made. Period.
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I'm with troystiffler and ArchibaldTuttle. The best gangster DVD out now is The Godfather Trilogy. But you asked what is the best gangster movie on dvd now. That is, IMHO, Goodfellas. If and when the Goodfellas SE comes out, I would be hard-pressed to choose between the two.
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The Godfather.
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The Godfather Part I, followed closely by Part II.

Though I have to preface that by saying I haven't seen Goodfellas, I'm waiting for a decent DVD release.
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If you mean " gangsta " , I'd say: Meance II Society.
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Hands down The Godfather Trilogy are the best gangster Films on DVD. Donnie Brasco is great and so is Goodfellas (wait for the SE).
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Goodfellas, without question
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Godfather I & II

We just watched Bob le Flambeur, and it was great, with a fabulous ending. Miller's Crossing and Goodfellas are also excellent.

Best not-on-DVD: White Heat
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My vote goes to Miller's Crossing. yeah, dvd is light on extras, but the film is the best!
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