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Why did Jean... (major untagged spoilers) (X2)

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Why did Jean... (major untagged spoilers) (X2)

Old 12-15-03, 08:15 PM
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Iceman could have froozen the water near the jet. That's his whole point.
Old 12-15-03, 08:22 PM
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At this point, the X-men don't have full use of their powers. Singer addressed these issues and said they just aren't powerful enough to stop the amount of water that was involved. Maybe in their prime it is possible, but not at this stage.
Old 12-16-03, 12:07 AM
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Freezing the water near the jet doesn't do much good, when there is a million gallons behind it pushing it forward. Something has to happen to that kinetic energy.
Old 12-16-03, 04:26 AM
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Simply instructing someone to "read the comics" doesn't provide much of a road map, since the Phoenix story is rather old.

The (original) Phoenix story took place early in Chris Claremont's run on the title, from about UNCANNY X-MEN #100 through UNCANNY X-MEN #138. These were published from the mid-70s to the early 80s. (Though, at the time, I think the title was just called X-MEN, and didn't pick up the UNCANNY until a year or so later.)

All of these issues fetch a high price on the collector market, so I would advise the casual reader against the original comics. Fortunately, they have been reprinted often.

One option would be to pick up the CLASSIC X-MEN reprints from the late 80s/early 90s. The first 45 or so issues should cover the entire storyline. These should be available rather cheaply.

Another option is the ESSENTIAL X-MEN reprints Marvel has been issuing lately. The first collection reprints Giant Sized X-Men #1, and X-MEN #94-119, the second reprints X-MEN #120-144, covering the entire Phoenix saga. These books are available for $15.00 each (or $10.50 w/Amazon's 30% discount). The Essential books are reprinted in black and white, though.

There's also a (color) trade paperback called "Dark Phoenix Saga" that reprints the climax of the Phoenix storyline, UNCANNY X-MEN #129-137. It's in color, but doesn't really cover how Jean became the Phoenix.
Old 12-16-03, 04:42 AM
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Why did Jean have to die?
the fact that you , and others have asked this question, proves to me that the film makers did not set this up properly.

i loved the film, and i love the comic book arc that the ending implies we are going to be seeing, but i have a big problem with the way it handled in its set-up here.
you can rationalize a serviceable reason for her to have to get out of the jet , but her 'immolation' comes across as a very arbitrary consequence.
as a group, they would have been able to deal with the onrushing water
-storm should have had powers to channel the water- possibly placing the jet in the eye of a large tornado
-Scott could have blasted a trench to buy them some more time
-Bobby could have frozen as much as he was able to also to buy some more time
-all the while Nightcrawler moved as many as he could.

if Storm had been knocked out, and Bobby said that it was too much water for him to handle, it would have helped sell Jean taking it upon herself out of neccessity.
but at this point the film is in such a rush to conclude, that the whole sequence comes off a little half assed.

i hope more thought goes into the phoenix storyline.

and i wish everyone associated with the film understood the difference between Phoenix and Dark Phoenix.

she has to become Phoenix (rise from the ashes) first and be that way for awhile, before a change to a Darker/evil personality will have any power to resonate emotionally with the audience.

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