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Crocker Jarmen 11-17-03 06:53 AM

Larry David's Sour Grapes
Over the past month I've been cruising the used video stores looking for copies of the un-Special Edition Star Wars. During one of my hunts I came across a copy of Curb Your Enthusiasm's Larry David's Sour Grapes. Still sealed. Only five bucks so I thought what the hell, this might be an undiscovered gem.

The movie felt like it was a joke film that they whipped together during a weekend to use in an episode of CYE. But it was still interesting watch, just for picking out the reoccuring themes that appear in Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm: the long complicated discussions of 'rules', the obnoxious mother figure, the snowballing of minor, unrealted events into catastrophy.

Unfortunately, I didn't find it funny at all. Maybe this sort of material needs an exceptionally talented cast and a shorter time frame to play it out.

The only chuckle I got out of it was due to David's cameo, with a tough guy accent and silly toupee.

Numanoid 11-17-03 12:31 PM

Apparently Larry is also quite aware that the film didn't turn out too well...it has been referenced a couple of times in CYE (he lets people borrow it to watch and they never have anything good to say about it).

I actually find it mildly amusing...due mostly to the charm of the two leads. It's one of those movies you never actually seek out, but can catch on a Sunday afternoon and you wind up hanging around til the end.

Samuel 11-17-03 01:44 PM

I really like this movie, and It's sad that it didn't do to well financially because I would have liked to see more Larry David movies made. My favorite scene is when Steven Weber's charachter is arguing with his girlfriend and suddenly starts speaking with a cuban accent.

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