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Heat 11-10-03 12:30 AM

Which do you think was a better movie, "Talk to Her" or "Nowhere in Africa"?
I finally got to watch the winner of the Academy Award for Best Foreign Picture this past spring, "Nowhere in Africa".

Great movie, definately worth a rental.

Before I saw it, I assumed that Talk to Her would have won (it is a great movie & won best original screenplay, but wasn't in the running for Best Foreign Picture). But now that I have seen both, I'm not sure. It would have been close, both are great movies.

Have you seen both? Which do you think would have won if Talk to Her was in the running?

rkndkn 11-10-03 06:07 AM

Saw both theatrically, and loved them both. Knowing Academy tastes, though, I think "Nowhere in Africa" would have won.

Ginwen 11-10-03 02:04 PM

I would've picked Talk to Her, and think it would've won (since it still won an Academy Award for screenplay, obviously people liked it). I'm glad it went to Nowhere in Africa though, since it gave me the opportunity to see it in a theater. Talk to Her didn't really need that, since, at least around me (Seattle), every Almodovar movie gets shown for a while at the movies.

mookyman 11-10-03 07:35 PM

Talk to Her was better, though Nowhere in Africa was the best film nominated.

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