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Rypro 525 06-20-03 06:25 PM

Best/favorite car chase scene
Best- still French Connection (imo, bullit feels too scripted)
favorite The Rock (lots of cool crashes)

Supreme Sean 06-20-03 06:39 PM

Best Ever - French Connection ( My favorite movie )

Other Greats- Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry
Magnum Force
The Driver
The car vs. r/c toy chase in The Dead Pool ( Stop laughing )
Oxygen ( Adrien Brody vs. Maura Tierney )
The Fast & The Furious/ 2 Fast 2 Furious
To Live And Die In L.A.

Alien Redrum 06-20-03 07:03 PM

Ronin had a great one.

TCG 06-20-03 07:05 PM

Some faves off the top of my head:

French Connection
Speed :p
The Matrix Reloaded

weezR 06-20-03 07:16 PM

Vanishing Point
Road Warrior
Gone in 60seconds(original)
Eat my Dust

ToddSm66 06-20-03 07:22 PM

The Blues Brothers

mwj 06-20-03 07:25 PM

My favorite is definitely Ronin. French Connection and To Live And Die In L.A. are also great.

Jason1973 06-20-03 07:26 PM

Another vote for Ronin.

Norm de Plume 06-20-03 08:00 PM

Those in The Driver (1978)

Hiro11 06-20-03 08:05 PM

I think the chases in Ronin top those in Bullitt and French Connection.

Diva has a very cool moped/foot/car chase.

Road Warrior and Mad Max are pure genius.

William Fuld 06-20-03 08:07 PM

One I like a lot is the brief slow speed chase in The Way of the Gun. It's silly, but still tense.

victant 06-20-03 08:24 PM

A favorite is a scene in Gun Smith Cats ;)

resinrats 06-20-03 08:29 PM

Any scene with the Coyote from Hardcastle & McCormic,

PJsig08 06-20-03 08:34 PM

The Rock, no question. Love that scene.

Hear the Ronin one is good...the Transporter chase was pretty good too.

edstein 06-20-03 08:44 PM

Another vote for Blues Brothers.

Robert 06-20-03 09:02 PM

<b>Matrix Reloaded</b> - a 14 minute supercharged chase of operatic proportions

DonnachaOne 06-20-03 09:05 PM

Any of the ones in BMW's The Hire.

Geofferson 06-20-03 09:51 PM

Originally posted by weezR
Vanishing Point
Road Warrior
Gone in 60seconds(original)
Eat my Dust

I'd like to add Moonrunners and Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry to this list.


laserdogg 06-20-03 10:01 PM

Originally posted by Norm de Plume
Those in The Driver (1978)
Ah yes, Walter Hill's The Driver.

This is on the top of my most wanted DVD list. I have the import laserdisc (never released domestically on LD) but a widescreen SE would be most welcome.

BuckeyeDawg 06-20-03 10:06 PM

I like the opening sequence to 'The Transporter' but my favorite chase scene is from...


B.A. 06-20-03 10:18 PM

The French Connection
Bullitt (you have to count the hubcaps)
The Italian Job (2003)
The Matrix Reloaded

Ginwen 06-20-03 11:37 PM

To Live and Die in LA

Skull 06-21-03 12:20 AM

Italian Job, The Rock, French Connection.

eedoon 06-21-03 12:52 AM

Definitely The French Connection. That scene is terrific. :up:
Also, Hostage, Ambush, and Ticker from The Hire series.

rkndkn 06-21-03 03:31 AM

Absolutely agree with "To Live and Die in L.A." and "Dirty Mary Crazy Larry".

Also like the one in "The Seven Ups".

(Anyone reminded of the Pontiac ad with the blindfolded guy?)

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