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bluemagic 06-08-03 10:57 PM

TOGETHER! Anyone see it!?
I've seen a lot of really positive reviews for this movie from critics and especially Time magazine.



Have any of you seen it? I was a big fan of Chen Kaige's Farewell My Concubine. It's only playing in six theaters total in LA/NY and I'm wondering if it's worthwhile checking out. Any word of a wider release?

MrN 06-09-03 11:24 AM

I saw it last night. Save your money, unless you like melodrama and crowd-pleasing stories. There was only one surprise in the whole film and I left feeling like I watched a Disney movie with some nice photography.

IMO, thats two duds in a row for Chen - I have no idea what he's going for but he would do well to go back to his roots.


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