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Rocky_Stallone 06-08-03 07:48 PM

Name one actor you like that everyone else dislikes???
Besides my choice of actor, which most everyone dislikes Sylvester Stallone (Sly still has a fanbase who love him).

I'm just curious if anyone here has an actor you like that almost everyone doesn't like?

Other easy target actors who I can think of who are most hated are Tom Green, Kevin Costner, Leo Dicaprio and Ben Affleck, but they aren't my choices though, I was just giving examples of this topic.

NOTE: I do like Kevin Costner and Leo Dicaprio though as I said just giving examples of this thread.

LBPound 06-08-03 07:57 PM

Not everyone dislikes these, but some do...

Martin Short, Adam Sandler, Tim Allen

Seantn 06-08-03 08:00 PM

Nicole Kidman
Adrian Brody
Robert DeNiro
Al Pacino
Marlon Brando

Everyone hates these actors, and i've yet to see a successful film (box office wise) from any of them. I can still say that I am their one true fan. When they finally get their big break, i'll be able to say I always knew who they were. Remember these names! Soon everyone will be aware of them......... -biggrin-

Dr. DVD 06-08-03 08:17 PM

I like Al Pacino but a lot of people can't stand him.

Rocky_Stallone 06-08-03 08:26 PM

I love Al Pacino, he is one of my absolute favorites.

See, it's same thing with Stallone. All those actors you listed above all made movies that were box office bombs. :D

NitroJMS 06-08-03 08:27 PM

I love Nicole Kidman, but most of my friends and co-workers hate her. Of course, none of them can explain why they don't like her.

Dr. DVD 06-08-03 08:30 PM

Originally posted by Rocky_Stallone
I love Al Pacino, he is one of my absolute favorites.

See, it's same thing with Stallone. All those actors you listed above all made movies that were box office bombs. :D

I think people dislike Pacino because they think he is pretty much playing his Scent of a Woman character over and over (which he kind of is).

I will say that Pacino movie trailers are predictable. It will start out with him talking quietly, and by the time the trailer winds to a close, he's SCREAMING IN THAT OL' PACINO VOICE! HOO-WAH!!! ;)

JNielsen 06-08-03 08:45 PM

Carrot Top, Paulie Shore & Yahoo Serious. I love them guys.

Goldberg74 06-08-03 09:07 PM


NCMojo 06-08-03 10:15 PM

Gee, I dunno, does anybody hate John Cusack? Because I love his movies...

fumanstan 06-08-03 10:25 PM

Nick Cage. I absolutely love his action films... Face/Off, The Rock, Windtalkers, Gone in 60 Seconds.

bluemagic 06-08-03 10:30 PM

Ah-nold!!! Last Action Hero is an instant classic!

Samuel 06-08-03 10:32 PM

Gary Busey. Any movie he is a part of is gold, pure gold!

Robert 06-08-03 10:51 PM

Kevin Costner - Brilliant performances in <b>JFK</b>, <b>Thirteen Days</b>, and <b>Field of Dreams</b>. Also played gleefully cold-blooded villain in an action movie just about everyone hates; <b>3000 miles to Graceland</b>

Supreme Sean 06-08-03 11:37 PM

Don Johnson is America's best living actor.......and no one knows it but me!

Pillowhead 06-08-03 11:43 PM

Vin Diesel
Giovanni Ribisi

movielib 06-09-03 12:09 AM

Melanie Griffith, when she is in something good such as Something Wild or Working Girl. Unfortunately, she's not in good movies very often.

greatjedi 06-09-03 10:23 AM

Wow. I really like most of the actors listed in here.

I don't have anyone new to add, I just have to confess that I also like a lot of Sly Stallone's performances. It's the movies he's been in that have been less than stellar.

So, I like nearly every actor listed here, and I'm a confirmed admirer of Stallone. Does this mean I lack taste, or am I open minded???

Josh-da-man 06-09-03 10:29 AM

Fairuza Balk.

I think she's absolutely gorgeous.

Daytrip 06-09-03 11:03 AM

Gary Senise
Janeane Garofalo
William H Macy
Christopher Walken

Gdrlv 06-09-03 11:23 AM

I've got nothing against Ben Affleck. I don't always care for the movies he's in though...

Ginwen 06-09-03 11:43 AM

I've noticed a lot of Renee Zellweger hate in these forums lately, and I'll see a movie just because she's in it (and have yet to be disappointed).

Same for Reese Witherspoon (although a couple more like Sweet Home Alabama will change that).

She's not my favorite, but I like Julia Roberts in a lot of movies too.

Oh, and I think Matt Damon is a pretty good actor.

ToddSm66 06-09-03 03:25 PM

Well...not an actor, but Michael Bay.

Granted he's not my favorite director or anything...but I have found a few of his movies at least enjoyable.

mwj 06-09-03 03:27 PM

I like Keanu Reeves. He is certainly not a great actor, but better him than some rap star wanna-be actor.

Trigger 06-09-03 03:40 PM

Most of you are naming off hugely popular actors.

I like Vin Diesel - well so do millions of other people - guess everyone around here hates him.

A good answer to this question would be something like Steven Segal - most people, both here and in the outside world, dislike this guy.

Al Pacino? Whatever, he's like one of the most popular actors ever.

It's difficult thinking of someone that alot of people really dislike in the first place. Unless the question is "which actor do you like that elitist snobs dislike?" Then the Keanu Reeves, Vin Diesel, Kevin Costner answers are acceptable.

I like Quentin Tarantino as an actor and it seems like most people think he's crappy.

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