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gmal2003 04-21-03 08:03 AM

Movies you DIDN'T like after a 2nd viewing.
For me, the atmosphere of the theater (which I LOVE) along with the crowd sometimes makes a movie better than it really was. one movie I did like the 1st but didn't like the second time was John Q .

Save Ferris 04-21-03 08:10 AM

Just off the top of my head, "THE FUGITIVE" with Harrison Ford was pretty lame the second time viewing. The suspense was almost completely gone.

chanster 04-21-03 08:22 AM


resinrats 04-21-03 09:03 AM

Spiderman. All the non action scenes got so boring.

audrey 04-21-03 09:16 AM

I loved <b>Almost Famous</b> when I saw it in the theater; but when I watched it again on DVD I found it cheesy, melodramatic, and clichéd.

inVectiVe 04-21-03 09:19 AM

[This is also my Standard Response to "Overrated Movie" threads...]

Fellowship of the Ring. First viewing was in the theater soon after its release; were I a critic, would have placed it between 2.5 - 3 stars. Second viewing was at home on DVD (by this time, at least in my mind, the hype had swelled to Star-Wars-esque proportions) - rarely have I been so totally disinterested in a film. Especially when fantasy / action / adventure is exactly the type of material I typically eat up. [Suggested comeback: "If you consider FOTR a 'fantasy / action / adventure' movie, you obviously didn't understand it."]

jfoobar 04-21-03 09:34 AM

Black Hawk Down gets worse and worse every time I see it. Liked the first time, was lukewarm the second time. I am afraid to watch it a third time. The action sequences continue to impress, but the script is just juvenile.

Geofferson 04-21-03 09:51 AM

Spider-Man - not half as good as I thought it was when I first saw it.

iggystar 04-21-03 10:27 AM

The first movie I thought of was John Q!

Signs is another. I was blown away the first time I saw it, not so much the second viewing.

PolloDiablo 04-21-03 10:54 AM

Alot of M. Night Shyamalan's movies seem to be this way for me, I'll love them the first time but once I've seen the twist ending theres not alot of insentive for me to watch them again, their just not that good.

Dr. DVD 04-21-03 10:54 AM

Godzilla '98

The first time I saw it, I thought it had some good FX but was kind of cheesy at times, like other Godzilla flicks. However, the second time I found myself cringing at the dialogue and rolling my eyes at how much they missed the mark with the creature and story.

Not only that, but I went back and re-watched Independence Day and found that movie to be equally as bad. In fact, ID4 was good everytime I saw it....in the theater. That was one film where once it hit video, it really lost its luster at an alarming rate.

Pearl Harbor: first time, an epic that had some great pyro FX and an okay script.
Second time: A total hunk of crap!

For the record, David Fincher's The Game is not a bad movie, but once you've seen it and know the ending, the thrill of watching it is gone. It's not like Usual Suspects where you can watch it again and pick up little clues or new things, it just ends with everything answered and no need to repeat anything.

sherm42 04-21-03 11:05 AM

Natural Born Killers. I liked it the first time, couldn't get through it the second. No desire to ever see it again.

GoldenJCJ 04-21-03 12:34 PM

Spiderman was the first movie that came to mind. I loved it in the theater, I anxiously awaited the DVD release date, ran down to buy it that morning, watched it immediately and realized that it's not such a good movie afterall.

Star Wars Ep. II Thought it kicked ass in the theater but after viewing it a second time I decided it suffers from many of the same problems as Ep. I

WiccanPagan 04-21-03 06:35 PM

the one that comes to mind is sometimes highly acclaimed by dvdtalk members, but they're wrong. :) jp

donnie darko: i watched the first time and liked it, but i think a lot of it was because of all the great i heard about it on here. watching it the second time the faulty science/physics was annoying, especially with their supplements on the dvd and website which had to make its own science to tell the story.

Ghostface180 04-21-03 06:38 PM

Men in Black
Independence Day
Ghost Ship

Lastblade 04-21-03 06:43 PM

Sixth Sense, Unbreakable and any of the Superhero movies (Spiderman, Superman, Batman, etc)

wendersfan 04-21-03 06:54 PM


Also, American Beauty and Being John Malkovich.

El Gordo 04-21-03 08:16 PM

Sixth Sense

Kermit! 04-21-03 09:38 PM

Batman, Memento, & Training Day immediately come to mind.

soxrule 04-21-03 10:16 PM

Jackass and Cast Away

Josh-da-man 04-21-03 10:55 PM

The English Patient. First time, I thought it was an okay war movie. Second viewing, it was like watching paint dry. Kristin Scott Thomas is hot as hell, though.

edytwinky 04-21-03 11:23 PM

Any Will Smith movie.

Joel 04-21-03 11:43 PM

The Sixth Sense

I saw it at the first time in a theatre, and I thought it was so great. Then when the video was available on the store, I bought it without any doubt.

Saw it at home, got a little bored though I still jumped off my seat for certain scenes, but the ending didn't surprise me no more and it ruined the experience a lot.

Lent it to my friend, he loved it .. he wanted to have it .. I gave it away without any doubt. For free.

I've been wondering whether he had the same experience after the second viewing. Hmm .. don't know. Never ask.

naitram 04-22-03 12:21 AM

Originally posted by sherm42
Natural Born Killers. I liked it the first time, couldn't get through it the second. No desire to ever see it again.
Whoa that's the movie I was going to put also. I liked it the first time, then saw it several years later again and absolutely hated it.

eedoon 04-22-03 12:27 AM

Braveheart. I'm that amazed the first time I saw it. But after the second time it's so boring I was sinking on my seat.
Fritz Lang's Metropolis. Watched it on Madacy's DVD. Thought it was awesome despite of the friggin' transfer, but the second time I wanted to watch it, I couldn't bear it anymore. Oh well... definitely have to grab the Kino DVD.

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