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Azazoth 04-14-03 06:17 PM

Movies with Black Bars!?!
I just saw Shaft (2000) and he goes into a black bar. Can anyone think of other movies with black bars?

Bobby Shalom 04-14-03 06:20 PM

I think the title of this thread may be a little too clever for letteroxed fanatics, so kudos to you and your dvd wit.

French Connection, Coffey, and To Live and Let Die, off the top of my head.

wendersfan 04-14-03 06:35 PM

How 'bout 48 Hours

One can also be relatively certain about the predominant racial and ethnic makeup of the customer base of the bar owned by Marcellus Wallace in Pulp Fiction, even though it was only shown during off-peak hours.

josuff247 04-14-03 06:44 PM

Weird Science

JoeyOhhhh 04-14-03 06:51 PM

And here I thought this thread was about someone concerned over black bars appearing.

As for black bars, doesn't Samuel L Jackson take De Niro to a black bar in Jackie Brown? I dunno its been awhile since I watched (perhaps too long)

WiccanPagan 04-14-03 06:52 PM

rush hour has a black bar in it. but only one. no black bars in that movie. :)

Alien Redrum 04-14-03 06:54 PM

Didn't Animal House have a black bar scene?

It's been forever since I've seen it, but I think it did.

DRG 04-14-03 07:52 PM

Damn, I popped in this thread to make a sarcastic remark about Animal House only to find that a) this thread already IS about that type of black bar, and b) Alien Redrum already beat me to the punch.

Samuel 04-14-03 08:25 PM

Willy Wonka and The chocolate Factory. :)

DonnachaOne 04-14-03 09:27 PM

Don't forget that Showtime series, "Linc's"!

Oh, no, wait. Do forget it. Please do.

Hokeyboy 04-14-03 10:14 PM

Dolemite Saves Christmas

Iron Chef 04-14-03 11:32 PM

Far From Heaven

lunch shop + bar

Mutley Hyde 04-15-03 12:02 AM

Superfly! WTMF is this on dvd already, dammit!?! :mad:

Oh, and Fritz the Cat has a classic bar scene. :D

Giantrobo 04-15-03 12:19 AM

The Player's Club :up:

jfoobar 04-15-03 12:49 AM


iggystar 04-15-03 09:32 AM

Didn't Adventures in Babysitting have one?

"Don't **** with the babysitter"

Giles 04-15-03 09:43 AM

Originally posted by Bobby Shalom
I think the title of this thread may be a little too clever for letteroxed fanatics, so kudos to you and your dvd wit.

while letterboxing came into mind, I was actually thinking of the orange 'censor' bar in the R-rated edition of "Storytelling"

19K 04-15-03 09:56 AM


neiname 04-15-03 10:00 AM

Didn't De Palma's Sisters have a black bar in the beginning?

greatjedi 04-15-03 10:37 AM

Originally posted by Iron Chef
Far From Heaven

lunch shop + bar

Ah, the only one I could think of right off, and it was already taken. :(

Pants 04-15-03 10:41 AM

I've read that previous to the introduction to cinemscope in 1953 there were no black bars in movies.
F***ing racists!

angryyoungman 04-15-03 12:35 PM

Originally posted by JustinS
:lol: rotfl :lol:

I hope everyone took the time to appreciate that one.

Chew 04-15-03 01:10 PM

Originally posted by JustinS
:lol: :thumbsup:

neiname 04-15-03 01:13 PM

Originally posted by JustinS
rotfl rotfl rotfl rotfl, I had to think about it for a minute

PixyJunket 04-15-03 02:28 PM

10x :lol: @ the people who came in here to right-wing thier OAR beliefs!!

Azazoth gets my vote for DVDTalk Genius of the Week. :up:

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