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A Man Apart

Old 04-04-03, 03:58 PM
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A Man Apart

Anyone looking to see this one over the weekend? I thought about maybe seeing it during the week as I plan on seeing Phone Booth tonight. However, after looking at the reviews it's getting on Rotten Tomatoes, I doubt I will. Even the positive reviews sound terrible.

Rotten Tomatoes
Old 04-04-03, 06:21 PM
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The preview alone turned me off to this one, it just looked melodramatic and awful. I don't go to a movie to see Vin Diesel try to act.
Old 04-04-03, 07:50 PM
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it was an ok movie. the plot was pretty generic - cop out for revenge type stuff. the action scenes were a part of that more-is-more school of editing, so at times they were impossible to follow. but having said that, im a big vin diesel fan, and he was really good. despite what some people say, i think he's a real good actor with a very effective presence. so in the end, i would say i liked it, but only because of him - he is by far the best thing about the movie (maybe the only thing).

if you're a fan of vin diesel, then you may want to check it out, but if you're not, then there's really no point in seeing it.
Old 04-05-03, 12:51 AM
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saw the first show today, and i have to say i liked it. very formulaic, of course...but nicely executed. i abhored xxx, but this was much more credible. while he won't get any oscar nods, it was a decent performance. definitely a fun matinee, if nothing else. i'm going to buy the dvd without much thought.

personally, i can't wait for the chronicles of riddick. he fit that character to a "t."
Old 04-05-03, 01:22 PM
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I'll probably see this, maybe one evening next week. I have to really want to see something to fight the opening weekend crowd at the Muvico I always go to.
Old 04-05-03, 01:35 PM
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Went and saw this last night. There were elements of it which were good but overall I was very underwhelmed. I don't expect a Vin Diesel film to have a great plot or anything but this movie insulted the audience with it's plot. It was very redundant
how the man he captured in the beginning was in fact Diablo at the end. It didn't make sense that Diablo would get caught in the beginning and then when in jail kill his family, take the time to take over his own drug trade, and then get Diesel's character to help him escape unbeknownst to him. Why go through all the hoops? And the ending just sucked. I'm sorry but spending a long ass time to set up a shot that ends in 2 seconds is ridiculous.
There were parts that very melodramatic as well. The parts I liked were
the botched drug bust, the chihuahua drug dog and the reverting back to their gangster roots to bust the drug club

I'd give it a **1/2 out of *****.
Old 04-05-03, 03:42 PM
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This looks really really bad.
Old 04-07-03, 05:31 PM
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bad thoughts going into this movie, however I never seen action movies so I thought why not..

I thought the movie was pretty good overall. The ending was terrible, and so was the idea
that the guy Memo killed his entire family etc. to simply escape

I did like the action scenes, esp the one where they raid the club.
That one dude having a gun similiar to Jesse the Body's in Predator was cool!

I'm very anti-van diesel, but thought he did a pretty good job, minus the times when he tried to act like a [email protected] and talk really loud..

Overall 3 out of 5 stars. Worth a matinee visit.
Old 04-08-03, 02:08 AM
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my favorite part of the reviews has been the acknowledgement of the ridiculously blissful matrimony of the hero and his family.....I always get a kick out of the "perfect" family in these movies.....with that and everything else, I can't imagine why anyone would bother with's been done time and time again.....enough already.
Old 04-08-03, 07:37 AM
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"The things I do for my country."
Old 04-08-03, 09:01 AM
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Dont waste your money. This is just garbage.
I'm not a fan of action movies, but went along with my friends and couldnt sit through the whole movie.
Cliche after cliche, Dumb plot . I feel stupid spending 10$ for this movie.
Old 04-08-03, 05:44 PM
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How many times have we seen the inevitable scene where the Commanding Officer demands the hero to turn in his badge and take a leave of absence?

Just once I'd like to see the hero spend the rest of the movie relaxing on a tropical beach.
Old 04-09-03, 07:16 AM
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I think that when a movie has been retooled and pushed back as much as this one has it is a good indication of the quality of the movie. Also, Vin Diesel is one of the most overrated actors in hollywood. The only decent acting I've seen him do was in Saving Private Ryan, and everything else has been total crap(Pitch Black was cool, but it had nothing to do with Vin Diesel). I will definitely not be seeing this movie.

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