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Funniest Imdb reviews

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Funniest Imdb reviews

What are some of the funniest imdb reviews you have read?


Date: 13 May 2001
Summary: Goodfellas; bad movie

I saw GOODFELLAS on UPN a few weeks ago and I have to say that I don't see why everyone considers this movie to be such a classic. I mean it's just a bunch of violent trash and guys with bad attitudes. I don't know how the MPAA possibly could have given this movie an R rating. The violence was enough to earn it an NC-17 rating. It was so gory too. I should have changed the chanel.

He saw it on public cable and it still should have been NC-17?
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Try the works of Cameron Spencer Osborne.
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This is another one which also made me laugh

Southern Oregon

Date: 11 January 2003
Summary: You have got to be kidding! This was supposed to be scary??

Following the guidelines, I am warning readers that I may write a "spoiler" (although, really, there is nothing good to spoil in this movie. I am curious as to why this movie was named "The Ring", as there is only one reference to a ring in this movie, and it makes no sense whatsoever. Apart from that, we have a stupid, moronic, nonsensical, wannabe supernatural thriller here, about a horse loving mom who, after her horses commit suicide by drowning themselves, for inexplicable reasons (well, maybe they'd heard going to star in one of the worst supernatural thrillers ever made...), kills the adopted daughter she has always wanted, loved and cherished, again for inexplicable reasons (apart from the fact that psychiatric fees for the strange young girl were apparently too high) by putting a plastic garbage bag over her head and throwing her down a well shaft. For some reason the little girl survives the 100 foot plunge down the narrow shaft with sharp rocks jutting out from the side, and goes on to live for 7 days. After her passing, the little girl's ghost apparently decides to manufacture a video tape expressing exactly how dissatisfied it is with this whole situation, and said video tape magically winds up in the VCR of a cheap cabin rental up in the mountains, where partying teenagers watch it, get a threatening phone call after watching it, saying they're all gonna be dead in 7 days, and then all wind up dead. Nobody seems to care about any of this, except Naomi Watts and the deadbeat father of her child, who, after viewing the video tape only a few times, learn the entire history of the island and the Morgon family after only a couple days. Their son seems to have a magical gift for talking with the little girl's ghost, but none of this is properly explained. The thread of continuity (and using that term is a stretch here) holding the plot together is so thin, it is laughable. Somehow, laughing and supernatural thrillers don't go together, in my book. This flop of a movie belongs at the bottom of a very deep well...
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A really great film to check reviews on is Jaws: The Revenge. People love to rip this one to shreds - and deservedly so!

brandon lee

Date: 20 April 1999
Summary: this time it`s crap

Jaws the Revenge is crap, it has no story line, no plot, no good characters, and I wish that the little girl Thea had got eaten, sadly she did not. Only 2 people were killed, when the whole cast should have been eaten alive. I hated this so much I felt like crying, after spending all that money on this useless piece of rubbish, also it does come in handy on my un even chair. Just how can a great white rubber shark get from Martha`s Vineyard to the Bahamas in 3 days, this is a fish for god sake. Well I guess Next time I go on holiday I will travel by Rubbershark Airways. Index
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Halloween (1978)

Planet Earth

Date: 22 September 2000
Summary: I watched it with a gun in my hand

As big of a horror fan that I am, I had never seen Halloween (in it's entirety). I hadn't seen any parts of it in over a decade 'til a couple of months ago.

My girlfriend came over and we watched it together. We both got really creeped out and it got colder in the room (while it was in the high 80's that night). She was hanging on to one of my arm's, while I held my gun with my free hand.

The reason it is so scary is the silence! All you hear is the score, and the rest is left to the imagination. One of the best! Don't watch it alone.

Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (1991)
Henrik Harbin ([email protected])
San Diego area

Date: 26 August 2000
Summary: despite plot holes, this is my favorite movie

In the scene with the young officer walking to report to Captain Sulu on the Excelsior, he stops in front of Sulu's door and the camera cuts to Sulu's face as the door opens; what we don't see is the added detail of Sulu's name on the door plate. When I met Mr. Takei later, I suggested that a SteadiCam could have shot the young officer as he walked down the corridor, revealing the door plate with his name on it. Mr. Takei said that I had "sharp eyes" and that it "would've been a good idea".
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Nothing beats the one Dimension X linked to. Whenever I need a laugh, I just go to that thread.
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Originally posted by Azazoth
Halloween (1978)

She was hanging on to one of my arm's, while I held my gun with my free hand.

It's not that scary...
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Nothing can top the "too much blasphemy and smoking" guy.....His reviews are classic....
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