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MrPeanut 02-03-03 09:49 PM

was there animal violence in GONY?
I saw it but cant remember exactly. So much stuff got hacked to bits. was there any and what was shown? thank in advance.

Joe Molotov 02-03-03 10:45 PM

Well, they didn't call Daniel Day-Lewis "The Butcher" for nothing.

MrPeanut 02-03-03 10:48 PM

yeah, he carved a lot of pigs and people.

I swear I remembered seeing a few dogs lose it... it all ran together after a while though.

It's not in the cap report though, so maybe I'm wrong. It's a good read though.
you wonder why they couldn't just say it's really gruesome and be done with it.

Wazootyman 02-03-03 10:59 PM

There was the scene in which the dog was attacking the rats, and Bill's men were bidding on it.

Caoimhin 02-04-03 08:08 AM

There were a number of dead rabbits obviously, but none of them were seen being killed.

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