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THE CORE, This Movie will Blow

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THE CORE, This Movie will Blow

Old 02-02-03, 02:09 AM
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THE CORE, This Movie will Blow


This is the Plot (No Spoilers)

Scientists discover that the Earth's core is about to stop spinning. This will cause tremendous natural disasters, wiping out life as we know it. A team of scientists is recruited in a crash project to send a ship and bomb into the center of the Earth to prevent the catastrophe.


Haven't they seen Armageddon, putting a bomb will blow the earth in pieces!!!

No seriously this movie has the worst plot since VOLCANO!!
Anyway this is going to be a BOMB, no wonder nobody signed up for this except HILARY SWANK and DELROY LINDO and BRUCE GREENWOOD

The budget for this movie is $60 MIL, man someone was smoking some serious **** here.

See they thinking all wrong, Maybe instead of doing this ACTION THRILLER DRAMA, they could do COMEDY SPOOF of ARMAGEDDON!! maybe it would make more money???

The only good thing to come out of this, Is HILARY SWANK in Airforce Uniform, man she is smoking in that skirt.

I just love the trailer, they are sitting in the room (Just like in Armageddon) and the scientist explain that the core has stop spinning, so it will create radiation, microwave storms, and it will burn the planet, and than he says after that it gets bad... WTF??? standard movie cliche!!!! Even Jerry Bruckheimer kept his name off this one!!

here is the trailer

And I'm an Armageddon FAN!!!!
Old 02-02-03, 02:14 AM
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can I have some of what you're on?

k, thanks.

AMC Pulled the new trailer today out of respect for the shuttle incident. (which actually effected me a bit since I live 30 minutes away from the cape and am use to watching 'em land and take off and been over there many many times. *sniff*) But oh well - we'll no longer see Endenvour being blown up during the trailer (probably.)

Can we say edit?

(how many is this for the last few years now?)
Old 02-02-03, 02:54 AM
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I have not seen no shuttle in the trailer on the www.apple.com, Why would there be shuttle, I mean they are going underground, they have some sort of Circural vehicle

It is a sad day indeed, I love and respect astronauts and all people involved with space exploration, I still can't believe that after all successful mission, we had this accident, nobody is to blame, but the fate itself, if the failure is indeed related to launch then it was fate, and it could not be avoided. I guess you can't abort a reentry even if you have early warnings. They died following their dreams, for some it was first flight into space, and I know in my heart they achieved their dreams, They died doing what they loved, and they knew the risks, and that did not stop them from their job and life and dreams, and it wont stop future men and women form traveling to space as well
Old 02-02-03, 11:18 AM
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Check out this link. It's the international trailer.

The films looks really laughably bad. I can just imagine the end: the two characters who are still alive set the charges, look at each other and say something like "well, it was quite a trip" or "whaddya say we go home?", then fire the engines and go up the tunnel while everything explodes around them.

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Old 02-02-03, 12:07 PM
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What's a Circural vehical?

As far as the movie, it looks like a rental. But who knows? I remember a lot of movies that had TERRIBLE trailers or (what I thought) concepts, and turned out really great. Fight Club comes to mind. The trailers for it made me NOT want to watch it, the whole soap thing a guess. It was only after reading the buzz that I watched it. It is now one of my favorite movies.

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