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necros 02-01-03 02:17 AM

Help me understand Mullholland Drive [spoilers]
OK... I just watched this on cable, I always wanted to see it just from all the talk I've seen surrounding the, um, nudity (hubba hubba) ... but when the credits finally rolled my only thought was "What the F**K!?". I think I'm gonna give myself an aneurism trying to figure out what happened.. so I'm asking you folks for help :)

What was the deal with the guy in the diner in the beginning? He went out back and saw the scarey bum and died? I saw him toward the end but have no idea what that was all about... what was with the blue box? Was it some mystical device that sucked people into it? What was with the dead girl in the appartment, I mean I guess it was Naomi just from the end, but why was she alive looking at her dead self? Was she really dead all along, and the first part with "happy naomi" was like what she always wanted to be but after the black box sucked her in, it was showing what really happened and lead to her killing herself? What was with the scarily-happy old people and why were they crawling out of a paper bag and under a door? Was the scarey bum supposed to be the angel of death or something, and his blue box was what he collected souls with? I was following the story along good up until they opened the blue box, then I was just totally lost. Can anyone help explain this movie to me, or is everyone just as lost as I was?

Now if you'll excuse me, I gotta go take about 12 advils...

Numanoid 02-01-03 02:56 AM

You've pretty much got it figured out. The first part is a dream (notice the head hitting the pillow at the very beginning). The last part is the reality. Notice everyone from the reality has a part to play in the dream, ala The Wizard of Oz (which is, not surprisingly, David Lynch's favorite film). The movie ends with Naomi Watts killing herself out of despair after she was left by her girlfriend and couldn't get a job. The other characters you mention are a little trickier, but are probably symbolic...of what is left for you to decide. Everyone will probably have a different interpretation.

CKMorpheus 02-01-03 09:56 AM


This really helped explain it to me better. I was as lost as you! :D

DVD Smurf 02-01-03 10:01 AM

Watch it again. Then try to see all the details going in different directions and at the end Lynch ties it up neatly in a little gift for the audience.

joltaddict 02-01-03 11:36 AM

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