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filmcritic 01-29-03 10:27 PM

What's your thoughts on biggiest opening weekend for 2003??
I think Matrix 2 and 3 will each beat RotK on opening weekend.
I've even bet a few friends that it will.
If RotK wins thats fine with me I'm looking forward to that movie too.
Actually I think Matrix 2 and 3 will have the best opening weekend for the year of 2003. It's going to be hard though with so many great movies coming out.
What do you guys think?

kian69 01-29-03 10:52 PM

I too would like to see The Matrix win that title, I really do. But it would be highly unlikely because of the fact that LOTR is rated PG and The Matrix is rated R, therefore the potential of making money is a lot more for LOTR. The age groups affects the boxoffice stats immensly. But the truth remains that we never know, there are a l lot of fans eagerly awaiting their Matrix fix...and that since 1999...me for one! :D

chess 01-30-03 06:28 AM

i'm looking forward to both matrix movies and RotK pretty much equally...

but RotK's 3+ hour run time puts it at a disadvantage in terms of first weekend take...however, for some reason, i have a bit more faith in its longevity.

first weekend...matrix.

REL77 01-30-03 11:22 AM

I would think RotK will beat the matrix movies, not combined of coarse. But RoaK, IMHO, will, or atleast should, take in more money, but you never know.

GuessWho 01-30-03 11:59 AM

RotK reaches a MUCH wider audience than Matrix -- I choose that.

Caoimhin 01-30-03 12:14 PM

I have to give the slight edge to RotK because of the PG-13 rating and the fact that it's completing the trilogy. The second Matrix film will do extremely well, especially due to the anticipation, but RotK will edge it out, I think.

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