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PaperStreetSoapCo 01-22-03 06:40 PM

Marijuana use in movies
Does anybody know if weed is actually smoked in some movies? In particular, films where pot is an important part of the plot (Half Baked;)). Do they just replace it with tobacco, or are they actually lighting up the weed?

torrance 01-22-03 06:44 PM

fog machines inside the cigarettes

Groucho 01-22-03 07:16 PM

Depends on the movie. I'm pretty sure Cheech and Chong had no qualms about actually lighting up.

DVD Smurf 01-22-03 07:22 PM

Emperor of Hemp and I doubt they would subsitute in Dutch films, since it is legal there. :)

purplechoe 01-22-03 07:23 PM

<IMG src=http://www.abestweb.com/smilies/smokin.gif> Huh, what was the question?

conscience 01-22-03 07:29 PM

I'm sure they don't. They have all kinds of people on set that checks out all kinds of things.

They substitute.

For example in American Beauty, they used honey tobacco. (From IMDB)

But back in the day, they probably did. Easy Rider for example. Mary Jane and LSD all the way, baby.

Mondo Kane 01-22-03 07:48 PM

Originally posted by conscience

But back in the day, they probably did. Easy Rider for example. Mary Jane and LSD all the way, baby.

Midnight Cowboy as well.

harpo787 01-22-03 10:21 PM

Maybe they use that stuff that you see advertised in High Times...the "legal pot" stuff...I think one is called "Wizard Smoke"...I assume someone here will know what I'm talking about.

Jackskeleton 01-22-03 10:33 PM

Of course they use real weed.. Just like they use real bullets in the guns they use..

Moogz 01-22-03 11:36 PM

I dunno... you watch "How High", and it's hard to imagine copious amounts of ganja NOT being smoked on set.

fnordboy 01-23-03 01:47 AM

In "Scarlet Diva" they really smoke...well hash. Atleast ASia Argento says so in the commentary.

PolloDiablo 01-23-03 04:53 AM

I don't think it could be just normal cigeratte tobacco, ganja has a much thicker/richer smoke and tobacco smoke doesn't even look close to the same. What I've always wondered is how they substitute full size plants & buds, not the shredded up grass clipping stuff in a baggy but the full size very realistic looking buds.

The Bus 01-23-03 08:20 AM

Substituting buds etc. as a joint is rolled is just an editing trick.

In Friday they used something to replace it that was pretty nasty. I remember Chris Tucker (I think?) who mentioned something about it, it was just some herb that gave off the same smoke but smelled terrible.

"Man, that **** ain't indo, that smells like out-do!"


AndyA 01-23-03 05:17 PM

In Platoon when Charlle Sheen gets a "Shotgun" from Willem Dafoe they are using the real stuff...Basically any Oliver Stone film. I read they were tripping on peyoti or Shrooms in ""The Doors" as well

PixyJunket 01-23-03 06:57 PM


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