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CKMorpheus 01-21-03 07:00 PM

Moulin Rouge song...?
What is the techno-like song that was being played when Christian was begging her to "Tell him she didn't love him" etc, right before the stage opened up?

shaun3000 01-21-03 08:36 PM

I believe it's Hindi Sad Diamonds, not sure, though...

Heat 01-22-03 11:25 AM

You can probably listen to a clip of Hindi Sad Diamonds (to see if it's the right song) from www.towerrecords.com, it is track 14 on the Moulin Rouge soundtrack. I'd link to it, but I can't access any towerrecord page other than the first one (websense).

rfduncan 01-22-03 11:54 AM

Also try looking on the second Moulin Rouge soundtrack which had more of the original music from the movie instead of the studio cuts.

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