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lesterlong 01-09-03 01:51 PM

Does anybody go to the movies just to see a certain actor?
It seems that Hollywood tends to think that people will go see a movie just because their favorite actor is in it. Who actually does that? I love Al Pacino, I'm a fan of his, but I stayed far away from Simone and will do the same when The Recruit comes out. That Tears Of The Sun trailer is basically one long Bruce Willis showcase. It's like look Bruce Willis is in it, and oh yeah did we mention it stars Bruce Willis.

KKnight 01-09-03 02:30 PM

For me the film itself comes first then it's the actor/actress. For movies that I really want to see I would go see them no matter who's in them. Like Keanu Reeves in the Matrix trilogy. I don't strongly dislike him or anything I just think someone else with more convincing martial arts skill would do a better job here. Not to mention the acting... On the other hand I would not go see a movie that look pretty stupid to me even if Harrison Ford's in it. However there are some movies that may sit somewhere in between but because of the actor/actress I would check them out.

Jeraden 01-09-03 02:39 PM

Certain movies I'll watch only because of the people in it. For example, I'd probably watch any movie with John Cusack or Kirsten Dunst in it that I probably wouldn't watch if it was a different actor. It won't really get me in the theater though, as I don't go to the theater much unless its something I really want to see.

Likewise I purposely avoid movies with actors I dislike where I would have probably watched it if someone else was in it. For instance, anything with John Travolta, Jodie Foster, or Julia Roberts.

The decision that caused me the most turmoil in my life was deciding whether to see America's Sweehearts. It had both John Cusack (my must see list) and Julia Roberts (my avoid at all costs list) in it. I eventually gave in and watched it.

I think actors influence everyones movie choices whether they know it or not. Like how many people would have watched Castaway if it was Gilbert Godfried as the castaway going home to see his wife Fran Drescher.
edit: I take that back, that movie plot would fall out of the realm of possibility. If anyone faced the choice of being stranded on an island or returning home to their wife Fran Drescher, they'd choose to stay on the island!

conscience 01-09-03 02:44 PM

90% of the time the average joe goes to see a film because an actor/actress they like is in it.

the other 10% of the people go for the film itself.

karnblack 01-09-03 02:53 PM

Most of the time I go to a movie because of the story. I'll also go to a movie if it's a director I like. That said I will see all Jackie Chan and Jet Li movies when they are released.

meritocracy 01-09-03 02:55 PM

Re: Does anybody go to the movies just to see a certain actor?

Originally posted by lesterlong
It seems that Hollywood tends to think that people will go see a movie just because their favorite actor is in it. Who actually does that?
Box Office history proves this to be true to some extent. Nothing is axiomatic in regard to this theory, as horrible films will do poorly (we can only hope) and stars cycle in and out of popularity and cache. However, studios are hesitant to invest in a large project without some likelihood of a return on said investment and having a high profile star attached helps in respect to backing, and is most helpful with Hollywood's recent and terribly myopic emphasis on opening weekend returns.

That said, however idealistic and nonconforming we all would like consider ourselves we are all suseptible to capitulating to this theory when it suits our own personal bias. For example, I've been fascinated by the beauty of Helena Bonham Carter for years and will see just about anything she puts out regardless of how abysmal it may be.

Damfino 01-09-03 03:15 PM

No, but I do go to movies made by my favorite directors.

The Bus 01-09-03 03:18 PM

How many people would see [b]Antwone Fisher[b] without Denzel?

rkndkn 01-09-03 03:37 PM

I absolutely do, and Al Pacino is one of those actors. I even saw "Author, Author" at the theatre!

I have a list of favorites and I'd see them in anything. By the same token, however, I have actors I hate, but WOULD see them in films where something else is of interest -- the director, screenwriter, subject matter, etc.

das Monkey 01-09-03 03:37 PM

Every once in a while, I'll go because a particular actor is in it, but usually it's not a big-name star.

I remember seeing a poster for <B>The Usual Suspects</B>, and I was a big fan of Pollack and Spacey (before he exploded) and remembered Del Toro as "that guy from <B>Swimming with Sharks</B>" so I stumbled into the film knowing absolutely nothing about it. (None of these guys were big stars then -- in fact Gabriel Byrne was probably the biggest name at the time).

I'll often see a film with a character actor I really like just to see the performance.

I'd say I'll see anything with Johnny Depp in it, regardless of plot, since I know he chooses such interesting roles. He's probably the only big star I can say that about. I will admit, though, to being significantly more likely to see something if it stars John Cusack as he has a very unique quality about his performances that I really like. But it has to be the right type of film, e.g. I never saw <B>America's Sweethearts</B>.

Certain directors get my undivided attention regardless of the project, but not many.

So, I guess 95% of the time, no ... I really don't care who is in it. But as already mentioned, we all have our exceptions.


Troy Stiffler 01-09-03 07:00 PM

I'll test out ANYTHING with Jude Law, Edward Norton or Tom Cruise in it.

I'm more into trusting directors. That'd be one long list of interesting directors that I'd check out any film they have.

Man, if Kangaroo Jack had Jude Law in it, I'd be there.

Bechman 2000 01-10-03 08:21 AM

I really like Bruce Willis, Mel Gibson, Edward Norton, and Tom Cruise. I tend to lean more towards the plot of the film, than the actors in it. I don't ever remember saying to myself, "I've got to see that if Bruce is in it." I'm not familiar with directors, although this board is really starting to educate me in that area. I seem to like action, and "bad boy, in-your-face" mentalities, and these actors have many roles that portray this type of personality. I guess I just like the roles they pick, and therefore end up seeing their movies, but it's definitly the movie itself that gets me in the theater.

DeputyDave 01-10-03 08:26 AM

I have several favorite actors but the only time I actually went to a movie because of the actor alone (meaning I would never have seen it otherwise) was The Big Kahuna because of Kevin Spacey.

wendersfan 01-10-03 08:57 AM

Not really, but if specific actors are in a movie I will investigate that movie further, and then perhaps go see it. Actors/actresses in that category:

John Turturro
Luis Guzman
Juliette Binoche
Tony Leung
Stellan Skarsgard
Julianne Moore
Maggie Cheung
Ian Holm


ToddSm66 01-10-03 09:35 AM

There aren't any current actors that I would go see a movie just because they are in it...but I will buy plenty of DVDs blindly, just because a certain star is in...such as John Wayne, Peter Sellers, Alec Guinness, etc...

There just arent that many great actors lately, IMO. There are a lot of actors that I will avoid at all costs - such as Al Pacino, but that's a different thread.

Ginwen 01-10-03 10:03 AM

There's lots of reasons I pick what movies to go to. Director comes before Actor, but there are definitely actors that make me more inclined to see a movie (but no actor I'll see every movie by, regardless of my perception of the suckiness of the movie).

Actually, if you asked me, I'd say I don't like Tom Cruise, but I've seen and enjoyed almost all his movies.

Mowork 01-10-03 12:42 PM

For me it's Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman and, to a lesser extent, Tom Cruise..

gcribbs 01-10-03 01:18 PM

I tend to pick directors over actors although a movie that I am vaguely interested in might get the nod due to the actors in it.

That said I do buy dvd's that have certain actresses in them....nude :D

gmal2003 01-10-03 03:54 PM

I call this a Free Pass which I give to actors and directors such as Denzel Washington and M. Night Shaymalan

Cardiac161 01-10-03 06:03 PM

Edward Norton...
...is probably the only actor I would be interested in watching in whatever film he would be in. For some reason, he really makes the movie much more interesting.

thecrazydude 01-10-03 06:34 PM

yes, bill murray and steve martin and it looks like you can add tom hanks to the list.

moviechick 01-10-03 07:08 PM

yeah.... Tom Cruise, Jude Law, Al pacino and my new favorite... Christian Bale.

TCG 01-10-03 07:56 PM

In my experience...
It's only girls that do that. I've never heard a guy say he wanted to see a movie b/c of an actor, or even an actress. But I hear girls all the time saying (in general), "Ben Affleck?!/Freddie Prinze?!/Heath Ledger?!/Vin Diesel?!/Tom Cruise?! etc. is in it? I'm totally going to see that." And they do. :rolleyes:

evenflow 01-10-03 10:22 PM

I'm there for anything with Al Pacino (my favorite actor).

and Naomi Watts :drool:

Mourn 01-10-03 10:58 PM

Nope, i never go to movies because of the actors or even the directors...these days i only go if the movie itself intrigues me (Minority Report and the Two Towers are the only two in recent memory to get me excited) or if my friends/family want to go.

I'm not terribly fond of the theaters and audiences these days.

LBPound 01-11-03 12:20 AM

Usually, it's the movie that attracts me, and not the actors alone. But the actors certainly do make a difference. Think of some movies you've seen recently and replace the stars with nobodies. Would you still have gone to see the movie?

Danny_boy 01-12-03 07:15 AM

My wife will see anything with Gwyneth Paltrow or Jeremy Northam in it. So imagine her excitement when she dragged me out to see Possession. I don't think that I have ever been more bored at the movies.

Calistoga 01-12-03 09:59 AM

Yes....I see anything with:

Robert DeNiro
Robin Williams
Jack Nicholson
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Clint Eastwood

Gwindor 01-12-03 10:43 AM

pitt, hanks, freeman, damon

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