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Rypro 525 01-05-03 09:13 PM

Best musical

Autotelik 01-05-03 09:31 PM

The Sound of Music


BassDude 01-05-03 10:08 PM

Until they make RENT into a movie. it's Singing in the Rain.

Robert 01-05-03 10:19 PM

How could you forget the <b>Blues Brothers</b>!:cool:

Ginwen 01-05-03 10:39 PM

I like a lot of those, but my favorite is probably either The Music Man or Cabaret.

NitroJMS 01-05-03 10:52 PM

I voted for Moulin Rouge but I like My Fair Lady just as much.

Aaron Amos 01-05-03 11:03 PM

I like a lot of those but what about Hair?

The Antipodean 01-06-03 12:34 AM

Um... Wizard of Oz? I consider that a musical of sorts.

Tscott 01-06-03 12:53 AM

Singin' In the Rain for sure

Close contender:
I liked My Fair Lady until the last 30 seconds.
That bastard Henry Higgins DOES NOT deserve Eliza Doolittle

Another favorite of mine isn't really a movie, it's a film of the stage production, but I'll list it anyway: Into the Woods

Ian11 01-06-03 03:30 AM

I love Chicago, Singin' in the Rain, Moulin Rouge, and Grease but Sound of Music has stood the test of time the longest (in my memory).

There's also Cabaret, South Pacific, Guys and Dolls, Meet Me in St. Louis, Oklahoma!, Oliver, Rocky Horror Picture Show, among many others that deserve to be up there.

Braddok 01-06-03 07:16 AM

My favorite is A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum

Tyler_Durden 01-06-03 08:01 AM

What?! How could you forget The Umbrellas Of Cherbourg - my absolute favorite musical and one of the most heartbreaking films of all time.

For shame!

Geofferson 01-06-03 08:09 AM

Everyone Says I Love You


LBPound 01-06-03 08:49 AM

Still <b>Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory</b>. :)

das Monkey 01-06-03 09:06 AM

Love a lot of that list, but as others have said, <B>Singin' in the Rain</B> is truly in a class unto itself.


wendersfan 01-06-03 09:25 AM

I've always preferred Fred Astaire to Gene Kelly, so my vote goes to Top Hat.

das Monkey 01-06-03 10:05 AM

<B>Top Hat</B> is a great film.


razorbackfan 01-06-03 10:09 AM

I saw The Music Man on tv Sunday, great musical. And what about Damn Yankees?

DeputyDave 01-06-03 10:11 AM

What? You forgot...

Jesus Christ Superstar
and then Camelot.

Simpson Purist 01-06-03 10:35 AM

West Side Story

razorbackfan 01-06-03 10:47 AM

AND the biggest cult musical of all time...ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW!

Let's do the time warp yeah!

chriscruz2 01-06-03 10:55 AM


Rypro 525 01-06-03 11:15 AM

Since, there are only 10 that you can pick for a poll, I just limited myself to those.

Hokeyboy 01-06-03 11:51 AM


devilpants 01-06-03 12:07 PM

Originally posted by Ginwen
I like a lot of those, but my favorite is probably either The Music Man or Cabaret.
:thumbsup: Music Man! Even the Beatles covered a song from that!

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