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Old 11-29-02, 01:40 PM   #1
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I just saw Twin Peaks: FWWM

I just watched Twin Peaks: FWWM for the first time and I have to say I was slightly disappointed. I liked it a lot, but I thought it felt a little too pared down. I know there's a boatload of deleted scenes for this flick and I wish Lynch had been able to include them.

Anyways, my disappointment aside, I thought that the final scene was absolutely beautiful. The emotional resonance this scene has with me is unlike anything I've ever experienced before. I think it brings the whole saga to a perfect conclusion and pretty much says everything we ever needed to know about the plight of Laura Palmer. While Twin Peaks could be described as a classic example of a work denied its fullest potential (like a lot of Lynch's stuff), I think FWWM provides a more than satisfactory conclusion to the tale of Laura Palmer, which despite the other various syorylines, is really what Twin Peaks was all about.

While a lot of Lynch's work is somewhat inpenetrable without careful analysis, he seems to have a knack for creating these perfect images which communicate on a level beyond formal narrative. Even something like Lost Highway which I felt was simply an exercise in style and was ultimately a fairly shallow experience captured my undivided attention and stayed with me for quite a while after viewing it.

So does anyone else feel the same way about the conclusion of FWWM? Or have similar feelings about certain scenes in some of Lynch's other films? And what other directors should I check out if I want a similar experience? I know Lynch is truly unique, but who are some other directors whose name you might mention in the same breath as Lynch? Wong Kar Wai is one who pops into my mind. Suggestions?
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Old 11-29-02, 10:43 PM   #2
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Lars Von Trier.

And I love FWWM. Not his greatest movie of all time, I would have rather had a season three of Twin Peaks, but I think he did the fans good with what he had to do.
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Old 11-29-02, 11:47 PM   #3
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Even something like Lost Highway which I felt was simply an exercise in style and was ultimately a fairly shallow experience captured my undivided attention and stayed with me for quite a while after viewing it.
If Highway was "ultimately a farily shallow experience", I am not sure if it would have stayed with you...

I completely agree with your sentiments regarding the ending -- it is as powerful a coda as Lynch has done. I am still not too fond of the opening with Sutherland, etc., but once Lynch gets firmly into Laura Palmer territory the brakes are off.
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Old 11-30-02, 12:33 AM   #4
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I've only seen Season One of Twin Peaks but what i've hear about FWWM is that is explained a lot of things that should have never been explained or that no one really wanted to be explained.
I do plan on watching it sooner or later though.
I love Lynch, Eraserhead was the movie that made me branch out with my movie taste instead of just watching Die Hard and Leathal Weapon over and over.
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Old 11-30-02, 12:40 AM   #5
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Imagine what David Lynch's Return of the Jedi might have been like. He was approached, but Lucas was looking for a puppet, so Lynch went with Dune.
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