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Your favorite scene in FOTR?

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Your favorite scene in FOTR?

Old 11-23-02, 09:38 PM
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It was either the 5th or 6th time Frodo fell down and got stabbed. I lost count.
Old 11-24-02, 09:16 AM
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Originally posted by pdinosaur
the fellowship corssing over a ridge of a mountain. its in the trailer. you know what i'm talking about. i like that the camera was going against the group as it showed each member. very good visual. GOOD to put it in the trailer.
I was really glad to see this in the movie, as I thought it was just filmed for the trailer to show off the members of the fellowship. I remember this scene with its errie music in the background sent a chill down my spine, and that was on a computer screen! This was the moment I knew that these movies were going to be done right.
Old 11-25-02, 04:13 AM
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It was either the 5th or 6th time Frodo fell down and got stabbed. I lost count.
Old 11-25-02, 12:00 PM
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So many to choose from.

When Bilbo is tempted by the ring and his face does the freak out. I jumped out of my seat!

When the orcs were trying to bust down the giant door. Great tension.

oh yeah, and any scene with cate blanchett. when did she get so hot?
Old 11-25-02, 04:19 PM
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Originally posted by tdirgins
So many to choose from.

When Bilbo is tempted by the ring and his face does the freak out. I jumped out of my seat!
Dang... got all the way to the end of the thread before someone mentioned this...

Guess I'll just say "Ditto".
Old 11-26-02, 02:14 AM
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I've got 3

When Gandalf is trapped on top of Orthanc and delicately catches a moth and whispers a message for it to carry to Gwaihir the Eagle. The scene was a nice counterpoint to all the madness going on beneath him around Isengard. The music too did nice changes within the scene and really expressed the contrast between good and evil. The scene wasn't in the book but I thought it was a nice improvement.

Another scene I loved was when Arwen challenges the Ringwraiths to come across at the river crossing. (paraphrased) And the line "If you want him, come and claim him!" and flashes her elven sword. Reminded me of a fierce mother bear willing to defend her cub to the death. I also loved the way Arwen expressed such emotion for someone whom she hardly knew when she thought Frodo was dying.

Another scene was at the end when Aragorn fights off a horde of Uruk Hai so Frodo can flee to Mordor. Aragorn lifts his sword to his chest like a salute as if he knew he was going to die at that moment.

These are some examples of scenes that made Fellowship of the Ring ring true to some of the themes Tolkien felt were important. Incredible selfless acts of courage for their friends or goals higher than themselves and that there is a difference between good and evil.

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Old 11-26-02, 08:27 AM
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I think the scene that mostly gets me all excited and pumped is when Boromir redeems himself and comes to the aid of Merry and Pippin. I absolutely love that. And then again when Aragorn stops the Uruk-Hai from shooting Boromir in the head. Great "save" scenes which add a lot to the fellowship.

I also agree that any scene with Legolas shooting arrows is awesome. Man, is Orlando Bloom the coolest or what? And in the commentary, I have such great respect for him since HE has such great respect for the movie, the filmmakers, actors, etc. He seems like such a genuinely happy and appreciate guy --- you can't beat that man!

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