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Old 11-13-02, 12:46 AM   #1
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So what do you think of the LOTR Extended Edition?

I just finished watching the first half tonight, and it blew me away. It's simply a different movie. The additional introductory elements add something that I have always felt was missing from the first half hour or so. The pacing is now perfect. While the theatrical version feels rushed in progressing the plot, the EE fills in all the necessary gaps to flesh it out and make it feel the way it always should have. We now have a much more in depth view of the Hobbit's lives. We get more character development of Marry, Pippen, and especially Bilbo, and many later scenes now have new depth to them because of these added elements. Not only that, but the movie now feels even more like the book, and that's always a good thing.
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Old 11-13-02, 02:54 AM   #2
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Holy crap! The Fellowship is just now leaving Lothlorien, and I have been spell-bound for the entire time so far! You are right, it is simply a different movie! There are several parts from the books that I didn't really miss before, but with them in, I can see now what we were missing!

I am so glad that they put back the gift giving of Galadriel, as it was a very important part of the story. I am also glad that they explained a little why Aragorn didn't get the sword re-forged, though in the book he did. In the original release they just glossed over it. I suppose in TT or RotK they will re-forge it. I love the new intro with Bilbo starting the book, simply wonderful.

Anyway, back to the movie. I can't wait to check out the special features, and I hope I get the time in the next week or two to check out at least one of the commentaries.


P.S. That is a great sig. caiman!
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Old 11-13-02, 04:06 AM   #3
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Originally posted by C-Mart
I can't wait to check out the special features, and I hope I get the time in the next week or two to check out at least one of the commentaries.

It was pretty good overall.
I didn't care too much on the history of Tolkien, although I can see why Peter Jackson needed to learn about him so that he can see where Tolkien was coming and correctly portray the LOTR the way Tolkien envisioned it.

The humor in some of the extra footage was great. One of my favorites is when Marry and Pippen were talking ***** about Frodo, but when Frodo sat down and joined their conversation, they would act like they were his best friends. Then the other hobbit would leave and the remaining two would talk ***** about the one that just left only until he returned -- afterwhich they were talking again as if they were all friends.

That was too funny.
"Little girl! Don't touch that squirrel's'll drive him crazy!"--Willy Wonka in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
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