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waskydiver 05-10-02 10:16 PM

Anyone recall a film I think called Equis
I remember seeing this I think in a drive in a long long time ago. Well, I don't really remember it, I mostly remember my parents not letting me see some parts of it, and of course it's only those parts I remember. What I remember is...

The frontal nudity shot, and the main character going nuts and cutting all the eyes out of the horses because they like witnessed him having sex...

or something like that. Iwas really young.

Anyway, I tried to search for it on reel.com and imdb.com no match at all. Perhaps I am spelling the title wrong.

Josh-da-man 05-10-02 10:27 PM

The title of the movie is "Equus."

I believe it's currently OOP, but I think it's an MGM movie, so there's a likelihood it will show up on DVD at some point in the future. MGM is pretty good about releasing their back-catalog.

tanman 05-11-02 12:19 AM

Yes, actually we just did kind of an in depth study into Equus in an ethics class. It was written as a play by Peter Shaffer the same person who wrote Shakespeare in Love. The movie had wonderful acting in it by both Peter Firth and Richard Burton. It is a shame that he did not win the oscar for best actor. An incredibly well written play. It is a great psychological mystery as Dr. Martin Dysart tries to figure out the reason behind the violent behavior of Alan Strang while reevaluating his own life. Actually when we were about to watch it, my prof. copy broke. I looked online to see if it was available and it was selling for 40$ on half.com. Here is the imdb page.


waskydiver 05-11-02 12:51 AM

Thanks for the clarifications. Just one of those movies that I would really like to see again now that I can appreciate it.

marty888 12-03-02 09:34 AM

Now scheduled for release on 03/04/03 .....


ericbill0 12-03-02 10:24 AM

Great news, Marty! This is just one (of many) terrific films which I've temporarily forgotten about, and is LONG overdue for dvd release. I really hope this is a Special Edition that includes commentaries and/or interviews with the director, writer and principle cast. The film is very well done, but is significantly more "naturalistic" than the play on which it is based. I won't say one is better than the other, but the play - if staged properly - is an AMAZING head-trip. The subject matter is extremely heavy, and there's nary a laugh to be had, so don't watch this one if you are depressed!

waskydiver 12-03-02 12:17 PM

Thanks for the info... was kinda surprised to see this pop up again. This was one of my very first posts ever here. :)

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