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raKim 08-02-01 01:26 PM

Best Film Scores
I own more film scores than I do movie soundtracks and love listening to them
What are some your favorites?
Some of mine are
The Rock (my favorite)
Anything by Elfman, Williams and Zimmer pretty much
some standouts
Jurassic Park
Bicentennial Man
Star Wars
also vote in the poll for your favorite composer out of these choices only

Sykes 08-02-01 02:03 PM

None of the above. ;)

Johnny Zhivago 08-02-01 02:05 PM

No can do... (vote) The best isn't even in your list...

<b>Bernard Herrmann</b>

Click click...


Nuff said.

palebluedot 08-02-01 02:07 PM

I can't vote either, you need a "none of the above" selection.

RolloTomasi 08-02-01 02:20 PM

Goldenthal :)

But out of your list, I guess I would pick JW.

audrey 08-02-01 02:24 PM

Hmmmm . . . your poll and title don't match. If you're asking about composers, I'll echo Herrmann and add Ry Cooder to the mix (there’s a great 2 CD compilation of his film work). I rarely enjoy any of the scores produced by the composers you've listed (especially John Williams). But if you're asking about scores in general, some of my favorites are:

<b>Paris Texas</b>
<b>Miller's Crossing</b>
<b>Blade Runner</b>
<b>The Shinning</b>
<b>The Thing</b>

Rand 08-02-01 02:59 PM

Originally posted by Sykes
None of the above. ;)
Me too. The only ones listed I'd even consider are Elfman and Goldsmith. But there have certainly been better composers. And as a previous poster said, composers are not scores. :)

GoldenJCJ 08-02-01 03:00 PM

It's hard to pick the best composer because there are so many great scores by different people. Of the ones you have listed I'd have to go with John Williams because he always seems to bring something new to the table. Some composers sound the same for every score (don't tell me that MIB, Beetlejuice, and Batman don't all sound the same, Mr. Elfman). But to add to the the growing list of great composers I'd add James Horner

Favorite Film Scores: (To name a few)
Apollo 13 James Horner
Dances With Wolves
Back to the Future Alan Silvestri
The Rock Hans Zimmer
Jurassic Park John Williams
Superman John Williams
JFK John Williams
Raiders of the Lost Ark John Williams
Braveheart James Horner
Star Wars John Williams
Gladiator Hans Zimmer

Collin 08-02-01 04:56 PM

You really do need to add Horner if you're going to have a poll like this.


arikevin 08-02-01 11:01 PM

Where is James Horner???? He is a good composer.

inri222 08-03-01 10:41 AM

Where the fudge are

Trout 08-03-01 11:14 AM

How about Morricone?

Contactsport1 08-03-01 12:10 PM

Re: Best Film Scores

Originally posted by raKim

The Rock (my favorite)

I was partial to the Crimson Tide score. In fact The Rock's score sound quite similar to the earlier Crimson Tide.

eXcentris 08-03-01 12:34 PM

Mancini for the Pink Panther. :)

cineman 08-04-01 05:46 PM

Of the ones listed, I'm a sucker for John Williams, but the best is Bernard Herrmann.

NavinJohnson 08-04-01 08:11 PM

Non-traditional scores seem to stay with me. Namely, Thomas Newman's music for American Beauty & Tangerine Dream's music for Thief.

Supermallet 08-05-01 12:05 AM

How about Alex North? Or Angelo Badalamenti? Or even Vangelis? I mean, I prefer Goblin to John Williams, for Christ's sake.

Jnuke 08-06-01 12:42 PM

Originally posted by Trout
How about Morricone?
Yeah! He did two of my favorite scores, Frantic and Once Upon A Time In The West.

FHaggis 10-14-02 05:45 PM

Wow... too many to list. Favorite composer? Can there even be ONE favorite? Unfortunately, I have a plural pantheon, so no vote for me.

JoeyOhhhh 10-14-02 06:43 PM

What, no John Barry?

gondorspit 10-14-02 06:49 PM

I'd still put Danny Elfman first, but I think John Barry should be on the list. I liked his score for Dances with Wolves, it's the best part of the movie.

Kal-El 10-14-02 08:25 PM


are my top 3.

jartslack 10-14-02 09:07 PM

Gotta go with Bernard Herrmann.

Geofferson 10-14-02 09:12 PM

Originally posted by Johnny Zhivago
No can do... (vote) The best isn't even in your list...

<b>Bernard Herrmann</b>

He gets my vote. :up:

jetflair 12-20-02 11:27 PM

Help me build my film score collection
Okay, I want to get some good film scores. Can you kind folks steer me in the right direction?

I own James Horner's Apollo 13 soundtrack, which I really like. I also have the Gladiator score, which I can listen to but only really get into track 3 and one other track I can't recall at the moment. I like powerful, uplifting scores.

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