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cc13 01-20-03 12:20 PM

I work at a high-end audio/video store and need suggestions for good audio demos...

Do you know good movie scenes from dvds (approx 5 min) that are impressive...chapter number

e.g. chapter 5-Behind Enemy Lines
Eagles-Hell Freezes Over DTS

Also any music cd suggestions are appreciated as well

acostigan 01-20-03 12:30 PM

Normandy beach landing on Saving Private Ryan.

cc13 01-20-03 12:34 PM

Thanks, SPR is good choice but may be abit too graphic as often parents bring their kids..

movieking 01-20-03 12:34 PM

For DTS, I suggest Saving Private Ryan and Reign of Fire.

cc13 01-20-03 12:36 PM

Does anyone know any scenes with really active or unique surrounds...

Amadeus 01-20-03 12:44 PM

Originally posted by acostigan
Normandy beach landing on Saving Private Ryan.
I second that.I know it's violent but i'm sure kids nowaday can handle it.:D Also Black Hawk Down.Just about any scene during the battle.

Groucho 01-20-03 12:53 PM

There are a lot of good scenes in U-571. The movie is mediocre, but the sound is just great.

mlemmond 01-20-03 01:04 PM

Toy Story and Toy Story 2 are very good for a/v showoff also Star Wars 1 & 2, Charlies Angels, The Fifth Elemnt, LOTR FOTR, T2.

All of those are really good demo discs and not likely to offend anyone.

ckolchak 01-20-03 01:09 PM

-the opening of Superman the movie-thru the credits has a very well concieved use of the rears.
-Anaconda SB has some great jungle ambient sounds
-The Mask Of Zorro- when Anthony Hopkins is 1st captured, there are some very immersive sounds of thunder and rain- plenty of good surround material on this disc

cc13 01-20-03 01:15 PM

Any specific scenes from Toy Story, Star Wars, Charlies Angels, or LOTR that are particulary good?

SCHMEGGA 01-20-03 01:21 PM

From Star Wars Episode 2 the scene where Jango is chasing Obi Wan through the asteroid field is awesome for demo!

cc13 01-20-03 02:09 PM

Thanks for everyones suggestions :)

mlemmond 01-20-03 03:11 PM

Originally posted by cc13
Any specific scenes from Toy Story, Star Wars, Charlies Angels, or LOTR that are particulary good?
With Toy Story it's pretty much the whole movie it just looks and sounds great.

Star Wars 1 - go with th pod race or the final lightsaber battle

Star Wars 2 - asteroid scene, the arena, or yoda be bad

Charlies Angels - has alot of good spots you can almost put this on and just let it run

LOTR - just let it play

Muah'dib 01-20-03 04:42 PM

I'll throw out Castaway as it makes great use of surrond during the plane crash as well as on the island with the surf and such.

WiccanPagan 01-20-03 04:56 PM

id4 5* when the can gets shot off the plane. bullet whizzes all around.

betterdan1 01-20-03 06:41 PM

I Spit on Your Grave Millenium Edition with the DTS sounds great especially during the rape scene. Oops I see you can't use anything more graphic than SPR ah well I tried. rotfl

DarthMarklar 01-20-03 07:18 PM

Originally posted by cc13
Does anyone know any scenes with really active or unique surrounds...
George of the Jungle, where the announcers voice comes out of the rear speakers only :lol: rotfl

jaymart 01-20-03 08:12 PM

The opening of Toy Story 2 is very nice.

Deckard-10 01-20-03 10:50 PM

Titan A.E. - Chapter 16 - In The Ice Ring (DTS track)

linkoaljara 04-12-03 02:19 PM

Movies that sound best?
Hey I just got some surround sound, looking for some movies with bad ass audio tracks. I have Fellowship, Gladiator, SPR, Black HAwk Down. Are there are movies with awsome sound effects, audio tracks, etc. that have flown under the radar?

steebo777 04-12-03 02:35 PM

Off the top of my head:
SW Ep1, Pod Race scene
T2:UE, DTS Track is the bomb for the begining of the movie
Blade 1, opening scene in the club (you need a tight sub for this)
Moby: Play, the mix in it
Underworld DVD, Born Slippy track

That's all I can think of right now... have fun with the neighbors ;)

Michael T Hudson 04-12-03 08:38 PM


Rypro 525 04-12-03 08:42 PM

The entire opening of tomorrow never dies, fotr ee dts for the prologe, titan ae, the begining, spr normandy sequence,

Smidget 04-12-03 10:44 PM

Fight Club :)

BernieStolar 04-12-03 10:54 PM

desperado has a loud and clear DTS track on the superbit. I also love the Jurassic park III t-rex v. spinosaur fight.

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