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Do not post to this thread!

Please post any comments, corrections, or questions to the DVD Clubs Forum.

This thread contains read-only information about the Columbia House DVD Club. Any questions regarding the club should be posted to a new thread (or search for an existing one) in the DVD Clubs Forum. Any posts made to this thread will be ignored.

Please read through this ENTIRE thread, particularly the FAQ, as it will most likely answer any questions you might have.

Useful threads:
The Columbia House DVD Club FAQ
Columbia House for Dummies Thread
NOT YET Available for Enrollment List
Recently Available for Enrollment List
Complete Enrollment List
The Phone-Order-Only Enrollments List
Updated List of Columbia House DVDs (Data Miner)
The Wolf Husky Phone Bypass v2.0

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Columbia House DVD Club

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction and Enrollment Codes
  2. FAQs
  3. Maximizing Your Enrollment Selections
    Special Interest Genres
  4. DTS Titles
  5. Fulfillment Titles with >$20 MSRP for only $19.95
  6. Fulfillment Titles for $19.95
  7. CSR List - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

I. Introduction and Enrollment Codes

With the sparsity of good deals online, the Columbia House DVD Club has become a good source to get higher priced titles at a decent amount. To activate these deals, you must call Columbia House at 888-CHC-DVDS (888-242-3837) and sign up with a credit card. They are open 24 hours a day to take your orders. The catalog is available at and click on DVD Club. But, there are a few titles not online, so if you're looking for one, ask the Customer Service Representative (CSR) over the phone to search for you. Make sure when you call, say you want to join the club, and give the CSR the offer code "xxx". Mentioning the details of the offer won't work. If they ask you for a long number after they get the code, just say you don't have it or your friend told you about the offer. It's not necessary to join the club.

After you sign up, wait for your package, then call them back at 888-CHC-DVDS (888-242-3837), press "3" to speak to a CSR, tell them your account number, and ask to become a "Preferred Member" so you don't automatically receive the Director's Selection DVD every month. To cancel your account after you've fulfilled your enrollment agreement, simply call the 888 number and press "3" to speak to a CSR, and tell them you want to cancel. It is as simple as that.

Alternatively, when placing an order over the phone, *some* of the CSRs are able to give you your account number right away. It varies from CSR to CSR in most experiences. If they give it to you, you can wait 2-3 days, call up and order your remaining commitment, and then cancel your account without having to worry about being a preferred member and getting selections sent. Here is a list of preferential CSRs.

Note: The standard deal is 4 DVD's at $0.49 each, plus an optional 5th at $14.95 ($1.99 shipping each). You are then required to purchase 3 more DVDs at $19.95 or more over the next 2 years. This is an average cost of $11.71 per DVD for 8 DVDs.

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  1. Enrollment Codes and the Enrollment Process
  2. Enrollment Titles
  3. Rainchecks
  4. Fulfillment Titles
  5. Customer Service and Club Misc.
  6. Other and Links

  1. Enrollment Codes and the Enrollment Process
    1. How does this Columbia House thing work?
      Please go back and read the
      Introduction or the Dummies Thread for a general overview of Columbia House.
    2. What is an Optional Purchase?
      Columbia House gives you the option of purchasing an additional title (usually for $14.95) at signup time. You can choose any enrollment title. It is highly recommended you make this optional purchase (using it to buy a more expensive title) because it reduces the number of fulfillment titles you must purchase later. If you skip the optional purchase, the deal is not as good because you will have to pay more for that title later to fulfill your membership.
    3. What is the best Savings Code to use?
      Currently, the best code to use is 7CY. If you have any troubles with it or don't have a
      PSN, 7MJ is also very good.
    4. How do I use these Savings Codes online?
      Go to, and click on "Join the DVD Club." Enter the code into the text box in the upper right corner that says "enter savings code". Now you'll be shopping with that code's offer.
    5. Why don't any of the codes work online? Why does the website look different than normal?
      Does the address of the website end in If so, you are at the wrong site. If the main website is down for any reason, they temporarily redirect you to, where the codes don't work and the selection's crappy. Come back later.
    6. What number do I call if I want to enroll over the phone?
      Use 1-888-CHC-DVDS. Although they are open 24 hours, orders placed with operators between 8 AM-5 PM EST seem to have fewer problems with entry and processing. You may also enroll by calling any customer service number.
    7. Which method is better/faster, calling in or joining online?
      All enrollments taken, whether by phone or website, are all processed by the same approval department. However, online enrollments are currently being shipped via Priority Mail (2-3 days shipping time) vs. Media Mail (1-4 weeks shipping time) for phone enrollments.
    8. The CSR or website asks for a "Preferred Status Number" (PSN) with my code. What is that?
      Many of the better codes (such as 7CY) require a PSN to use. A PSN is simply any previous Columbia House 11-digit membership number. Membership numbers from the Music, DVD, Video, or TV Greats Clubs will all work. If you do not have a previous membership, you may be able to bluff you way through a phone order. Oftentimes on the phone, a CSR will not ask for a PSN, or you can get away with telling them that you don't have one.
    9. How many times can I use a PSN? Can I use a membership number of a current account?
      A membership number may only be used once as a PSN on the website, whether your application is approved or not. The membership number does not have to be from a cancelled account. It must simply exist.
    10. Are there more Savings Codes?
      Yes, there are. The best ones are
      listed above, but if you need a complete list, visit Godot's code list. (Thanks, Godot!)
    11. Do these codes expire?
      Yes. FVT, HMA, D7G, 47B, and many others are officially dead. The codes seem to expire 9-12 months after they first appear.
    12. Is this offer good outside the US?
      No. Canadians can use
      Columbia House Canada, but it has no codes or special offers. Other International residents may want to investigate mail services that give you a U.S. postal address which then forwards the mail to your foreign address.
    13. How long does it take for my order to ship? When do they charge my credit card?
      It usually takes about 1-2 weeks to approve your enrollment and ship it. If any of the titles you ordered are out of stock, your order may be delayed up to a month more. Your credit card is charged when your order ships.
    14. Can I pay with a check, rather than a credit card?
      Yes, you can. You must apply online, and when you check out, there will be an option to pay by check which will let you print out your order and mail it in.
    15. I just signed up online, but it didn't ask me for my credit card while checking out. Did I miss something?
      Some codes, for whatever reason, don't give you an option to enter your credit card information. For those orders, you will receive a bill when your enrollment shipment arrives. Or, you can log into your new account online, and choose the "Make a Payment" option in the "My Account" area.
    16. If I refer a friend to get 2 free DVDs, can my friend use the Savings Codes?
      The person signing up for the Columbia House DVD Clubs through refer-a-friend cannot use any savings codes. Your friend must go through the standard deal. Again, the standard deal is: 4 DVD's at $0.49 each, plus an optional 5th at $14.95 ($1.99 shipping each). You are then required to purchase 3 more DVDs at $19.95 or more over the next 2 years. This is an average cost of $11.71 per DVD for 8 DVDs.

  2. Enrollment Titles
    1. Which titles are available for enrollment?
      RicoSuave has
      a comprehensive list of all available enrollment titles. You can also go to the CH website, and click on "Join the DVD Club." From there, any titles you can find via Search or by browsing can be ordered for enrollment.
    2. How do I make the most of my deal? (or, Which enrollment titles should I buy?)
      The best value is to pick Deluxe, Collector's, or Special Editions for your enrollment selections (ie, titles with a MSRP of $30+).
      Section III has a complete list of these. Then purchase $19.95 titles to fulfill your membership. Sections V and VI have a complete list of $19.95 titles available at Columbia House.
    3. I can't find Terminator 2 (or other titles) online! How do I order it for enrollment?
      A small number of valid enrollment titles are only available via a phone enrollment order. See
      the Phone-Order-Only Enrollments Thread for a complete listing.
    4. Are Box Sets available for enrollment?
      No. Generally, Box Sets (i.e. a set containing more than one movie title or multiple discs) are not available for enrollment.
    5. How many copies can I order of one title?
      You can order up to two copies of any enrollment selection.
    6. How can I see the prices that CH charges for the DVDs on their website?
      You cannot see the prices on the website until you become a member and use your membership number to create an online account on the website. Then you can sign on to the member site and see all the prices for the titles. However,
      Rico's Enrollment List has prices for all enrollment selections. Also, CH's regular prices are USUALLY the same as MSRP for a title. You can find DVD MSRP's on DVD Price Search or Image Entertainment.
    7. Will CH carry Title XYZ when it is released? Why doesn't CH carry Title XYZ?
      We don't know, really. We don't make the CH policies or negotiate their contracts. The titles they carry and don't carry oftentimes seem to follow no rhyme or reason. However, there are a few rules of thumb you can use to make a better educated guess as to whether CH will carry a particular title or not. First, check the
      studio list below. If studio publishing the title is not listed there, then it probably won't be carried. Second, is the title well-known? CH tends not to carry obscure or lesser-known movies. If you were to pick 10 random strangers off the street and ask them if they had ever heard of your movie, how many would say yes? The more people that would know the movie, the better the chances are that CH will carry it. Finally, does it show up on CH website as an Advance Order? For many titles, CH lists them months in advance of their release date on the member website as an "Advance Order." But just because it's not listed as an Advance Order, doesn't mean they won't carry it. The majority of titles still just show up on the member site on their release date. If the release date has come and gone, and the title still doesn't show up on the member website, then CH most likely won't carry it. Occasionally, CH will add titles months after their release date, but it is rare.
    8. When will Title XYZ be available for enrollment?
      Most titles are available for enrollment 3 months after their release date (or first appearance on the CH website, whichever comes later). Paramount titles usually take 6 months.
    9. I want Title XYZ: Super Special Ultimate Edition, but the picture on CH's website shows the old barebones edition. How can I get the right one?
      CH often reuses old images and doesn't update them for new editions or reissues of the same title. If the old edition is Out of Print (OOP), and there is only one current edition in print (for example, the movie rights changed studios), then CH only carries the current edition, and that's what you'll get, regardless of the image on the website. If there are two current editions of the movie (like a bare bones and an SE), it's usually indicated which is which in the title. If not, read the description or list of features to try to determine which one is the correct one you want.
    10. I checked my Account History online and for one of my titles it says "Has been dropped due to policy." What does that mean?
      "Has been dropped due to policy" simply means the title was out of stock, and instead of that title, you will be receiving a
      raincheck with your order.
    11. Can you tell me which titles are on backorder?
      No, titles go in and out of stock too frequently to maintain an accurate list.
    12. Which studios does Columbia House carry?
      A&E, AcornMedia, Anchor Bay (a few titles), Artisan, Columbia TriStar, Dimension, DreamWorks, Fox Lorber (a few titles), Goldhill, Goodtimes/MCA, Hallmark, HBO, Hollywood Pictures, MGM, Miramax, Monterey, New Line, Paramount, Republic, RCA, Rhino (a few titles), Roan Group (a few titles), Slingshot (IMAX titles), Sony Music, Sterling, Touchstone, Trimark, Turner, 20th Century Fox, Universal, USA, Vestron, Walt Disney (excluding Disney Animation), Warner, Warner Bros. Records, WinStar, Xenon.
    13. Where are the Disney Animation titles?
      Disney has begun their own
      Disney Video Club, so CH does not offer most of these titles. (Offer thread) CH does carry live-action Disney titles.
    14. Where are the Criterion Collection titles?
      CH used to offer a few Criterion titles, but no longer carries any.
    15. Does Columbia House have DTS DVDs?
      Section IV has a complete list of DTS titles available through CH.

  3. Rainchecks
    1. What is a raincheck? When would I get one?
      A raincheck can be redeemed for a DVD title. You will receive a raincheck if you select a title which is temporarily out of stock (your order might be held up to a month, waiting for the title to come back in stock, before sending you a raincheck) OR if you try to select a title for enrollment which is not available as an enrollment selection (for example, a box set or a new release title).
    2. What titles can I order with a raincheck?
      Despite any wording on the raincheck, you can only use your raincheck to order any title which is currently available as an enrollment selection.
    3. How do I use a raincheck?
      You can either mail in the physical paper raincheck you received, or you can call in your order and redeem the raincheck with a CSR over the phone. You cannot currently redeem them online.

  4. Fulfillment Titles
    1. Can I order my fulfillment titles while I'm signing up?
      No, when you enroll, your account does not yet exist. It must be approved first, which usually takes a week.
    2. I've ordered my fulfillment titles, but the website still says I have 2 more to buy!
      The website is not updated in real time. It can take up to 2 weeks for the changes to be reflected in your account status.
    3. What does "Sale Price" mean? What does "Bonus Price" mean?
      The Sale Price is the price you can buy a title for AFTER you purchase a title at regular price (unless otherwise specified by sale terms). The sale selection MUST be of equal or lesser value than the regular price selection. (Occasionally, CH will have a sale that does not require a regular price purchase first. Be sure to carefully read the Offer Details for each sale.)
      Bonus Price is worthless. Just ignore it. Really.
    4. Does the DVD that I buy at the Sale price count towards my fulfillment requirements?
      As long as the final price you actually, physically pay for the DVD before shipping and handling is $19.95 or more, then yes.
    5. What's the deal with the 10% online discount?
      Columbia House periodically offers an extra 10% off any online order. A notice is posted on the website when this discount is in effect. This extra 10% discount does NOT count against the price of a fulfillment. For example, if you order a $19.95 title, after the extra 10% off is applied, you would only pay $17.96 for it, but it will still count as a fulfillment.
    6. I added a title for $19.95 (either regular price or sale) to my shopping cart, but when I checked out it only showed up as costing $19.94! Does it still count for fulfillment?
      This is a glitch with Columbia House's website program. Although you'll only pay $19.94, it will still count as a fulfillment title.
    7. I'm buying one title at $19.95, but I don't want to take a second title at sale price, cause then it won't count for fulfillment. What do I do?
      You can always order a title at its regular price. If you're on the phone, just tell the CSR you want to purchase it at regular price. If you're online, in the shopping cart, change the bullet option to regular price.
    8. Hey, I think I found a good deal with the current sale! If I buy Heat at regular price for $19.95, then can I take Boogie Nights (regularly $29.95) at its Sale Price of $19.95 and fulfill two commitment purchases?
      NO! The sale selection must be of equal or lesser value than your regular price selection. Since Boogie Nights is the most expensive title, you have to buy that at regular price of $29.95, and then you could buy Heat (the lesser value title) at its Sale Price of $9.95. Of course, then only Boogie Nights would count as a fulfillment.
    9. When I signed up, my Offer Details said regular Club prices are "currently as low as $14.95". Does this mean that I can purchase titles at $14.95 or higher for fulfillment?
      NO! This is a typo and CH will not honor it. $14.95 is the fulfillment price for the Video Club. DVD Club fulfillments are $19.95 and above, period.
    10. Do higher priced titles count as more than one fulfillment selection?
      If you pay $50 - $89.99 for a title (before shipping costs) it counts as two fulfillment purchases, $90 - $149.99 counts as three, $150 and over counts as four.

  5. Customer Service and Club Misc.
    1. How do I contact Customer Service?
      Columbia House DVD Club
      1400 N. Fruitridge Ave.
      Terre Haute, IN 47811-1130
      Phone (pick any one): 1-888-CHC-DVDS option 3, 1-888-590-6656, 1-800-262-2001, 1-800-667-0364, 1-800-562-4046 (8 AM-10 PM EST M-F, 8 AM-4:30 PM EST Sat.)
      Fax: 1-800-590-6656
      [email protected]
    2. I can't get a hold of Customer Service on the phone. It always kicks me out. What's the best way to get a live CSR?
      The phone numbers listed above are the only phone numbers available. They all ring in to the same customer service phone pool. If there is a high volume of calls (as is often the case), the system will kick you out, saying there are too many calls and to call back later. The easiest time to get through is at 8 AM EST when they first open.
      The fastest way to get to the CSR queue when calling the Customer Service number is to press the following key pad sequence: "1, 1, 11-digit account number, *" At this point, you will either be transferred to the CSR queue, or the system will dump you if there are too many callers. If you do not have an account number, use the following sequence: "1, 1, 1#, 1#, 2"
    3. How much does CH charge for shipping and handling?
      Enrollment titles cost $1.99 each for shipping. Fulfillment selections are $2.99 for the first title, and $1.99 for each additional title in the same order. Box sets are $5.99/3 disc set, $6.99/4, $7.99/5.
    4. How does Columbia House ship their DVDs?
      Enrollment orders placed on the website ship via
      USPS Priority Mail. Enrollment orders placed over the phone and regular orders ship via USPS Media Mail. You may request that your shipment be sent via UPS for an extra $4 charge.
    5. How long does it take before I can use my new membership number to register for a Member Log In on the website?
      Usually about 2 weeks after your account is approved by CH.
    6. They sent me the wrong title or my DVD or case was damaged when I received it! How do I return it?
      Call customer service or in the "Club Help" section online choose "Request a Return Label" on the left side. CH is very good about returns. They will send you a postage paid return label and a form to fill out. It takes about 2 weeks for them to receive and process your return. Then another 1-2 weeks to send you your replacement (if necessary).
    7. How many accounts can I have at once?
      You are allowed to have two accounts per address at any time. You can use the exact same name, credit card, and address.
    8. How many times can I quit and re-join?
      Probably unlimited, as many people have had numerous accounts! (Current record: money with 182+ accounts)
    9. How long do I have to wait before I can setup a new account after I fulfill and cancel my old membership?
      Just call right back, and you can rejoin with no wait.
    10. Can I cancel online?
      Yes. Simply log onto the website with your account, click "Club Help", and then click "Contact Us" on the left side. On this contact form there is an option for "Cancel Membership". You will receive e-mail confirmation of the cancellation in a few business days.
    11. Are these DVDs the same as the ones I buy in the store?
      Yes, exactly the same. You can even take them to the store, and they will scan in.
    12. Does Columbia House make any money off this?
      Columbia House makes money even if you sign up, get your fulfillment title, and then immediately close your account. Most people won't do this, and will just stick with the club, meaning even *greater* profits for them.
    13. Do I have to pay the sales tax CH charges me?
      Only if your state requires companies to collect Use Tax (the term for out-of-state mail order tax). Try searching your state's tax office website for your Use Tax laws. For example, Hawaii's Taxation Office publishes a brochure titled
      An Introduction to the Use Tax. Question 28 states that companies are not required to collect Use Tax. Thus, if CH ever charges me sales tax, I can point that out to the CSRs and get the charges refunded. Also, see the Columbia House State Sales Tax Thread.
    14. How did you figure out those averages for the codes? I get $X.XX per disc in my calculation.
      The calculation assumes no sales tax, that you purchase the Optional Selection(s), and that the fulfillment titles are ordered together ($2.99 shipping on first title, $1.99 for additional).

      For example, in a 7CY calculation:

      5 DVDs @ $0.49 each $2.45
      6th Optional @ $14.95 $14.95
      Shipping/Handling ($1.99 * 6) $11.94
      7th and 8th Fulfillment @ $19.95 each $39.90
      Shipping/Handling ($2.99 + $1.99) $4.98

      Total = $74.22 / 8 = $9.28 per DVD

  6. Other and Links
    1. What does anamorphic mean?
      Anamorphic means a title is optimized for 16:9 widescreen televisions. If you want more information, visit
      The Ultimate Guide to Anamorphic Widescreen DVD (for Dummies!)
    2. Where can I find a list of discs that require flipping to watch? (aka flippers)
      The Flipper List
    3. Does BMG run a DVD club?
      No, not yet.
    4. Can I use DVDs purchased from CH for Buy X, Get 1 Free offers from the studios?
      Possibly. Enrollment order invoices only list the selection numbers. If you include the invoice with print-outs from the website correlating selection number to title names, some people have reported success with this. Fulfillment order invoices have the names and prices of the titles ordered so they are no problem.
    5. What should I do if I see some jerk selling this information on eBay or Yahoo Auctions?
      Try your best to inform people this is free by giving them the link to DVD Talk. We don't need someone profiting off our hard work.
    6. Super special thanks to
      TK-421, jbarrett, Ashirg, DigitalDave, medman2000, Marc G, cygnet74, V-ism, Godot, jellofan, piLOt, FLFireman, Will-Work-For-DVDs, rdodolak, burner77, akolang, Mr. Pink, weargle, evenswr, cgblack, RevLiver, strusinsk, SAShepherd, nemein, jough, bradm20, Tprints, Booth, Soup Nazi, Jobronie, JonTurner, RicoSuave, CheapBastid, and many other contributers.
    7. Where can I get more information?
      External Web Sites:
      Columbia House Codes List
      Columbia House Data Miner
      Columbia House Account Management System

      Try these additional helpful threads:
      Columbia House Enrollment Selection List
      Newly Available for Enrollment List
      Not Yet Available for Enrollment List
      The Phone-Order-Only Enrollments List
      Columbia House State Sales Tax Thread

      Slightly Off-Topic:
      Columbia House TV Greats Club FAQ
      A Humorous User Friendly Cartoon about DVD Clubs

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III. Maximizing Your Enrollment Selections

The purpose of this particular post is to help people choose enrollment DVDs that maximize their savings.
Internet Movie Database (IMDB) links are provided to facilitate researching these bargain movies.

Enrollment Selections

The first step to maximizing the savings with a Columbia House membership is to pick high-value DVDs for your initial enrollment selections...

Available Enrollment DVDs (MSRP > $30) MSRP CH Code IMDB
Almost Famous Untitled - The Bootleg Cut see note $34.98 2664902 IMDB
Benny Hill - Golden Greats NEW $39.98 2654119 IMDB
Beowulf (1999) $32.99 2537603 IMDB
Bridge on the River Kwai, The - Limited Edition $39.95 2519601 IMDB
Cider House Rules, The - Collector's Series $32.99 2512200 IMDB
Cirque du Soleil Double Feature - Dralion and Quidam see note NEW $39.95 2556801 IMDB IMDB
Civil War Combat $44.95 2514008 Amazon
Dieppe $39.98 2519007 IMDB
Desperado / El Mariachi - Double Feature Special Edition $39.95 2224400 IMDB IMDB
Egypt: Beyond the Pyramids $39.95 2619609 Amazon
Father of the Bride II $32.99 1935105 IMDB
Good Will Hunting - Collector's Series $32.99 2515104 IMDB
Great Blunders of WWII $44.95 2487502 IMDB
Hamlet (2000, Ethan Hawke) $32.99 2537207 IMDB
Highlander - The Immortal Edition NEW $39.98 2719102 IMDB
Horatio Hornblower: The Adventure Continues $39.95 2605400 Amazon
Il Postino (The Postman) - Collector's Series $32.99 2451805 IMDB
Lawrence of Arabia - Limited Edition see note $39.95 2582708 IMDB
Life of Python, The $39.95 2640704 Amazon
Longitude $39.95 2502904 IMDB
Love's Labour's Lost $32.99 2571602 IMDB
Men in Black - Limited Edition see note $39.95 2509305 IMDB
Mulholland Drive NEW $32.98 2703908 IMDB
Pink Floyd: The Wall - Deluxe Edition $31.98 2425205 IMDB
Pre-Code Hollywood: The Risque Years - Triple Feature
Of Human Bondage / Kept Husbands / Millie
$39.95 2354108 Amazon
Pride and Prejudice - Special Edition $39.95 2628600 IMDB
Princess Mononoke $32.99 2531705 IMDB
Rome: Power and Glory $44.95 2521409 IMDB
Saturday Night Live 25th Anniversary $34.99 2428803 IMDB
Sex and the City: The Complete First Season see note $39.95 2469104 IMDB
Shakespeare in Love - Collector's Series $32.99 2434801 IMDB
Stalingrad $34.98 2150407 IMDB
Straight Story, The $32.99 2484103 IMDB
Traffik $39.95 2622504 IMDB
Victoria and Albert NEW $39.95 2663201 IMDB
World War II: The Lost Color Archives $44.95 2502805 Amazon

Universal Collector's Editions (MSRP > $30) MSRP CH Code IMDB
Apollo 13 - Collector's Edition $34.98 1937200 IMDB
Apollo 13 (DTS, no extras) $34.98 2511509 IMDB
Blues Brothers, The - Collector's Edition $34.98 2233203 IMDB
Blues Brothers 2000, The - Collector's Edition $34.98 2233302 IMDB
Boxer, The - Collector's Edition $34.98 2208809 IMDB
Dante's Peak - Collector's Edition $34.98 2177103 IMDB
Dante's Peak (DTS, no extras) $34.98 2630705 IMDB
Daylight - Collector's Edition $34.98 2201101 IMDB
Dragonheart - Collector's Edition $34.98 2035301 IMDB
Dragonheart (DTS, no extras) $34.98 2511400 IMDB
Gods and Monsters - Collector's Edition $34.98 2346203 IMDB
Last Starfighter, The - Collector's Edition $34.98 2346302 IMDB
Liar, Liar - Collector's Edition $34.98 2411908 IMDB
Out of Sight - Collector's Edition $34.98 2295400 IMDB
Street Fighter - Collector's Edition $34.98 1364900 IMDB

These recent releases are not yet available as enrollment selections, but seem to meet the proper criteria for eventually becoming an enrollment selection. They should become available in the near future (within 3-6 months of release or first appearance on the CH website).

Not Yet Available for Enrollment (MSRP > $30) MSRP CH Code IMDB Approx. Appearance at CH
Pearl Harbor, Director's Cut - Vista Series $39.98 2659423 IMDB 7/3

Studios periodically announce price reductions on previously released DVDs. Columbia House still lists the old MSRPs for some of these discs. Some online stores are already using the lower MSRPs, while other stores are still using the older, higher MSRPs. The following list is for titles with recent price reductions which have caused them to fall off the high-priced list.

Price Reduced DVDs Old MSRP New MSRP CH Code IMDB
Coming Home (1998) $39.95 $29.95 2461903 IMDB
Crew, The (2000) $32.99 $19.99 2577302 IMDB
Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo $32.99 $19.99 2490704 IMDB
Doors Collection, The - Collector's Edition $34.98 $24.98 2325405 IMDB
Duets $32.99 $19.99 2610806 IMDB
Emmanuelle - Double Feature see note $49.98 $19.98 2504405 IMDB IMDB
High Fidelity $32.99 $19.99 2512507 IMDB
Insider, The $32.99 $19.99 2471001 IMDB
Mystery, Alaska $32.99 $19.99 2484202 IMDB
Ran $34.98 $24.98 0103903 IMDB

These DVDs would seem to meet the criteria for eventually becoming an enrollment selection, but according to Columbia House CSRs they will never be available for enrollment:

"Never" Available for Enrollment (MSRP > $30) MSRP CH Code IMDB

Fulfillment Selections

While the initial enrollment offers are excellent, the biggest catch with any Columbia House DVD membership is that afterwards you must buy one or more additional DVDs (at a cost of at least $19.95 each) to fulfill your membership obligation. Obviously, the lowest cost per DVD is obtained by spending the minimum ($19.95 plus S&H) on these membership fulfillment DVDs. While many people assume that this will limit them to choosing DVDs with a MSRP of $19.95, the fact is that Columbia House has quite a few DVDs with a MSRP of $25-$30 that have a regular membership price of just $19.95. By selecting movies that you like off of the list of discounted DVDs in Section V, you can make the most of this deal.

Section VI contains a complete list of $19.95 titles with a $19.95 MSRP.

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III.V Special Interest Genres

Here are available DVDs from some special interest genres:

Anime Titles MSRP CH Code IMDB
Demon City Shinjuku $29.95 2025906 IMDB
Grave of the Fireflies $29.95 2256105 IMDB
Princess Mononoke $32.99 2531705 IMDB

Africa: The Serengeti $24.99 2354207 IMDB
Africa's Elephant Kingdom $19.98 2615805 IMDB
Alaska: Spirit of the Wild $24.99 2364800 IMDB
Antarctica $24.99 2354306 IMDB
Everest: Collector's Series $24.99 2325603 IMDB
Grand Canyon: The Hidden Secrets $24.99 2364909 IMDB
Hidden Hawaii $24.99 2354405 IMDB
T-REX - Back to the Cretaceous $19.98 2621506 IMDB
Thrill Ride: The Science of Fun $24.95 2452001 IMDB
Titanica $24.99 2234102 IMDB
Tropical Rainforest $24.99 2354504 IMDB
Whales: An Unforgettable Journey $24.99 2354603 IMDB
Yellowstone $24.99 2354702 IMDB

Alfred Hitchcock Titles MSRP CH Code IMDB
Birds, The - Collector's Edition $29.98 2463008 IMDB
Man Who Knew Too Much, The - Collector's Edition $29.98 0213207 IMDB
Marnie - Collector's Edition $29.98 2483907 IMDB
North By Northwest $19.98 0250902 IMDB
Notorious $14.98 0030403 IMDB
Paradine Case $14.98 0929208 IMDB
Psycho (1960) - Collector's Edition $29.98 2201309 IMDB
Rear Window - Collector's Edition $29.98 2561702 IMDB
Rebecca (1940) $14.98 0066407 IMDB
Saboteur - Collector's Edition $29.98 0213702 IMDB
Spellbound $14.98 0213702 IMDB
Strangers on a Train $19.98 2146900 IMDB
Vertigo - Collector's Edition $29.98 2054906 IMDB

Stanley Kubrick Titles MSRP CH Code IMDB
2001 - A Space Odyssey (remastered) see note $24.98 2637007 IMDB
Barry Lyndon (remastered) $24.98 2636900 IMDB
Clockwork Orange, A (remastered) $24.98 2637106 IMDB
Dr. Strangelove SE $19.95 2568400 IMDB
Eyes Wide Shut $24.98 2429603 IMDB
Full Metal Jacket (remastered) see note $24.98 2637205 IMDB
Lolita (remastered) $24.98 2637304 IMDB
Shining, The (remastered) $24.98 2637403 IMDB
Spartacus $19.98 0551002 IMDB

The CH online listings for Jurassic Park are riddled with errors. Here are the definitive listings for all Jurassic Park titles carried by CH.
The Jurassic Park DTS currently carried by CH is the pressing with the corrected DTS track.

Jurassic Park Titles CH Code CH Price
Jurassic Park (DD, WS) 2513208 $26.95
Jurassic Park (DTS, WS) 2513604 $26.95
The Lost World (DD, WS) 2513307 $26.95
The Lost World (DTS, WS) 2513703 $26.95
Jurassic Park III (DD5.1/DTS, WS) 2652600 $26.95
Jurassic Park III (DD5.1/DTS, P&S) 2666600 $26.95
Not Available for Enrollment
Jurassic Park Collection (both movies) (DD, WS) 2513810 $40.46
Jurassic Park Collection (both movies) (DD, P&S) 2546513 $40.45
Jurassic Park Trilogy (DD, WS) 2666709 $60.75
The box sets are not available for enrollment, and their prices reflect the standard 25% off sale price for box sets (no regular price purchase required).

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IV. DTS Titles

The following titles contain DTS audio tracks, in addition to DD 2.0 tracks (as required by the DVD specification). Some discs also contain full DD 5.1 tracks, and are so noted.

Some recent titles include DTS-ES 6.1 audio tracks, which are backwards-compatible with DTS 5.1 decoders.

DTS DVDs Available for Enrollment MSRP CH Code Notes
12 Monkeys $14.98 2630804
102 Dalmatians (WS) $22.99 2591105 DD5.1 EX/DTS-ES 6.1
Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle, The $26.98 2551505 DD5.1/DTS
Almost Famous $26.99 2562304 DD5.1/DTS
Almost Famous Untitled - The Bootleg Cut see note $34.98 2664902 DD5.1/DTS
American Beauty $19.99 2524700 DD5.1/DTS
American Outlaws NEW $19.95 2655405 DD5.1/DTS
American Pie - Ultimate Edition (unrated) $29.98 2634806 DD5.1/DTS
American Pie 2 (unrated, WS) NEW $26.98 2665107 DD5.1/DTS
Amistad $19.99 2520401
Antz $26.99 2520500
Apollo 13 $34.98 2511509
A.I. - Artificial Intelligence (WS) NEW $29.99 2670008 DD5.1 EX/DTS-ES 6.1
Beastmaster, The $19.98 2668705 DD5.1 EX/DTS-ES 6.1
Behind Enemy Lines NEW $27.98 2703007 DD5.1/DTS
Best Man, The $24.98 2438208 DD5.1/DTS
Big Trouble in Little China - Special Edition $26.98 2691806 DD5.1/DTS
Bone Collector, The $24.98 2449700 DD5.1 EX/DTS-ES 6.1
Bones - Platinum Series NEW $24.95 2698405 DD5.1 EX/DTS-ES 6.1
Bowfinger - Collector's Edition $26.98 2423903 DD5.1/DTS
Bring It On - Collector's Edition $26.98 2545101 DD5.1/DTS
Burn the Floor $24.98 2471506 DD5.1/DTS
Captain Corelli's Mandolin NEW $26.98 2680205 DD5.1/DTS
Cast Away - Special Edition $24.98 2687804 DD5.1 EX/DTS-ES 6.1
Caveman's Valentine, The $26.98 2623403 DD5.1 EX/DTS-ES 6.1
Chicken Run $26.99 2520708 DD5.1 EX/DTS-ES 6.1
Close Encounters of the Third Kind - Collector's Edition see note $27.95 2205805 DD5.1/DTS
Contender, The $26.99 2556306 DD5.1/DTS
Courage Under Fire $19.98 2051506 DD5.1/DTS
Coyote Ugly $22.99 2557601 DD5.1/DTS
Crow, The - Collector's Series $29.99 2598704 DD5.1/DTS
Crow: Salvation, The - Collector's Series $29.99 2587707 DD5.1/DTS
Dancer in the Dark - Platinum Series $24.95 2561900 DD5.1/DTS
Dante's Peak $34.98 2630705
Die Hard - 5 Star Collection $29.98 2688000 DD5.1/DTS
Die Hard 2: Die Harder - Special Edition $26.98 2687903 DD5.1/DTS
Die Hard with a Vengeance - Special Edition $26.98 2688109 DD5.1/DTS
Dragonheart $34.98 2511400
Dudley Do-Right $24.98 2424109 DD5.1/DTS
Dune, Director's Cut (2000) - Special Edition NEW $26.95 2712719 DD5.1/DTS
Family Man, The $26.98 2618007 DD5.1/DTS
Fast and the Furious, The NEW $26.98 2665008 DD5.1/DTS
Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas, The $24.98 2503803 DD5.1/DTS
From Hell - Limited Edition NEW $29.98 2709509 DD5.1/DTS
Galaxy Quest $19.99 2520609
Gladiator $29.99 2520807 DD5.1 EX/DTS-ES 6.1
Grinch - Collector's Edition (WS) $26.98 2642908 DD5.1/DTS
Hannibal - Special Edition $19.98 2659902 DD5.1/DTS
Haunting, The $24.99 2525202 DTS-ES 6.1
Hedwig and the Angry Inch - Platinum Series $24.95 2670107 DD5.1/DTS
Highlander - The Immortal Edition NEW $39.95 2719102 DD5.1 EX/DTS-ES 6.1
Highlander - Special Edition NEW $14.95 2719003 DD5.1 EX/DTS-ES 6.1
Interview with a Vampire SE $24.98 2469906 DD5.1/DTS
James and the Giant Peach - Special Edition $22.99 2588101 DD5.1/DTS
Jaws $26.98 2505907
John Q - Infinifilm Edition NEW $26.95 2712719 DD5.1/DTS
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat $24.98 2438307 DD5.1/DTS
Jurassic Park $26.98 2513604
Jurassic Park III (WS) $26.98 2652600 DD5.1 EX/DTS-ES 6.1
K-Pax - Collector's Edition NEW $26.98 2684702 DD5.1/DTS
Last of the Mohicans, The $19.98 2692705 DD5.1/DTS
Legend - Ultimate Edition NEW $24.98 2724417 DD5.1/DTS
Legend of Bagger Vance, The $26.99 2582906 DD5.1 EX/DTS-ES 6.1
Lethal Weapon Director's Cut $19.98 2473601 DD5.1/DTS
Lethal Weapon 2 Director's Cut $19.98 2473700 DD5.1/DTS
Lethal Weapon 3 Director's Cut $19.98 2473809 DD5.1/DTS
Lost Souls $24.95 2560506 DD5.1/DTS
Lost World: Jurassic Park, The $26.98 2513703
Man on the Moon $19.98 2476505 DD5.1/DTS
Mask of Zorro - Special Edition $27.95 2520104 DD5.1/DTS
Meet Joe Black - Ultimate Edition $26.98 2618106 DD5.1/DTS
Meet the Parents (2000) - Collector's Edition $26.98 2577906 DD5.1/DTS
Memento - Limited Edition NEW $27.95 2726206 DD5.1/DTS
Men in Black $29.95 2509206
Mexican, The $26.99 2622801 DD5.1 EX/DTS-ES 6.1
Moulin Rouge NEW $29.98 2690501 DD5.1/DTS
Mulholland Drive NEW $32.98 2703908 DD5.1/DTS
Mummy, The (1999) - Ultimate Edition $29.98 2583300 DD5.1/DTS
Musketeer, The NEW $26.98 2684603 DD5.1/DTS
Nightmare Before Christmas, The - Special Edition $22.99 2540904 DD5.1/DTS
Notting Hill - Ultimate Edition $26.98 2618205 DD5.1/DTS
Nutty Professor 2 - The Klumps Uncensored $26.98 2583201 DD5.1/DTS
O Brother, Where Art Thou? $22.99 2617405 DD5.1/DTS
Patch Adams - Ultimate Edition $26.98 2618304 DD5.1/DTS
Pearl Harbor - 60th Anniversary Edition see note $29.99 2652303 DD5.1/DTS
Pitch Black (unrated) $26.98 2521805 DD5.1 EX/DTS-ES 6.1
Planet of the Apes (2001) - Special Edition $19.98 2687101 DD5.1/DTS
Predator $19.98 0364901 DD5.1/DTS
Prince of Egypt $26.99 2520906
Pulp Fiction - Special Edition NEW $29.98 2748101 DD5.1/DTS
(Rambo) First Blood - Special Edition NEW $19.95 2712107 DD5.1/DTS
Rambo: First Blood, Part II - Special Edition NEW $19.95 2712206 DD5.1/DTS
Rambo III - Special Edition NEW $19.95 2712305 DD5.1/DTS
Red Violin $24.98 2436301 DD5.1/DTS
Remember the Titans (WS) $29.95 2571701 DD5.1/DTS
Road to El Dorado, The $26.99 2553204 DD5.1/DTS
Road Trip (unrated) $26.99 2544807 DD5.1/DTS
Rush Hour 2 - Infinifilm Edition $26.98 2652501 DD5.1 EX/DTS-ES 6.1
Saving Private Ryan $26.99 2511301
Se7en - Platinum Series $29.95 2436707 DD5.1 EX/DTS-ES 6.1
Shadow Of The Vampire $26.99 2596609 DD5.1/DTS
Shrek - Special Edition $26.99 2647600 DD5.1/DTS
Siege, The $19.98 2689800 DD5.1/DTS
Sixth Sense, The - Vista Series NEW $29.99 2671006 DD5.1/DTS
Spy Game NEW $26.98 2694602 DD5.1/DTS
Story of Us, The $24.98 2445401 DD5.1/DTS
Teaching Mrs. Tingle $19.98 2433100 DD5.1/DTS
Terminator 2: Judgment Day - Ultimate Edition see note $26.98 2499507 DD5.1 EX/DTS-ES 6.1
Thin Red Line, The $19.98 2690105 DD5.1/DTS
Titan A.E. - Special Edition $19.98 2693505 DD5.1/DTS
Tombstone - Vista Series NEW $29.99 2683704 DD5.1/DTS
Twister SE see note $24.98 2470003 DD5.1/DTS
U-571 - Collector's Edition $26.98 2521904 DD5.1/DTS
Unbreakable - Vista Series $22.99 2617207 DD5.1 EX/DTS-ES 6.1
What Lies Beneath $26.99 2546307 DD5.1/DTS
X-Files, The: Fight the Future $29.98 2264802 DD5.1/DTS

The following DTS titles are not yet available for enrollment.
They should become available as enrollment titles within 3-6 months of their release.

DTS DVDs Not Yet Available for Enrollment MSRP CH Code Notes Approx. Appearance at CH
Blade II - Platinum Series $29.95 2744100 DD5.1 EX/DTS-ES 6.1 9/3
Dragonfly $26.98 2744001 DD5.1/DTS 7/30
E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial - 20th Anniversary Edition (WS) $29.98 2750701 DD5.1/DTS 10/22
Jackie Brown - Special Edition $29.98 2748002 DD5.1/DTS 8/20
Panic Room - SuperBit $27.95 2743904 DD5.1/DTS 9/17
Pearl Harbor, Director's Cut - Vista Series $39.98 2659423 DD5.1/DTS 7/3
Reservoir Dogs - 10th Anniversary Edition $26.98 2727402 DD5.1/DTS 8/27
Royal Tenenbaums, The - The Criterion Collection $29.99 2722916 DD5.1/DTS 7/9
Speed - Five Star Collection $26.98 2709707 DD5.1/DTS 7/30
Speed 2: Cruise Control $19.98 2709608 DD5.1/DTS 7/30
Time Machine, The (2002) $26.98 2724219 DD5.1/DTS 7/23

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V. Fulfillment Titles with >$20 MSRP for only $19.95

$19.95 DVDs with a $24.95+ MSRPMSRPA/-CH CodeIMDB
Addams Family REDUCED $24.98Anamorphic1000900IMDB
Addams Family Values REDUCED $24.98Anamorphic1232701IMDB
Aerosmith - Making Of Pump$24.98-0107607IMDB
Air Bud$29.98-2154300IMDB
Alarmist, The$27.98Anamorphic2313005IMDB
Alice, Sweet Alice$24.98-2351203IMDB
American Pop$24.98Anamorphic2178408IMDB
Another 9 1/2 Weeks$24.98-2149508IMDB
Barefoot in the Park REDUCED $29.98Anamorphic0411504IMDB
Beavis and Butt-Head Do Christmas$24.98-1955103IMDB
Beguiled, The$24.98-0584508IMDB
Big Night$27.98Anamorphic2058600IMDB
Bird on a Wire$24.98-0497305IMDB
Black Hole, The$24.98-0528307IMDB
Bullets Over Broadway$29.98-1374503IMDB
Butterfield 8$24.98-0645002IMDB
Car, The$24.98Anamorphic2351302IMDB
Chamber, The$26.98Anamorphic2054609IMDB
Chances Are$27.98Anamorphic0593202IMDB
Child's Play 2$24.98Anamorphic0499509IMDB
Coming to America REDUCED $29.98-0441600IMDB
Cool Runnings$29.98-1247907IMDB
Crow, The: City of Angels$24.98-2022200IMDB
Dead Presidents$29.98-1924307IMDB
Death Becomes Her$24.98-1071505IMDB
Deconstructing Harry$24.98-2201408IMDB
Double Jeopardy REDUCED $29.98Anamorphic2434207IMDB
Elvira Madigan$29.98-2345601IMDB
Fabulous Baker Boys, The$24.98-0813402IMDB
Fan, The (1996)$24.98Anamorphic2036408IMDB
Ferris Bueller's Day Off REDUCED $24.98Anamorphic0427302IMDB
First Wives Club, The$29.98-2053809IMDB
Fly Away Home$24.98-2036200IMDB
48 Hrs REDUCED $24.98-0202200IMDB
Getaway, The (1994)$24.98-1260405IMDB
Guarding Tess$24.98Anamorphic1299700IMDB
Hand that Rocks the Cradle, The$29.98-1071109IMDB
Happiest Millionaire, The (Road Show Edition)$29.98-2351401IMDB
Hard Target$24.98Anamorphic1179605IMDB
Heart and Souls$24.98Anamorphic1179100IMDB
Heaven Can Wait$29.98Anamorphic0206805IMDB
High School High$27.98Anamorphic2064509IMDB
Hilary and Jackie REDUCED $24.98-2355808IMDB
How to Make an American Quilt$24.98-1921204IMDB
Howard's End$27.98Anamorphic1102805IMDB
In & Out$29.98Anamorphic2182301IMDB
Indigo Girls: Watershed$24.98-1333400IMDB
Jacob's Ladder$24.98Anamorphic0230300IMDB
Jailhouse Rock$24.98Anamorphic0260505IMDB
Jerk, The$24.98-0148601IMDB
JFK: Special Edition Director's Cut$24.98Anamorphic2540102IMDB
Joe Kidd$24.98-0214601IMDB
Juror, The$24.98Anamorphic1943307IMDB
King Kong (1976)$29.98-0209106IMDB
Kissing a Fool$24.98-2224004IMDB
Kull the Conqueror$24.98-2174308IMDB
Last Action Hero$24.98Anamorphic1154806IMDB
Lionheart (1990)$24.98-0524504IMDB
Luther Vandross - An Evening of Songs$24.98-1333301IMDB
Madeline (1998)$27.98Anamorphic2282606IMDB
Manhattan Murder Mystery$27.98-1189505IMDB
Marvin's Room$29.98-2093201IMDB
Mary Chapin Carpenter: Jubilee - Live At Wolf Trap$24.98-1488808IMDB
Maximum Risk$27.98Anamorphic2051407IMDB
Merlin (1998, TV)$24.98-2224905IMDB
Mighty Aphrodite$29.98-1935303IMDB
Moll Flanders (1996) (BBC)$29.98-2041200IMDB
Mr. Saturday Night$29.98-1084300IMDB
My Girl$27.98-0693408IMDB
My Stepmother is an Alien$27.98Anamorphic0590208IMDB
Napoleon and Samantha$24.98-0542506IMDB
Nick of Time (1995)$29.98Anamorphic1923200IMDB
Night at the Roxbury, A REDUCED $24.98-2335404IMDB
Night Falls on Manhattan$29.98-2137305IMDB
Odyssey Into The Mind's Eye$24.98-1988203IMDB
Odyssey: Computer Animation Festival$24.98-2173201IMDB
Odyssey: Turbulence$24.98-2172807IMDB
One Night Stand (1997)$24.98Anamorphic2186708IMDB
Only You$27.98-1342708IMDB
Peggy Sue Got Married$27.98-0362905IMDB
People vs. Larry Flynt, The$27.98Anamorphic2082501IMDB
Piano, The$24.98-1237809IMDB
Playing God$29.98-2206308IMDB
Presidio, The REDUCED $24.98-0441303IMDB
Prime Suspect$29.98-2183507IMDB
Prime Suspect 2$29.98-2183606IMDB
Private Parts (1997)$29.98-2111904IMDB
Q the Winged Serpent$29.98-2224509IMDB
Quest, The (1996)$24.98-1971209IMDB
Raising Cain$24.98Anamorphic1060805IMDB
Reality Bites$24.98Anamorphic1260900IMDB
Relic, The REDUCED $24.98Anamorphic2100006IMDB
Return of Martin Guerre, The$29.98-0320101IMDB
Return to Oz (1985)$24.98-0540708IMDB
River Wild, The$24.98Anamorphic1336304IMDB
Rocketeer, The$29.98-1377308IMDB
Rollercoaster (1977)$24.98-2264307IMDB
Rooster Cogburn$24.98-0101808IMDB
Sgt. Bilko (1996)$24.98-1963602IMDB
Simple Wish, A$24.98Anamorphic2158806IMDB
Sirens (1994)$29.98-1375005IMDB
Sliding Doors REDUCED $29.98-2274108IMDB
Snake Eyes REDUCED $24.98-2316503IMDB
Sophie's Choice$29.98-0075408IMDB
South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut REDUCED $29.98Anamorphic2420503IMDB
Street Fighter II: Animated Movie$24.98-1478601IMDB
Sudden Death$24.98-1933407IMDB
Superstar (1999) REDUCED $29.98Anamorphic2469500IMDB
Sweet Hereafter, The$24.98Anamorphic2201606IMDB
Swept Away$29.98-2151702IMDB
Swept from the Sea$27.98Anamorphic2224202IMDB
Swimming with Sharks$24.98-1456904IMDB
Take Me Out to the Ball Game$24.98-0676809IMDB
Terminal Velocity$29.98-1366301IMDB
That Old Feeling$24.98Anamorphic2184604IMDB
Thousand Acres, A$24.98-2185502IMDB
Three Days of Condor REDUCED $29.98Anamorphic0204305IMDB
Titanica (IMAX)$29.98-2234102IMDB
Tom Thumb$24.98-0270108IMDB
Tony Bennett: MTV Unplugged$24.98-2173003IMDB
True Grit REDUCED $24.98Anamorphic0202804IMDB
Truman Show, The REDUCED $29.98-2304202IMDB
U Turn$27.98Anamorphic2184208IMDB
Varsity Blues REDUCED $29.98Anamorphic2347904IMDB
Village of the Damned (1995)$24.98Anamorphic1429208IMDB
Walking Tall$24.98-0727602IMDB
War Wagon, The$24.98-0101501IMDB
Wet Shorts: The Best of Liquid Television$24.98-2172906IMDB

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VI. Fulfillment Titles for $19.95

DVDs with a $19.98 MSRPMSRPA/-CH CodeIMDB
Above the Law$19.98Anamorphic0633602IMDB
Absence of Malice$19.98Anamorphic0150706IMDB
Absolute Power$19.98Anamorphic2090207IMDB
Ace Ventura: Pet Detective$19.98Full Screen1242908IMDB
Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls$19.98Anamorphic1490309IMDB
Adam's Rib (1949)$19.98-0254300IMDB
Addicted to Love$19.98Anamorphic2129500IMDB
Airport 1975$9.98-2232403IMDB
Airport '77$9.98-2232007IMDB
Alice Cooper: Welcome to My Nightmare$19.98-0900605IMDB
All the President's Men$19.98Anamorphic0607002IMDB
American in Paris, An (Remastered)$19.98-2166908IMDB
The American President$19.98-1923309IMDB
Analyze This$19.98Anamorphic2355204IMDB
Animal Farm (1999)$19.98-2435709IMDB
Apostle, The REDUCED $19.98-2233104IMDB
Arabian Nights (TV)$19.98-2497907IMDB
Arlington Road REDUCED $19.98Anamorphic2411106IMDB
Arsenic & Old Lace$19.98-0073502IMDB
The Avengers (1998)$14.98Anamorphic2294601IMDB
Babar: King of Elephants$14.98-2426104IMDB
Baby Van Gogh$19.98-2583706IMDB
Bait (2000)$19.98Anamorphic2557007IMDB
Barb Wire$19.98Anamorphic1966100IMDB
Barney's Great Adventure$19.98-2246908IMDB
Battlefield Earth NEW $19.98Anamorphic2516409IMDB
Batman (1989)$19.98Anamorphic0642504IMDB
Batman Returns$19.98Anamorphic1029909IMDB
Batman Forever$19.98Anamorphic1432509IMDB
Batman and Robin$19.98Anamorphic2132504IMDB
Batman Beyond: The Movie (animated)$19.98-2462505IMDB
Being John Malkovich REDUCED $19.98Anamorphic2449502IMDB
The Best of the Chris Rock Show$19.98-2382208IMDB
Big Daddy$19.98Anamorphic2409803IMDB
Big Lebowski, The$19.98Anamorphic2229706IMDB
Big Sleep (1946)$19.98-0085902IMDB
Bing Crosby Christmas, A$19.98-2236503IMDB
Bird: The Charlie Parker Story$19.98Anamorphic0638205IMDB
Black Beauty (1994)$14.98Anamorphic1287903IMDB
Black Mask$14.98Anamorphic2410603IMDB
Blast From the Past$19.98Anamorphic2355709IMDB
Blazing Saddles$19.98Anamorphic0001206IMDB
Blue Hawaii$19.98Anamorphic2154003IMDB
Bodyguard, The$19.98Full-Screen1105907IMDB
Bonnie and Clyde (Remastered)$19.98Anamorphic1951003IMDB
Born in East L. A.$15.98-2232304IMDB
The Borrowers$19.98-2227700IMDB
Boys on the Side$19.98Anamorphic1386309IMDB
Boyz N the Hood$19.98Anamorphic1423300IMDB
Brainstorm (1983)$19.98-0260000IMDB
Breaker Morant$19.98-0156901IMDB
Brewster's Millions (1985)$9.98-2231801IMDB
Bridges of Madison County, The$19.98-1509900IMDB
Bronco Billy$19.98-0607309IMDB
A Bronx Tale$19.98Anamorphic1221506IMDB
Cable Guy, The$19.98Anamorphic2014009IMDB
Caddyshack: 20th Anniversary$19.98Anamorphic2469708IMDB
Cadfael: The Virgin In The Ice$19.98-2503001IMDB
Camelot: Special Edition (1967)$19.98Anamorphic2051308IMDB
The Candidate$19.98-2005908IMDB
Car Wash$9.98-2232205IMDB
Carnal Knowledge REDUCED $19.98Anamorphic0312207IMDB
Cartoon Crazys$19.98-2160802IMDB
Cartoon Crazys: Sci-Fi$19.98-2340909IMDB
Cartoon Crazys: And the Envelope Please$19.98-2447506IMDB
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1958)$19.98Anamorphic0250100IMDB
Catherine The Great (1996)$19.98-2549400IMDB
Chariots of Fire$19.98Full Screen0601401IMDB
Cheap Trick: Live in Australia$19.98-2504504IMDB
Cheaters (TV)$14.98-2521102IMDB
Chill Factor (1999)$14.98Anamorphic2429504IMDB
Cinema Paradiso$19.98Anamorphic0381509IMDB
City Slickers NEW $19.98Anamorphic2596104IMDB
Chris Rock: Bigger & Blacker$19.98-2423804IMDB
Christmas Carol, A (1999, TV)$19.98-2511004IMDB
Christmas Classics Set Crazys$19.98-2375301IMDB
Christmas Story, A$19.98-0271205IMDB
Circle of Friends$14.98Anamorphic1381102IMDB
Civil War Journal: The Conflict Begins NEW $19.98-2589513IMDB
Clay Pigeons$19.98Anamorphic2317204IMDB
Client, The$19.98Anamorphic1300409IMDB
Cobra (1986)$14.98Anamorphic0620104IMDB
The Conqueror (1956)$9.98-2352805IMDB
Conspiracy Theory$19.98Anamorphic2159705IMDB
Contact (Special Edition)$19.98Anamorphic2177400IMDB
Cookie's Fortune: Special Edition REDUCED $19.98-2392009IMDB
Cool Hand Luke$19.98Anamorphic0617308IMDB
Corruptor, The (Platium Series)$19.98Anamorphic2364701IMDB
Cyndi Lauper: Twelve Deadly Cyns... And Then Some$19.98-2577609IMDB
Dangerous Beauty$19.98Anamorphic2259307IMDB
Dark City (Platium Series)$19.98Anamorphic2233401IMDB
Dark Victory (1939)$19.98-0750901IMDB
Dead Calm$19.98Anamorphic0645200IMDB
Dead Man Walking$19.98-1939800IMDB
Deep End of the Ocean$19.98Anamorphic2363802IMDB
Def Jam's How To Be a Player$19.98Anamorphic2160901IMDB
Defending Your Life NEW $19.98Anamorphic0976407IMDB
Deliverance REDUCED $19.98Anamorphic0607606IMDB
Demolition Man$19.98Anamorphic1199306IMDB
Detroit Rock City$19.98Anamorphic2424703IMDB
Diabolique (1996)$19.98Anamorphic1956002IMDB
Dirty Dozen, The$19.98-0002709IMDB
Dirty Harry$19.98Anamorphic0601708IMDB
Dog Day Afternoon$19.98-0607705IMDB
Dolores Claiborne$19.98Anamorphic1451905IMDB
Dr. Seuss: How the Grinch Stole Christmas (Clamshell)$19.98-2374700IMDB
Doors of Wonder : The Rainbow Fish$19.98-2173102IMDB
Driving Miss Daisy$19.98-0982207IMDB
Drop Dead Gorgeous$19.98Anamorphic2424604IMDB
Elizabeth: Special Edition$19.98Anamorphic2340602IMDB
Elvis: That's the Way It Is$19.98Anamorphic2556504IMDB
Embrace of the Vampire$19.98Anamorphic2396406IMDB
Endless Summer Revisited, The$19.98-2523009IMDB
Enter the Dragon: 25th Edition$19.98Anamorphic2208205IMDB
Escape From New York$19.98Anamorphic0311308IMDB
Eve's Bayou$19.98-2183804IMDB
Executive Decision$19.98Anamorphic1955905IMDB
Exorcist III: Legion$14.98Anamorphic0042408IMDB
Felicia's Journey$19.98Anamorphic2481604IMDB
Fire Down Below (1997)$19.98Anamorphic2159200IMDB
Jackie Chan's First Strike$19.98Anamorphic2089902IMDB
For Love or Country: The Arturo Sandoval Story NEW $19.98-2602001IMDB
Forbidden Planet$19.98-0251009IMDB
Forget Paris$19.98Anamorphic1454909IMDB
Fort Apache, The Bronx$19.98-0481804IMDB
42nd Street$19.98-0055202IMDB
4 Little Girls$19.98-2297000IMDB
Four Musketeers, The$19.98-2180909IMDB
Framed (1992, TV)$19.98-2518801IMDB
Frankenstein, Mary Shelley's$14.98Anamorphic1363803IMDB
Franklin and the Green Knight REDUCED $19.98-2527208IMDB
Free Willy$14.98Anamorphic1147503IMDB
Freshman, The (1990)$19.98-0857300IMDB
Friendly Persuasion (1956)$19.98Anamorphic2527703IMDB
The Front Page$9.98-2234508IMDB
Frosty Double Feature$19.98-2516201IMDB IMDB
G.I. Blues$19.98Anamorphic2154102IMDB
Game, The$19.98-2176709IMDB
The Gauntlet$19.98Anamorphic0614503IMDB
Get Carter (2000)$19.98Anamorphic2562007IMDB
The Getaway (1972)$19.98Anamorphic0619809IMDB
Ghosts of Mississippi$19.98-2099703IMDB
Gia (TV)$14.98-2237808IMDB
Gigi (Remastered, 1958)$19.98-2166601IMDB
The Gingerbread Man$19.98-2229607IMDB
Glimmer Man, The$19.98Anamorphic2049203IMDB
Goodbye Girl, The$19.98Anamorphic0351007IMDB
Goodbye Lover$19.98-2382604IMDB
Great Gatsby, The (2000)$19.98-2549501IMDB
The Great Waldo Pepper$9.98-2234607IMDB
The Green Berets$19.98-0623900IMDB
Groundhog Day$19.98Anamorphic1108406IMDB
Grumpy Old Men$19.98Full-Screen1251503IMDB
Grumpier Old Men$19.98Full-Screen1922301IMDB
Gypsy (1962)$19.98-0608307IMDB
Halloween II$9.98-2247203IMDB
Halloween III: Season of the Witch$9.98-2247302IMDB
Hard to Kill$19.98Anamorphic0953505IMDB
Heat (1995)$19.98Anamorphic2005809IMDB
Hollow Man, The REDUCED $19.98Anamorphic2541001IMDB
Hoosiers REDUCED $19.98-0655001IMDB
House On Haunted Hill (1999)$19.98Anamorphic2459709IMDB
House Party (1990)$19.98-0855908IMDB
How the West Was Won$19.98-0266908IMDB
The Hudsucker Proxy$19.98Anamorphic1287101IMDB
Hunchback of Notre Dame, The (1939)$19.98-0332809IMDB
Hush (1998)$14.98Anamorphic2247401IMDB
Ice Castles NEW $19.98Anamorphic0159202IMDB
If These Walls Could Talk 2$14.98-2503100IMDB
In Crowd, The (2000)$19.98Anamorphic2551703IMDB
In The Beginning (2000)$19.98-2570802IMDB
In the Mouth of Madness$19.98Anamorphic1408608IMDB
Introducing Dorothy Dandridge$14.98-2426005IMDB
Iron Giant, The REDUCED $19.98Anamorphic2421105IMDB
Island of Dr. Moreau, The (1996)$19.98Anamorphic2018505IMDB
Jack Frost (1998)$19.98Anamorphic2410306IMDB
Jason and the Argonauts (2000)$19.98-2498400IMDB
Jaws 4: The Revenge$9.98-2294106IMDB
James Bond Story, The$9.98-2478105IMDB
Jeremiah Johnson (Widescreen)$19.98Anamorphic2106300IMDB
Journey to the Center of the Earth (1999)$19.98-2467801IMDB
Judgment Night$15.98Anamorphic2232106IMDB
Jumanji: Collector's Series$19.98Anamorphic2431708IMDB
Kelly's Heroes$19.98-0267104IMDB
Key Largo$19.98-2040400IMDB
Killing Fields, The$19.98Anamorphic0608406IMDB
King and I (1999, animated)$14.98Anamorphic2356004IMDB
King Kong Versus Godzilla$9.98-2201804IMDB
King Ralph$9.98-2232601IMDB
L.A. Confidential$19.98Anamorphic2184901IMDB
Land of the Lost (TV Series)$19.98-2499408IMDB
Last Boy Scout, The$19.98Anamorphic0779108IMDB
Last Days, The REDUCED $19.98-2410405IMDB
Last Man Standing$19.98-2050201IMDB
Last of the Dogmen$19.98-1504109IMDB
Lawnmower Man, The$19.98Anamorphic1014505IMDB
League of Their Own, A$19.98Anamorphic1075803IMDB
Led Zeppelin: Song Remains the Same, The$19.98Anamorphic0605907IMDB
Legends of the Fall: SE$19.98Anamorphic2519403IMDB
Leprechaun in the Hood$19.98-2450401IMDB
Lethal Weapon$19.98Anamorphic0630806IMDB
Lethal Weapon Director's Cut$19.98Anamorphic2473601IMDB
Lethal Weapon 2$19.98-0642702IMDB
Lethal Weapon 2 Director's Cut$19.98Anamorphic2473700IMDB
Lethal Weapon 3$19.98Anamorphic1051507IMDB
Lethal Weapon 3 Director's Cut$19.98Anamorphic2473809IMDB
Liberty Heights$19.98Anamorphic2469807IMDB
Lightning Jack$19.98-1268705IMDB
Little Shop of Horrors (1986)$19.98Anamorphic0629709IMDB
Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels REDUCED $19.98Anamorphic2383503IMDB
Logan's Run$14.98Anamorphic0250704IMDB
Long Kiss Goodnight$19.98-2052009IMDB
Lost and Found (1999)$19.98-2382703IMDB
Lost Boys, The$19.98Anamorphic0631507IMDB
Lost in America NEW $19.98Anamorphic0608802IMDB
Lost in Space (1998)$19.98Anamorphic2254605IMDB
Love Jones$19.98Anamorphic2120103IMDB
Mad City$19.98-2179109IMDB
Road Warrior, The$19.98Anamorphic0602805IMDB
Mad Max Beyond Thunderstorm$19.98Anamorphic0608901IMDB
Magical Legend Of The Leprechauns$19.98-2451003IMDB
Malcolm X$19.98Anamorphic1107903IMDB
Maltese Falcon, The$19.98-0050807IMDB
Man Who Fell to Earth, The$19.98-0198507IMDB
The Man Who Would Be King$19.98Anamorphic0085803IMDB
Man Who Knew Too Little, The$19.98Anamorphic2185007IMDB
Map Of The World REDUCED $19.98Anamorphic2515203IMDB
Mars Attacks!$19.98Anamorphic2089407IMDB
Martin Lawrence: You So Crazy NEW $19.98-2583805IMDB
Mask, The (1994, Platium Series)$19.98-2564201IMDB
Master With Cracked Fingers$19.98-2340800IMDB
The Matchmaker (1997)$19.98-2182202IMDB
Matilda (1996)$19.98-2021509IMDB
Mean Streets$19.98-0609305IMDB
Meat Loaf: Hits out of Hell$19.98-2562106IMDB
Meet Wally Sparks$19.98-2088300IMDB
Memphis Belle (1990)$19.98-0983502IMDB
Men In Black: SE (DD 5.1)$19.98Anamorphic2509107IMDB
Message in a Bottle$19.98Anamorphic2355303IMDB
Michael Collins$19.98-2058808IMDB
Mickey Blue Eyes$19.98Anamorphic2420800IMDB
Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil$19.98Anamorphic2185106IMDB
Mr. Nice Guy$19.98-2246700IMDB
Mister Roberts (Premiere Collection)$19.98Anamorphic2295301IMDB
Moby Dick (1998)$19.98-2209708IMDB
Money Talks$19.98Anamorphic2165504IMDB
Monterey Jazz Festival: 40 Legendary Years$19.98-2382802IMDB
Mortal Kombat - The Movie$19.98-1470004IMDB
Mortal Kombat - Annihilation$19.98Anamorphic2185205IMDB
Mosquito Coast, The$19.98Anamorphic0629402IMDB
Most Wanted (1997)$19.98Anamorphic2179208IMDB
Mr. Baseball$9.98-2353100IMDB
Munster, Go Home$9.98-2381903IMDB
Muppet Movie NEW $19.98Anamorphic0000307IMDB
Muppets Take Manhatten NEW $19.98Anamorphic0092304IMDB
Murder at 1600$19.98Anamorphic2115509IMDB
Muse, The REDUCED $19.98Anamorphic2434900IMDB
Music Man, The (Premiere Collection)$19.98Anamorphic2313203IMDB
My Dog Skip$19.98Anamorphic2481406IMDB
My Fair Lady$19.98Anamorphic2312205IMDB
My Favorite Martian (TV Series)$19.98-2498905IMDB
My Fellow Americans$19.98-2089506IMDB
Mystic Pizza$19.98Anamorphic2551307IMDB
National Geographic: The Battle for Midway REDUCED $19.98-2495505IMDB
National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation$19.98Full-Screen0952507IMDB
National Lampoon's Vacation$19.98Full-Screen0603902IMDB
Vagas Vacation$19.98Full-Screen2090108IMDB
Negotiator, The (Premiere Collection)$19.98Anamorphic2283307IMDB
Neil Young in Berlin NEW $19.98-2611507IMDB
Network (1976)$19.98Anamorphic0002808IMDB
New Jersey Drive$9.98-2294205IMDB
Night Shift$19.98Anamorphic0603803IMDB
Nighthawks (1981)$9.98-2382000IMDB
9 1/2 Weeks (International Version)$19.98-1238708IMDB
North by Northwest REDUCED $19.98Anamorphic0250902IMDB
Nova: Everest - The Death Zone$19.98-2382901IMDB
Now and Then$19.98Anamorphic1508407IMDB
Nowhere to Run$19.98-1121003IMDB
Nuremberg (2000)$19.98Anamorphic2540003IMDB
Nutcracker, The (1993)$19.98Anamorphic1287804IMDB
The Nuttiest Nutcracker$19.98-2399905IMDB
Old Man and the Sea, The (1958)$19.98Anamorphic1466101IMDB
On the Town (1949)$19.98-0251504IMDB
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest$19.98-0653402IMDB
Othello (1995)$19.98Anamorphic1951805IMDB
Outlaw Josey Wales, The$19.98Anamorphic0616607IMDB
Pajama Game, The$19.98-0639203IMDB
Pale Rider$19.98Anamorphic0609701IMDB
Passenger 57$19.98Anamorphic1087709IMDB
Pat & Mike$19.98-0696401IMDB
Pat Benatar: Live in New Haven$19.98-2387603IMDB
Pee-Wee's Big Adventure$19.98Anamorphic0609800IMDB
Pelican Brief, The$19.98Anamorphic1251305IMDB
Perfect Murder, A$19.98Anamorphic2263705IMDB
Peter Pan (1960)$9.98-0987009IMDB
Phantasm: Special Edition$19.98-2392306IMDB
Philadelphia Story, The$19.98-0250308IMDB
Planetary Traveler$19.98-2160505IMDB
Player, The$19.98Anamorphic1084201IMDB
Players Club, The$19.98Anamorphic2232908IMDB
Poetic Justice REDUCED $19.98Anamorphic1189109IMDB
Point of No Return (1993)$19.98Anamorphic1127109IMDB
Poison Ivy (1992)$19.98Anamorphic2396505IMDB
Portrait of a Lady, The (1996)$19.98-2209708IMDB
Postman, The (Special Edition)$19.98Anamorphic2209609IMDB
Practical Magic (Premiere Collection)$19.98Anamorphic2313609IMDB
Presumed Innocent$19.98-0962100IMDB
Princess Bride, The$19.98-0125005IMDB
Psycho II$9.98-2294304IMDB
Psycho III$9.98-2382109IMDB
Pure Country$19.98Anamorphic1094507IMDB
Quest for Camelot$14.98Anamorphic2254902IMDB
Quiet Man, The$19.98-1432301IMDB
Race Against Time (2000)$19.98Anamorphic2541704IMDB
Raid on Rommel$19.98-2184406IMDB
Rain (1932)$19.98-0700708IMDB
Discovery: Raising The Mammoth (TV)$19.98-2498608IMDB
Rambo: First Blood$19.98Anamorphic2275709IMDB
Rambo: First Blood Part II$19.98Anamorphic2275808IMDB
Rambo III$19.98Anamorphic2275909IMDB
Rat Pack, The$19.98-2295509IMDB
Ready to Rumble$19.98-2515609IMDB
Real McCoys, The (TV)$19.98-2515500IMDB
Rebel Without a Cause (Remastered)$19.98Anamorphic1969708IMDB
Red Heat (1988)$19.98-0798702IMDB
Red Planet$19.98Anamorphic2585305IMDB
Renegades (1989)$9.98-2184505IMDB
Return to Paradise$19.98Anamorphic2316305IMDB
Reversal of Fortune$19.98Anamorphic0969709IMDB
Ricochet (1991)$14.98-1034305IMDB
Right Stuff, The$19.98Anamorphic0604306IMDB
Rio Bravo NEW $19.98Anamorphic0616508IMDB
Risky Business$19.98Anamorphic0603308IMDB
River Runs Through It, A$19.98Anamorphic1087600IMDB
River's Edge$19.98Anamorphic0124107IMDB
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves$19.98-0976803IMDB
Rolling Stones: Bridges to Babylon$19.98-2476604IMDB
'Round Midnight$19.98Anamorphic0629501IMDB
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer$14.98-2516300IMDB
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: The Movie (1998)$19.98-2236305IMDB
Rumble in the Bronx$19.98Anamorphic1946003IMDB
Running Man, The$19.98-0495606IMDB
Running Mates (2000)$19.98-2539005IMDB
Saturday Night Live: The Best of Chris Rock$19.98-2447001IMDB
Saturday Night Live: The Best of Mike Myers$19.98-2410108IMDB
Savage Garden - The Video Collection$19.98-2508307IMDB
Scooby-Doo's Original Mysteries$19.98-2438703IMDB
Scooby-Doo! And The Witch's Ghost NEW $19.98-2385300IMDB
Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island NEW $19.98-2321800IMDB
Screamers (1995)$19.98-1933001IMDB
Searchers, The$19.98Anamorphic0610204IMDB
Set It Off$19.98Anamorphic2067007IMDB
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers$19.98-2167005IMDB
Seven Days in May$19.98Anamorphic0419200IMDB
Seven Years in Tibet$19.98Anamorphic2184109IMDB
Shakedown (1988)$9.98-2232502IMDB
Shawshank Redemption, The$19.98Anamorphic1345503IMDB
Shoot Out (1971)$9.98-2353209IMDB
Show Boat (1951)$19.98-0255604IMDB
Sigmund and the Sea Monsters (TV Series)$19.98-2498806IMDB
Singin' in the Rain (Remastered)$19.98-0693606IMDB
Snow White - A Tale of Terror$19.98-2258101IMDB
Soldier (1998)$19.98Anamorphic2318806IMDB
Somebody Has to Shoot the Picture$9.98-2352904IMDB
Something to Talk About$14.98Anamorphic1478502IMDB
South Park: The Chief Experience$19.98-2514503IMDB
Christmas in South Park$19.98-2513505IMDB
Space Jam (Special Edition)$19.98Full-Screen2481505IMDB
Todd McFarlane's Spawn: Special Edition$14.98-2160703IMDB
Todd McFarlane's Spawn 2 (Unrated)$14.98-2253003IMDB
Todd McFarlane's Spawn 3: The Ultimate Battle$14.98-2395903IMDB
Spawn: The Movie (SE)$19.98Anamorphic2160604IMDB
Specialist, The$19.98Anamorphic1341700IMDB
Splendor in the Grass$19.98Anamorphic0622407IMDB
Sphere (Special Edition)$19.98Anamorphic2224103IMDB
Spitfire Grill, The$19.98Anamorphic2064103IMDB
Stagecoach (1939)$19.98-0711309IMDB
Star Is Born, A REDUCED $19.98Anamorphic0610501IMDB
Stephen King's The Night Flier$19.98Anamorphic2212009IMDB
Stephen King's Sometimes They Come Back / Sometimes They Come Back Again$19.98-2247708IMDB IMDB
Stephen King's Thinner$19.98-2073401IMDB
Stephen King's Tommyknockers$19.98-1456706IMDB
Strangers on a Train$19.98-2146900IMDB
Streetcar Named Desire, A (1951)$19.98-1257302IMDB
Striking Distance$19.98Anamorphic1200708IMDB
Stuart Little (fullscreen)$19.98Fullscreen2464501IMDB
Stuart Little (widescreen)$19.98Anamorphic2467108IMDB
Superman II NEW $19.98Anamorphic0601500IMDB
Superman III NEW $19.98Anamorphic0604009IMDB
Superman IV: The Quest for Peace NEW $19.98Anamorphic0631101IMDB
Superman: The Lost Episodes (animated)$19.98-2341006IMDB
Max Fleischer's Superman (animated)$19.98-2209401IMDB
Swamp Thing$19.98-2497402IMDB
Sweet Dreams$19.98Anamorphic0650903IMDB
Tales From the Crypt: Robert Zemeckis Collection$14.98-2382307IMDB
Tales From the Hood$14.98-1440502IMDB
Tequila Sunrise$19.98Anamorphic0638908IMDB
Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation$19.98Anamorphic2179901IMDB
Thelonius Monk: Straight, No Chaser$19.98-2556702IMDB
They Were Expendable$19.98-0268201IMDB
Thick As Thieves (2000) REDUCED $19.98Anamorphic2509701IMDB
Thin Line Between Love and Hate$19.98Anamorphic1988401IMDB
Three Musketeers, The $19.98-1376706IMDB
Three to Tango$19.98Anamorphic2459600IMDB
Thumbelina (1994)$19.98-1265909IMDB
Time Machine, The$19.98-0260109IMDB
Time to Kill, A$19.98Anamorphic2014405IMDB
Tin Cup$19.98Anamorphic2021004IMDB
To Die For (1995)$14.98Anamorphic1502707IMDB
Tom and Jerry's Greatest Chases$19.98-2442804IMDB
Topsy-Turvy REDUCED $19.98Anamorphic2500809IMDB
Total Recall$19.98-0227603IMDB
Transformers: The Movie$19.98-2399400IMDB
Trespass (1992)$15.98-2399400IMDB
Trial and Error$19.98Anamorphic2150100IMDB
True Crime (1999)$19.98Anamorphic2364503IMDB
True Romance (Director's Cut)$19.98-2149409IMDB
Truth or Consequences, N.M.$19.98-2149805IMDB
The Tuskegee Airmen$19.98Anamorphic1935501IMDB
2 Days in the Valley$14.98-2050102IMDB
2010: The Year We Make Contact$19.98-0266007IMDB
Ulzana's Raid$9.98-2294403IMDB
Under Siege$19.98Anamorphic1077908IMDB
Under Siege 2: Dark Territory$19.98Anamorphic2115509IMDB
Unforgiven (1992)$19.98Anamorphic1084003IMDB
Unsinkable Molly Brown, The$19.98Anamorphic0263202IMDB
Up at the Villa REDUCED $19.98Anamorphic2541209IMDB
U.S. Marshals (Special Edition)$19.98Anamorphic2234201IMDB
Vengeance Valley$19.98-2367704IMDB
Very Bad Things$19.98Anamorphic2340701IMDB
Viva Las Vegas$19.98-0258301IMDB
Wag the Dog (Special Edition)$19.98Anamorphic2209500IMDB
Waking the Dead REDUCED $19.98Anamorphic2541100IMDB
Warlock (1989)$19.98-2077303IMDB
Wedding Singer, The$19.98Anamorphic2234300IMDB
What Dreams May Come (SE)$19.98Anamorphic2341204IMDB
What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?$19.98-0610907IMDB
What the Deaf Man Heard$19.98-2317907IMDB
When It Was a Game$19.98-1036706IMDB
When Trumpets Fade$14.98-2264604IMDB
When We Were Kings$19.98-2100204IMDB
White Palace$9.98-2294502IMDB
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?$19.98-1969609IMDB
Wild America$19.98Anamorphic2140309IMDB
Wild Bunch, The (Director's Cut)$19.98-1388008IMDB
Wild One, The$19.98-0185405IMDB
Wild Things: Special Edition$19.98Anamorphic2247609IMDB
Wind in The Willows/The Willows in Winter$14.98-2381804IMDB
Without Limits$19.98Anamorphic2318103IMDB
Woman of the Year (1942)$19.98-0251405IMDB
Woodstock: 25th Anniversary$19.98Anamorphic1276500IMDB
World According to Garp, The NEW $19.98Anamorphic0601302IMDB
WWII: The War in Europe$19.98-2589406IMDB
WWII: War in the Pacific NEW $19.98-2589711IMDB
Year of Living Dangerously, The$19.98Anamorphic0256503IMDB
Year Without a Santa Claus, The$19.98-1263904IMDB
You've Got Mail$19.98Anamorphic2331205IMDB
Zero Effect$19.98Anamorphic2234409IMDB
Zeus and Roxanne$14.98-2084101IMDB

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VII. CSR List - The Good, the Bad, and the No Soup For You!!!

The New & Improved Columbia House CSRs List
Each CSR is categorized by their inclination to make the process of opening and closing membership accounts an easy one. One word of caution, most of these CSRs have been categorized as reputed by a single poster. I will keep this post updated as long as fellow posters continue to disclose the name of their respective CSR .

THE GOOD can be expected to give a hassle-free experience. Many will also perform routine account management, as well as, tasks involving multiple accounts in a single bound.

Bob Kelsey



THE BAD are not so bad, merely troublesome. Some will check with their supervisors before executing anything questionable.


NO SOUP FOR YOU!!!. Basically those who are rude, short on information or long on misinformation.


FAQ: What is the first thing I should know?
When you call, CSRs will identify themselves by name. If you get someone on the list, act accordingly; if they are on the No Soup For You!!! list, hang up.

FAQ: What do I ask for to get my Membership Number?
It was discovered some time ago that prior to account activation, Membership Numbers are actually the Reference Number of the membership application. It is quite possible, and very likely, that even the worst of The No Soup For You!!! list are merely an unsavvy few. It is always advisable to simply request the Account Number as you normally would with a Good or Bad CSR. If this fails, make a request for a Reference Number with the following plea: " case I need to refer to this order." Remember, the numbers are the same no matter what you call them. These directions only serve to give you a second chance at obtaining them. Credit for this discovery goes to Megalion, a big bright shining star.

FAQ: Why is the divulgence of membership numbers important to some users?
Acquiring your number gives you the opportunity to fulfill your obligation and close the account long before any DVDs arrive on your doorstep. You have the added advantage of placing additional orders in a significantly shorter amount of time. I know that some may protest these categorical guidelines on the basis that not everyone is looking to open and close accounts as promptly as others. To this I say, if you are not concerned with efficient maneuvering from account to account, then it really doesn't matter what CSR you speak to as every single one, from Good to Bad to No Soup For You!!!, can open an account.

FAQ: Why is the same CSR name listed on different lists - (same name on Good and the No Soup For You!!! lists for example)?
There are at least 2 reasons for this : 1. They are two different people with the same name, or 2. They may have been on one list and then someone qualified them for the other list due to giving them their account number or not.

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Section I changes

New code 7CY added.

47B expired.
7MJ added.

Section II changes

Added numerous new FAQs.

Added numerous new FAQs.

Section III changes

Price Reductions
Coming Home $29.95
The Crew $19.99
Deuce Bigalow $19.99
Doors Collection $24.98 7/30
Duets $19.99
Emmanuelle Double Feature $19.98 10/1
High Fidelity $19.99

Newly available
Cirque du Soleil Double Feature
Victoria & Albert
Benny Hill - Golden Greats
Highlander - The Immortal Edition
Mulholland Drive

Price Reductions
Mystery, Alaska $19.99 5/29
Insider $19.99 now
Ran $24.98 now

Newly available
Almost Famous Untitled - The Bootleg Cut

Price Reductions
Far Pavilions $24.95 now
Play it to the Bone $19.99 now
The Yards $22.99 now
Walking with Dinosaurs $29.98 2/12
EdTV $19.98 3/5
Field of Dreams $19.98 3/5
Mercury Rising $19.98
Clerks $19.99

Section III.V changes

Price Reductions
Dr. Strangelove $19.95 5/7

Newly Available
Jurassic Park III

Price Reductions
Spartacus $19.98 1/2

Section IV changes

Newly available
Behind Enemy Lines
From Hell
John Q
Pulp Fiction
Rambo I, II, III

Price Reductions
Die Hard 2, 3 $26.98
Teaching Mrs. Tingle $19.95
Planet of the Apes $19.95
Hannibal $19.98

Newly available
American Pie 2
Artificial Intelligence
Captain Corelli's Mandolin
The Fast and the Furious
Highlander - The Immortal Edition
Highlander - Special Edition
Moulin Rouge
Mulholland Drive
The Musketeer
The Sixth Sense
Spy Game

Price Reductions
12 Monkeys DTS $14.98 5/7
American Outlaws $19.95 6/4

Newly available
Big Trouble in Little China
Die Hard 1,2,3
Thin Red Line
Cast Away
Courage Under Fire
Titan A.E.
Rush Hour 2
Almost Famous
American Outlaws
Pearl Harbor
The Siege
Last of the Mohicans

Price Reductions
Man on the Moon $24.98 3/5
Planet of the Apes (2001) $19.98 3/5

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Stop!   Stop!   Stop!

Do not post to this thread!

Please post any comments, corrections, or questions to the DVD Clubs Forum.

This thread contains read-only information about the Columbia House DVD Club. Any questions regarding the club should be posted to a new thread (or search for an existing one) in the DVD Clubs Forum. Any posts made to this thread will be ignored.

Please read through this ENTIRE thread, particularly the FAQ, as it will most likely answer any questions you might have.

Useful threads:
The Columbia House DVD Club FAQ
Columbia House for Dummies Thread
NOT YET Available for Enrollment List
Recently Available for Enrollment List
Complete Enrollment List
The Phone-Order-Only Enrollments List
Updated List of Columbia House DVDs (Data Miner)
The Wolf Husky Phone Bypass v2.0

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