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jfoobar 01-22-03 01:40 AM

The UNPOPULAR OPINIONS thread (Get them off your chest here)
That's right, go ahead and say it (so long as you do not violate forum rules of course). Why let that angst build up?

I'll start:

1. Downloading copyrighted materials for free is stealing, and all the bitching and moaning about the RIAA in the world doesn't change that.

2. Natalie Portman isn't that hot.

There, I feel better.

BizRodian 01-22-03 01:46 AM

1.) The American flag is rather ugly (though I think the British flag is probably just as bad.) I don't like the designs or colors.

Luddy 01-22-03 01:49 AM

I hate SUV's, you'd think they would double as platoon boats by now!

Shakira sounds like a lamb!

jfoobar 01-22-03 01:52 AM

Originally posted by BizRodian
1.) The American flag is rather ugly (though I think the British flag is probably just as bad.) I don't like the designs or colors.
Canada has the best flag, but that may just be because I like maple trees...

Snyder81 01-22-03 01:54 AM

I don't know if this would be considered unpopular, but I HATE drug commercials that say "Ask your doctor to see if [drug name here] is right for you!" We live in a nation full of hypochondriacs...and the drug companies count on it.

Gallant Pig 01-22-03 01:56 AM

France is actually a decent place, and the French aren't so bad.

Groucho 01-22-03 02:11 AM

Topbunk was right...he shouldn't have to pay his parents one dirty cent.

Giantrobo 01-22-03 02:11 AM

1. Sandra Bernhard is very sexy(sexiness is in the attitude)

2. Eddie Van Halen is a boring guitar player( Alex Lifeson of RUSH can play better and is far more interesting)

3. Sampling in rap, as long as it's paid for, is truly creative in that most of <b>YOU</b> can't take some old forgotten song hook, make new music like the rappers, and make tons of dough. Even with all that you bitch about it anyway....turn the dial! :lol: :P

4. big screen tvs SUUUUUUCK.

5. Microsoft/PCs have done more to bring the "average joe" into computing than Apple(s).

6. Sharon Stone and Julia Roberts are both not that pretty and are boring actresses

7. Hugh Grant's blowJ0B arrest was strangely close to the opening of his new movie...a movie that no one would've gone to see had he not been in the headlines. PUBLICITY STUNT

8. Elizabeth Hurley owes her sudden rise in popularity to Hugh's arrest. Who even heard of this big nose hosebag before Hugh got pinched?

9. Ace Ventura woulda been a bomb if it hadn't been released right after the NORTHRIDGE QUAKE...people needed a "getaway movie" to get their minds off of the disaster.

10. dvdtalk.com needs a black background. It would look much cooler

Gallant Pig 01-22-03 02:15 AM

I like Geoff more without his beard and it scratches my face when he kisses me.

inVectiVe 01-22-03 02:28 AM

1. Jennifer Lopez isn't that hot. Way overexposed, though.

2. "Pearl Harbor" wasn't that bad.

3. "Fellowship of the Ring" is spectacularly overrated.

4. Lobster: what's the big deal? I'll take steak or ribs over it any day.

5. The Beatles' music hasn't aged that well - I forced myself to listen to that greatest hits deal (was it called "1"?) and, well...

6. "Islam is peace"? Am I a bigot if I don't blindly accept that?

7. Super Bowl, Schmuper Bowl. I couldn't care less about football (and I'm a 23-year-old guy!).

8. I like Ann Coulter. I mean, a lot. I'd love to marry her.

9. Paying drug addicts $200 to get themselves sterilized? Great idea.

10. "Master of Puppets" is not Metallica's best album (I like "Justice" better, no matter who plays bass on it).

Mr. Self Destruct 01-22-03 02:33 AM

Good Burger really does suck .
I don't care when Star Wars comes to DVD.

I enjoyed Mars Attacks!

I don't care for hip hop/rap music

The United States is too conservative

I don't think "hippies" have ridiculous attitudes

The environment is actually threatened by us and we should do something

I like Taco Bell

I think Bjork is amazing

I accept cigarrettes are bad for you but wish the government would stop constantly taxing us w/ support from the non-smokers

Pot should be legalized

The drinking age should be lowered to 18

I think Audrey Tatou, Zhang Ziyi and Natalie Imbruglia are amongst the most lovely creatures on Earth

I think Jack-Ass is dumb and not in the least bit entertaining

MasterofDVD 01-22-03 02:59 AM

1) People dumb enough to buy and enjoy a movie not in the OAR should not have a DVD player. Learn to appreciate a movie while you are enjoying a movie.

2) You cannot have a med rare steak that isn't red and bloody folks. Learn how you like a steak and match it with one of the few ways you can cook a steak. I work in a kitchen....not a lab. Well done can't be juicey.

3) The American version of Godzilla was WAY better than that man in suit crap. I rubber doll moving at a sloths pace is not my idea of action.

4) Sports are wasted on me unless I'm holding a video game controller and swearing at Tiger Woods for cheating me out of a skin and the money I deserved to win. If bandwidth is ever an issue I know what I'll vote off the site first.

5) Sure Episode 1 & 2 were kinda bad but I watch them more than I watch the first 3.

6) Sharon Stone could never act but good gawd was she hot. If she was in I had to own it. Thank god that phase ended as soon as I started getting sex on a regualr basis.

A thread like this is a very good venting tool. Thanks!

Calculon 01-22-03 03:46 AM

Blatant plagiarism
People should be allowed to keep midgets as pets.

WhoGirl 01-22-03 03:46 AM

I strongly support the death penalty and think it should be more severe. Putting a hard-core criminal to death by lethal injection is too humane. If you murder someone, you deserve to die painfully.

Marijuana should be decriminalized for use in the privacy of your home. It is no worse than alcohol, police have more serious things to worry about, and the tax money it could raise would be very beneficial to our economy.

Led Zeppelin is not that great of a band.

War is sometimes necessary.

Kudama 01-22-03 04:24 AM

-It pisses me off that I can’t come up with a better thread idea than this one!

-All the vegans who I talk to tell me that my penis is small because I like guns and when I try to disprove them, I go flaccid and then, for some ****ing reason, right then, the cops pull up!

-Christina Ricci threw up too much.

-It’s a federal offense to make dark jokes about the most publicly feeble and potentially destructive guy in our country.

-I am bored, willing to bust ass, and broke.

-Miyazaki’s stuff will never see the light of day on this side of the globe.

-There is no way to live forever. (This part chaps my hide most of all)

-Oh yeah: Michael Golden isn’t drawing and inking the new version of The Micronauts! “Yyyyeeeeeeeeaaaarrrrrgggggggh!”

jfoobar 01-22-03 04:28 AM

Originally posted by Kudama
-All the vegans who I talk to tell me that my penis is small because I like guns and when I try to disprove them, I go flaccid and then, for some ****ing reason, right then, the cops pull up!

Yeah, but is this really an opinion?

Kudama 01-22-03 04:39 AM

Originally posted by JustinS
Yeah, but is this really an opinion?
I guess it’s an off way of saying that I like guns, but when that opinion is questioned, it’s usually in a Freudian subtext. I had a recent round with some uberPCers.
It sort of throws me that these “intelligentsia” always fall back on (what seems to me) to be playground rhetoric to erase to their satisfaction any point you have, if you happen to fascinated by machines that make loud noises and propel hunks of matter.

raKim 01-22-03 04:43 AM

the SHORT list
Michael Bay is cool! I love all of his movies!
I like George W. Bush
Macs Suck
Buffy the vampire slayer sucks
American Idol sucks
ALL reality TV sucks
x10 pop up ads are cool (just kidding, I hate them)
The Shield is boring
LOTR *yawn*
Minority Report is Terrible
Signs is terrible
Black Hawk Down is terrible
I dislike Tampa Bay and am apathetic towards the Raiders
I hate the NBA
ST:TOS is painful to watch
X-files was boring
Simpsons is ok
(again, I jest)

I agree with WhoGirl except I think we should use capital punishment and keep the offender alive for a very long time with random beatings and other torturous activites ( we could also use them for really good movie stunts)

Guns are dumb
handicap spaces piss me off
people over 60 should have to take a driver's test 3 times a year
prison should be like college dorms and vice versa
Judge Reinhold is a great actor
I like Celine Dion
Coke is better than Pepsi
Cats is a horrible horrible play
Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut Good
Kubrick's Shining Bad
Taxi Driver = ZZZZZZZZZ
I don't trust fat people further than I can throw them
Woody Allen, not so good
I hate Indiana
Jane Pauley Pisses me off
Napster GOOD, fire BAD

that was fun, good idea JustinS

Mutley Hyde 01-22-03 06:20 AM

Originally posted by Kudama
-Oh yeah: Michael Golden isn’t drawing and inking the new version of The Micronauts! “Yyyyeeeeeeeeaaaarrrrrgggggggh!”
Man, that does suck. :(

nemein 01-22-03 06:51 AM

Everyone should be giving 10% of their income to some sort of charity (not including "my fav charity is me" ;))

Alien 3 was a good movie

Kubrick is a horrible director

DeNiro is a limited actor

Comedy based on scatology or the humiliation of others really isn't funny

DarthVong 01-22-03 07:27 AM

Michael Golden not doing Micronauts DOES suck!

Non-smokers preaching about smoking sucks.

I like Alien3, Halloween III, and even Godfather III.

I hate Titanic and Leo DiCaprio. Both are over-rated.

McDonalds fries are better than Burger Kings

Coke is way better than Pepsi.

I think everyone on the net including myself has social issues. (j/k)

Christina Aguilera is a bad CD away from doing porn.

All of Britney Spears songs sound the same.

I'm tired of all the Scream-Dawson's Creek-Kiddie-MTV Horror movies.

I thought Spider-Man was a little over-rated. It was good but not great.

I think the Hulk movie will bomb.

Arnold is too old to be The Terminator.

I'd still like to see Dolly Parton topless, even though she's way past her prime.

Natalie Portman IS that hot. Julia Roberts isnt.

People over 65 should have their Drivers License revoked.

All drugs should be legalized and taxed. If your stupid enough to snort or shoot-up then you might as well get taxed on it.

Sex-offenders should get life in prison, and executed if it's against children. Murderers should be put to death immediately following sentencing. Who needs them sitting in prison any longer than they should be.

WB DVD Snapper cases suck and should be banned.

E.T. is an over-rated film and the DVD packaging is the worst Ive ever seen.

I think Aria Giovanni is totally sexy and would leave my wife and family for her in a second......hehe

I think Midgets will inherit the earth...

Canis Firebrand 01-22-03 07:51 AM

Well.. to join in and add my own.

Jim Carey needs to go away... far, far away.
And he can take that no talent hack Eminem with him.

I like my SUV(TrailBlazer) but hate the fact that there are bigger trucks and SUV's that make mine look like a little Chevy Prizm. I can't see around/over those things. Call me a hypocrit if you like.

I think that Clinton was actually a pretty decent president.

This one will probably get me some heated responsed.. but.. Orgainzed religion should be done away with. Why can't people just worship alone/with their familes in the privacy of their own home? Why do they have to go to a church and be preached to by a minister that has no more inside line to god then the common man? There would certainly be less "in your face" recruitment/pestering.

Okay.. I think thats enough for now.

The Bus 01-22-03 08:10 AM

I hate you all.

NotThatGuy 01-22-03 08:21 AM

The English Patient was NOT a good movie...in fact it was one of the WORST movies I've ever been dragged kicking and screaming to see.

Athletes do not make the world go around, I wish someone would explain this to them and they were more humble about how lucky they are to be paid WAY more than what I think they are worth to play SPORTS!!!

The death penalty should be used aggressively and mandatory for rapists, murders, and molesters. I think stoning, burning at the stake, and drownings should be the preferred methods for the death penalty.

Cigarettes are taxed..they are expensive..get over it!!


ps. More to come.

Jason 01-22-03 08:57 AM

The Two Towers was not better than the Fellowship of the Ring.

The band TOOL are the second most overrated band around today. Their music is dull, repetitive, and droning.

The band Radiohead is the most overrated band around today. Their music is pretentious drivel.

George W. Bush is not a good president.

Saudi Arabia is more evil than Iraq.

King of the Hill is the worst animated series in the history of network television.

Andy Richter is not funny.

Neither is Conan O'Brien.

Shania Twain is not attractive. She has an overly manufactured "beauty" crafted to reach the lowest common denominator. She has no more or less talent than any other country singer.

Survivor is not good television.

Yellow Leadbetter is a terrlble song.

People who want to legalize drugs only want to get high.

There are too many people attend college in this country.

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