Best Film of 1987 (ongoing survey)

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Best Film of 1987 (ongoing)

I know we've got polls like this all the time around here, but I figure this one will be a little more comprehensive and perhaps even informative.

This thread will be for your pick for best film released during 1987 (think Oscar considerations for what's eligible). I'm not making it a poll because whether you like it or not, that would influence some people's choice.

Results will be posted in this thread, and all subsequent threads for each year, and they will be ongoing... so you can still vote here even weeks after other year's polls have begun.

Please start your post with your #1 film from 1987 (try to limit it to one - after all, that's the point - two at the most (I'll split the vote)), and yes, discussions are more than welcome!

Current Leader -- Full Metal Jacket

All Years:
2000 -- Requiem For a Dream*
1999 -- Fight Club*
1998 -- (currently) Saving Private Ryan
1997 -- (currently) Boogie Nights
1996 -- Fargo*
1995 -- (currently) Braveheart
1994 -- Pulp Fiction*
1993 -- Schindler's List*
1992 -- Unforgiven*
1991 -- Silence of the Lambs*
1990 -- Goodfellas*
1989 -- (currently) Do the Right Thing
1988 -- Die Hard*
1987 -- Full Metal Jacket*
1986 -- (currently) Ferris Bueller's Day Off
1985 -- Back to the Future*
1984 -- (currently) Ghostbusters
1983 -- Return of the Jedi*

If you haven't voted on the previous years, feel free to go back and do so.

*Poll closed, winner declared.

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1) Full Metal Jacket - 8/10
2) The Big Easy - 8/10
3) The Untouchables - 8/10

I'm sure I'll eventually find something I like better from this year, but that the best I've seen so far.

Again, just for the heck of it (and since I haven't had complaints yet ), Siskel and Ebert's lists:

1) Last Emperor
2) Full Metal Jacket
3) House of Games
4) Jean de Florette/Manon of the Spring
5) Broadcast News
6) Radio Days
7) River's Edge
8) Prick Up Your Ears
9) Roxanne
10) Big Easy

1) House of Games
2) Big Easy
3) Barfly
4) Last Emperor
5) Moonstruck
6) Prick Up Your Ears
7) Radio Days
8) Broadcast News
9) Lethal Weapon
10) Housekeeping

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Full Metal Jacket
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1. Lethal Weapon
2. The Untouchables
3. Wall Street

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Raising Arizona is my favorite film of 1987 by far.

Full Metal Jacket is my #2 choice - it'd probably be #1 if Kubrick had maintained the amazing quality of the first half of the movie in the second half, but except for the "sniper" scene I thought the Vietnam scenes of the movie lacked the power of the boot camp section.

Runners-up: Evil Dead 2,Princess Bride,River's Edge, Roxanne, The Untouchables. '87 was a damned good year!

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1. Raising Arizona
2. The Untouchables
3. Lethal Weapon
4. Full Metal Jacket
5. House of Games
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#1 roxanne

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The Princess Bride
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The Last Emperor
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Pretty good year...

1. The Untouchables
2. House of Games
3. The Princess Bride
4. Raising Arizona
5. Full Metal Jacket
6. Planes, Trains, and Automobiles
7. Evil Dead 2
8. Robocop
9. Throw Momma From the Train
10. Predator
11. Innerspace
12. Spaceballs
13. Lethal Weapon
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Raising Arizona
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Full Metal Jacket.
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I'll have to go with Robocop
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Good year for movies, my vote goes to:
The Dead
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The Untouchables.
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Full Metal Jacket
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Empire of the Sun
Hope and Glory
Wall Street

Ernest Goes to Camp
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Full Metal Jacket
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Full Metal Jacket
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someone has to say last emperor. so it will be me. very good.
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Evil Dead 2
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Full Metal Jacket
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1: Raising Arizona
2: Full Metal Jacket
3: Evil Dead 2
4: Predator
5: The Princess Bride

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