I HOPE I Can Be a Better Father Than That

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I HOPE I Can Be a Better Father Than That

I'm going to be a dad in August, and I just saw something that showed me that I can't be any worse at being a dad than some people. I went to Dairy Queen for lunch, and was trying to mind my own business and eat my chicken strip basket in the back of the restaurant. This guy was in line buying his 4-5 year old son a small milk shake. The son was inspecting the frozen dessert case, and said something loud. The "dad" said, "Do you want me to kick your ass?" and told him to go sit down. So he ran screaming to the back of the place by me. He was then told that he'd better sit down and be good or he wouldn't get his chocolate milk shake. So he sat down with his mom. When his "dad" was done getting the milk shakes, he said, "Let's go numbnuts!" to his son. Of course the son wanted his milk shake, but "dad" said he was going to eat it since he didn't mind. So the kid says, "I minded," and the "dad" asks when. The kid says "I'm minding now," to which the "dad" replied, "Yeah, after I said I'd kick your ass." So the kid's crying because he didn't get the milk shake. The "dad" says "You don't tell me what to do," spanks him and they leave. I watched the kid get strapped into the back of the car, and saw that the "dad" didn't have the milk shake when he got in the car, so at least he gave it to his son.

This made me think of Outside Providence where Alec Baldwin calls his son "dildo". The kid was just being a kid, the "dad" was being an ass.
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I HOPE I Can Be a Better Father Than That
Sounds to me like a tree stump could be a better father than that.

Edit: I just wanted to add that I'm probably the last person anyone should listen to concerning parenting advice (being without child) but that guy's actions =
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Ack...I fear fatherhood.
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Good luck! It is the most amazing thing one can experience.

Just love your child as much as possible and all will be well.

BTW, that instinct thing is really true. I was destined to be the world's worst papa based on my life history. But you look at that child, you hold them in your amrs, and it just kicks in. You know what to do and what not to do.
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I don't think you have it in you to be that much of an @ss. There will be trying times, but it seems that some folks work really hard to be bad parents.

Now... Where is that bfrank thread again?

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That you are aware of the fact that this guy is an awful father is a good sign that you will be a good one.

Best of luck!

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It might get me killed one day, but I will usually say something to people who are like that.
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Originally posted by Goblincat
It might get me killed one day, but I will usually say something to people who are like that.
I thought about it, but I figured it would be hard to go back to work after lunch if I was in jail for starting a rucous in the DQ. I'm a lover, not a fighter.
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I think it's safe to say that guy is a buttmunch! Parenting is both the most rewarding and the most trying thing you will ever put your hand to. Just keep in mind that this little person looks to you for absolutely everything. Including the establishment of their worth as your child.

It ain't easy but, it's sure a lot of fun. That guy wasn't a father, he was a jerk and one day, he'll regret having said those things to his son.

Words are like bullets, once fired, the damage is done.

Just love your child with all your heart and you can't help but succeed. (I have two children-one is 8 months old and the other is 20 months old)
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