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ratguy 08-07-01 03:53 PM

Pancake Rabbit
You know, there's just something intrinsically funny about a rabbit with two pancakes on it's head.


Go check this guy's site out for a good laugh.

It's in Japanese, so you may want to run it through Babelfish.

Oh how I love these photos! Best laugh I've had in a while.


joltaddict 08-07-01 03:58 PM


Aghama 08-07-01 04:14 PM


I must say, great find. :lol:

suziq999 08-07-01 04:16 PM

damn that guy loves his bunny!

Keyser Soze 08-07-01 04:18 PM


Crack up!



The Cow 08-07-01 04:24 PM

Funny Bunny :lol: :lol:

Very funny! Nice find...

ratguy 08-07-01 04:26 PM

Originally posted by suziq999
damn that guy loves his bunny!
He certainly does. :)

A few more for everyone to enjoy:

The Caption for this one is translated this way: " The liquor which it receives."

Running it through babelfish is 1/4 of the fun. :)


joltaddict 08-07-01 05:17 PM

We had a theme going! :(

ratguy 08-07-01 10:56 PM

Bumping this for the late night crowd, as this is just too funny.

And what do you mean by theme, joltaddict?


joltaddict 08-07-01 11:09 PM

In every post until that last one the rabbit had something goofy on its head.

He looks disgusted too. Its looks like he got bored with it a long time ago and now he's just waiting for the moron who owns him to stop. Or maybe Im just a really weird dude who imagines what rabbits would say if they talked.

"Hey Bob have you put this on the bunny's head?"

Keyser Soze 08-08-01 01:50 AM




ratguy 08-08-01 01:58 AM

I really love that hat.


RandyC 08-08-01 02:23 AM

This has got to be one of the oddest and yet most intriguing websites ever.


El Scorcho 08-08-01 02:39 AM


MasterofDVD 08-08-01 02:56 AM

Yeah. This is real funny guys. :grunt:

You just yuck it up cause one day this bunny is gonna go beserk and do a "Monty Python and The Holy Grail" on it's owner then
it'll come looking for YOU. :consume:

Now that would be funny :D

that rabbit had pancakes on it's head bwahahaha man...I gotta get me a rabbit

MasterofDVD 08-08-01 03:05 AM

my favorite so far is

cause you kow he was pi$$ed that he was caught again.

Boy did he get in trouble for trying to escape

Thunderball 08-08-01 09:24 AM

rotfl rotfl rotfl rotfl

I have not laughed this hard in a <b>LONG</b> time.


Thunderball 08-08-01 09:29 AM

Originally posted by Keyser Soze




This pic right here is killing me, everytime i see it I start busting up

Thunderball 08-08-01 09:40 AM



<font size=30>FREEDOM</font>

Thunderball 08-08-01 09:43 AM

http://www.fsinet.or.jp/~sokaisha/ra.../fukinotou.JPG god I hope these are poisonous....I'm sick of having all this sh*t put on my head.

Thunderball 08-08-01 09:46 AM

and for a surprising twist on the original pic -rolleyes- :p


Goblincat 08-08-01 09:50 AM


ratguy 08-08-01 10:25 AM

Cute Bunny

Alright.. everyone in unison:

Ahhhhhhhhhh... how cute.


Edited to change from and Image to a Link. I didn't realize how large the photo was.


Canis Firebrand 08-08-01 10:30 AM


Man... this pic has me craving those cookies. I guess they are called cookies. If they are what I think, one side is chocolate. and the cookie tastes like ginger, a bit.

A friend got me some when he went to hong kong and had a layover in japan.

I crave these, but cannot find them in any of the japanese markets near me.

Canis Firebrand 08-08-01 10:42 AM

These pics are funny.

But I think this guy needs to watch Janenne Garaffalo's "Truth about Cats and Dogs"

He can love his rabbit.. just don't love the rabbit.

He has an almost freakish obsession with the rabbit.

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