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coyoteblue 10-06-18 06:07 PM

The Goodies: The Complete BBC Collection
Saw that this box had been released late last month, so it is available now. It's all nine seasons, plus special episodes. The Goodies aren't anywhere as well known in the States as their contemporaries Monty Python's Flying Circus, but they are equally good, just different. I've already ordered mine.

coyoteblue 10-18-18 07:09 PM

Re: The Goodies: The Complete BBC Collection
The box arrived. There were a few floaters, but I don't see any damage to speak of. The set is a brick containing 12 discs, 4 on the case and 8 on flippers. I sampled a few episodes and looks fine. Checked out one of the black & white episodes and they're watchable (and better than nothing). The discs are also much easier to remove from the case than the earlier Network sets.

mythmaker18 10-25-18 09:51 PM

Re: The Goodies: The Complete BBC Collection
At least the black-and-white episodes have had their long-missing censor clips re-instated (they had resided in the Australian censor's office for decades, and since Australia is where the B/W prints came from, the footage has always been missing until now). There were chroma dots, but presumably, it must have been beyond the budget for Network to have restored these episodes to colour.

There are a few music/clearances cuts, but the episodes are mostly complete (nothing is cut for controversial reasons, like Rolf Harris or Jimmy Saville references).

If you own the original "volume 1" and "volume 2" releases that Network released several years ago (not the reissues, but the original releases), you might want to hang onto them: none of their bonus features have been carried over.

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