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Old 04-14-12, 05:58 AM   #1
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Do PAL DVDs have the 4% speedup on NTSC equipment?

I've read about how PAL DVDs have a 4% speedup (since the 24fps of film gets an extra frame squeezed into each second of the 25fps PAL). So if you're watching a PAL DVD on a PAL DVD player and TV, then it will be 4% faster.

But I have a DVD player that does PAL to NTSC conversion, so I'm wondering if the conversion from PAL to NTSC will change the speed at all? Or does the conversion to NTSC not affect the speed, so that there will still be a 4% speedup?
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Re: Do PAL DVDs have the 4% speedup on NTSC equipment?

basically, yes there still is a 4% speedup in sound and video.
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Old 05-07-12, 03:51 PM   #3
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Re: Do PAL DVDs have the 4% speedup on NTSC equipment?

yes, if it's a feature film, or US shot-on-film TV show and it's in PAL, then it will play 4% faster no matter whether you're watching it in PAL (which is preferable) or as an NTSC conversion, unless it is one of the rare "pitch-corrected" titles (I think some of the Lord of the Rings movies were released that way).

It should be said, however, that the 4% speed-up only applies to the above "from film" types of productions. Shows which were produced on/broadcast from videotape (whether for the US or UK market) will not be affected by 4% speedup, such as Doctor Who, British comedies, etc.

So, just being a PAL disc doesn't necessarily equal 4% speedup. Only if transferred to PAL from 24fps film elements.

Further to all the above, some things which are shot-on-film for British television are produced natively on 25fps film, so if those productions are distributed at 24fps (either on NTSC DVD or on Blu-Rays), they'd actually be exhibiting a 4% slowdown. I think the Blu-Ray version of TV series Life on Mars is one such example, if I recall correctly.
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