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French 3-disc set.... with a widescreen Daytrippers?

Old 03-02-12, 01:31 AM
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French 3-disc set.... with a widescreen Daytrippers?

There is a French DVD set from 2006, TF1 Video of three indie American films, including Daytrippers - it's on, but I can't link to it 'cause I'm a new member... It's listed as "Deauville, Vol. 2 : Denise au téléphone / En route vers Manhattan / Loved - Coffret 3 DVD."

A couple sites that list this set refer to it as "widescreen" but don't get anymore specific. I'm trying to figure out if all three films in the set are actually widescreen, or just one or some of them?

Because Daytrippers was SHOT for widescreen, but every DVD release of it in every country has been a really bad full screen transfer. So if this is widescreen, it would be the only widescreen release of it anywhere. But I can't find any reviews or info confirming. I've even e-mailed sellers who have it listed for sale... I'm told the back of the box just says "widescreen" with no further specifics; and (understandably) no sellers were willing to open the shrink-wrap to check.

So... I don't suppose anybody here has it or knows?
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Old 03-02-12, 11:53 PM
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Re: French 3-disc set.... with a widescreen Daytrippers?

I don't have it and I don't know. Wanted to get that out of the way. But I feel your pain, having been in similar situations, and enjoy a good scavenger hunt. For anyone interested, this is the link

A few suggestions:

1) It's not exactly ethical, but wait for someone to sell a used copy and ask them. (If you've found multiple sellers, you've obviously done some digging, as the only copy I found was the Amazon set for a whopping €80. So going used would actually be my first choice.)
2) On Amazon France, there is also a single-DVD release by Metrodome (including two used copies). You could ask Metrodome or one of the sellers.
3) The 3-DVD set lists the studio as "Inconnu", i.e. unknown. If this isn't the Metrodome release, maybe Deauville acts as their own studio? Contact Deauville and ask. I see a Contact link at , and they're also on Facebook.

Keep plugging away and good luck. Something's bound to give eventually. And while it's none of my business, given this was a very indie film, I am also curious if you might have been involved in the production?
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Re: French 3-disc set.... with a widescreen Daytrippers?

Thanks - that Metrodome disc is different (and another poor fullscreen release, like the US disc). This set is from TF1. I looked up their site, but they seem to have moved on since putting this set out; they don't even list it.

That's a good idea about e-mailing the fest. Bit of a long shot, but easy enough to send an e-mail. It drives me crazy that nobody ever has reviewed this set online, or even left an Amazon comment. lol

Oh, and I'm not involved with the film at all, except as a fan.

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